Tall In The Saddle (1944)

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    • Originally posted by Moonshine_Sally@Aug 12 2006, 10:59 PM
      I just LOVED this film,what a joy to watch.I can't say there was anything in it I didn't like,got me hooked from the minute it started till the very end!

      The same with me. :rolleyes:
    • Tall In The Saddle is a great murder mystery story that has the duke playing a cowboy Sherlock Holmes. I thought it was good because it keeps you guessing right until the end. The one thing about the dukes movies is that you know that he (almost) never dies. So when you know someone is killing people, he's always going to be safe. But there is plenty of suspense in this film over just who the killer is. I thought it was well done, another great performance from Gabby who tried to steal the show.
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    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944) . . .From Duke to the Saint

      All of you remember Audrey Long , the beautiful blond in the movie, who turned out to be Rocklin's cousin. As it turns out she married a studio writer and author named Leslie Charteris (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Charteris ). He was the author of The Saint series of books, which later became a TV show. They moved around between the United States and Europe, and ended up settling in Surrey, England, where he subsequently died in 1993. According to IMDb, she is still alive, and might still live in Surrey. For those of you in the UK, who might be nearby (my ignorance of British geography is showing here), maybe there is an opportunity to get in touch with her. She was born in 1922, and will turn 85 in April (at least according to the info on IMDb). From my experience, not many at 85 are very computer literate, but there are exceptions, too, like Harry Carey Jr., so maybe if she uses a computer, she can join Chilibill as a former JW movie participant.

      What do you think . . . is it worth a try?

      Chester :newyear:

    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      Tall in the saddle just has everything a good western should.

      Interesting detail is Duke baking, and that device he uses to bake the bread in open fire. Does it have a name, and if somebody here has happened to use one, does it work well?
      (I usually make flat-bread on open fire or sometimes yeast-raised buns in stick)
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    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      I know I said it before, but I just love this film. As Gabby said, "someone has come to town!" And that someone of course was Wayne. I think I have pointed it out before too that this Western, is the FIRST in which Wayne solidified all the characteristics of his Western character personna. He dropped the "aw shucks I am just a simple cow-hand" element of his character that you see in Stagecoach, Dark Command, In Old California, and War of the Wildcats. For the first time, His western character is tough, smart, and not to be shown-up by anyone. From this western forward, his character would change very little.

      "...all of this and General Price that baby sister makes it back to Yell county" --Rooster Cogburn, True Grit.
    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      One thing that surprised me was that Ella Raines doesn't have her thread in the Pals of the Saddle section. She is I feel the only female outside of Maureen O'Hara to give Duke a run for his money when it comes to tough stubborn headed and she matches swagger for swagger. Plus she's be-yoot-iful.
    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      It's been awhile since I have visited this thread. I discovered that the Amazon link I posted previously was not good anymore, so if anyone wants to check out Tall in the Saddle at Amazon, here is a more current link -

      Tall in the Saddle at Amazon

      I also thought I'd share some posters from the film. They're all very similar, from the original to the three reissues from 1949, 1953, and 1957. These are not as neat as some of the older posters.

      tall in the saddle.jpg

      Tall in the Saddle-1949 reissue poster.jpg

      Tall in the Saddle-1953 reissue poster.jpg

      Tall in the Saddle-1957 reissue poster.jpg

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    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      This is one of my favorite John Wayne films, so it is with great pleasure that I share Clive Woolland's Film Facts for this film ~

      Howdy Friends, well here is another film fact for you, this time from the western, Tall in the Saddle. I hope you like it.

      Producer: Robert Fellows, Screenplay: Paul Fix, Michael Hogan,
      Cinematographer: Robert De Grasse, Art Directors: Ralph Berger,
      Albert S. D'Agostino, Editors: Philip Martin Jr, Distribution: RKO
      Pictures, Locations: California, Arizona, Date of Production: 1944.

      It was the last film that Gabby Hayes made with John Wayne, as well as the only one co-star Ella Raines and Director Edwin Marin ever made with Duke.

      London-born Elisabeth Risdon, who plays the domineering Miss Martin, began her film career in British silent movies before relocating to America. By the time she did Tall in the Saddle, she'd already acted in such film classics as 1942's Random Harvest and Reap the Wild Wind (also starring John Wayne).

      Paul Fix has writing credits on only two other pictures, Ring of Fear (1954) and The Notorious Mr. Monks (1958).

      Wayne's original 2-A deferment from joining the military on health grounds (a damaged inner ear, a bad back and assorted other ailments) was cancelled just before Tall in the Saddle was released. Wayne was delighted, as he hoped he'd finally get to see some action, but the studio that held his contract, Republic, wasn't. They argued that Wayne was more useful to the war effort keeping up morale at home and got the decision reversed.


      This contains two facts that are of particular interest (to me, at least). One is that this was apparently the last time John Wayne and Gabby Hayes appeared together. The item about Duke's ability to serve in the military (or not, as it obviously turned out) was interesting - I didn't realize all that took place around the time of this film.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      I liked this movie a lot...a good story and the Duke looking fine and handsome !!!! The relationship between him and Ella Raines is fiery and I think they work well together. Also someone mentioned it before but the Duke baking in a movie was a sight to see !!!! Over all, I will watch this one again and again .

      Found these pictures of Ella Raines and I thought I would share them with you, from dusty cowgirl to lovely lady, she certainly scrubs up well !!!!!!
    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      RedRiverDee wrote:

      Over all, I will watch this one again and again.

      I saw this film in your list of films watched recently, and wondered how you liked it. The Mrs. and I liked Tall in the Saddle from the very first viewing, and we're glad you enjoyed so much. It's also one we watch over and over.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      John Wayne classic film to honor Rodeo

      The California Rodeo Salinas plans to present the John Wayne classic, "Tall in the Saddle," Thursday at the Forest Theater in Carmel, California.

      Those who attend the film should dress warmly and bring a picnic to enjoy, including beverages of choice (alcohol is allowed but not for sale), blankets and stadium seats if desired.

      What: "Tall in the Saddle," John Wayne film
      When: Gates open at 6:30 p.m. Thursday and the film will begin at dusk (about 8:45 p.m.)
      Where: Forest Theater, Monte Verde Street and Eighth Avenue, Carmel.
      Tickets: $6 per person. Children under the age of 5 admitted free.
      Information: www.foresttheaterguild.org.
    • Re: Tall In The Saddle (1944)

      tall in the saddle is one of my favourite john wayne westerns the story and acting is top notch.gabby hayes steals the film and what a joy to watch.everything else i think about the film has been said.