Chisum (1970)

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    • Chisum (1970)

      Chisum (director: Andrew V. McLaglen; screenwriter: Andrew J. Fenady/from the sory by Andrew J. Fenady "Chisum and the Lincoln County Cattle War"; cinematographer: William H. Clothier; editor: Robert Simpson; music: Dominic Frontiere; cast: John Wayne (John Simpson Chisum), Forrest Tucker (Murphy), Geoffrey Deuel (Billy the Kid), Patric Knowles (Henry Tunstall), Pamela McMyler (Sally Chisum), Ben Johnson (Pepper), Glenn Corbett (Pat Garrett), Christopher George (Dan Nodeon), Andrew Prine (Alex McSween), Lynda Day (Sue McSween), Bruce Cabot (Sheriff Brady), Robert Donner (Morton, deputy sheriff), Ray Teal (Justice J.B. Wilson), Gregg Palmer (Karl Riker), Alan Baxter (Gov. Axtell), Richard Jaeckel (Jess Evans); Runtime: 110; MPAA Rating: G; producer: Andrew J. Fenady; Warner Brothers; 1970)


      A stylish big-budget rousing range war Western that is a gimmicky mix of myth and hokum, directed with flair by Andrew V. McLaglen; it plays cutesy with the Billy the Kid (Geoffrey Deuel) and Pat Garrett (Glenn Corbett) movie lore legend and touches on the actual history of the Lincoln County Cattle War but in a Hollywoodish way, something that almost fouls up the fictionalized John Simpson Chisum (John Wayne) part. He's the staunch reformed Indian fighter and gunslinger who is now an Indian lover and honest cattle baron on the side of the little guy and frontier justice (overlooking the fact he was a monopolist before the arrival of his villainous rival). Chisum is the good-guy capitalist fighting the evil capitalist Murphy (Forrest Tucker), a newcomer to the 1878 New Mexico Territory town of Lincoln who is buying out all the local businesses through legal and semi-legal means while expanding his ranch and bribing the law as far away as in the capital, where the unprincipled appointed frontier governor sits, and locally through his stooge Sheriff Brady.

      It's produced and scripted by Andrew J. Fenady, from his story "Chisum and the Lincoln County Cattle War."

      Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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    • I personally like this take on the Lincoln Co. Cattle Wars, but at times I feel it drags along. I'm un-sure of the whole Billy the Kid with a Bible thing but maybe someone can address that part of the story. Chisum is a classic Duke westerns set on a big canvas, with just about all the Duke regulars making appearances. ;)

      Thanks my quick take on it.

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    • I always like this movie it was well paced western with lots of action and pretty of familar faces from other Wayne movies like Ben Johnston Richard Jaeckel , John Agar (blink and you miss him) Bruce Cabot and Forrest Tucker. Also Hank Worden (Old Mose from The Searchers) as the stagecoach manager.

      Billy the Kid's character was played by Geoff Duel who was the brother of Pete Duel who starred in the 1970s western series Alias Smith & Jones.
    • Originally posted by erthomp143@Jan 11 2006, 05:37 PM
      I justed watched Chisum today and it beats the heck out of Young Guns.... Only thing I had a hard time with is being able to tell it's his double way to often in the last fight scene...

      I agree, they could have done a much better job of covering that up :blink:
      It was quite noticeable.

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    • Hi,
      In addition to Kevins excellent review,
      I'd like to add some more information, regarding
      this very fine film.
      It is one that I have always, enjoyed,
      even right down to the title song!
      Rating 9/10



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

      Information from IMDb

      Full Cast
      John Wayne .... John Simpson Chisum
      Forrest Tucker .... Lawrence Murphy
      Christopher George .... Dan Nodeen
      Ben Johnson .... James Pepper
      Glenn Corbett .... Pat Garrett
      Andrew Prine .... Alex McSween
      Bruce Cabot .... Sheriff Brady
      Patric Knowles .... Henry Tunstall
      Richard Jaeckel .... Jess Evans
      Lynda Day George .... Sue McSween (as Lynda Day)
      Geoffrey Deuel .... Billy 'The Kid' Bonney
      Pamela McMyler .... Sallie Chisum
      John Agar .... Amos Patton
      Lloyd Battista .... Neemo
      Robert Donner .... Morton (deputy sheriff)
      Ray Teal .... Justice J.B. Wilson
      Edward Faulkner .... James J. Dolan
      Ron Soble .... Charley Bowdre
      John Mitchum .... Baker (deputy sheriff)
      Glenn Langan .... Colonel Dudley
      Alan Baxter .... Gov. Sam Axtell
      Alberto Morin .... Juan Delgado
      William Bryant .... Jeff
      Pedro Armendáriz Jr. .... Ben (as Pedro Armendariz Jr.)
      Christopher Mitchum .... Tom O'Folliard
      John Pickard .... Aggressive sergeant
      Abraham Sofaer .... Chief White Buffalo
      Gregg Palmer .... Karl Riker
      Hank Worden .... Stationmaster
      Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales .... Mexican rancher (as Pedro Gonzales Gonzales)
      Jim Burk
      Eddy Donno
      Bob Morgan
      William Conrad .... Narrator - Opening Credits (voice) (uncredited)
      José Ángel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla' .... (uncredited)
      Cliff Lyons .... (uncredited)
      Josh McLaglen .... (uncredited)
      Mary McLaglen .... (uncredited)
      Chuck Roberson .... Trail herder (uncredited)
      Trinidad Villa .... Blacksmith (uncredited)
      Ralph Volkie .... Blacksmith (uncredited)

      Andrew J. Fenady .... producer
      Michael Wayne .... executive producer (as Michael A. Wayne)

      Original Music
      Dominic Frontiere (also songs "Turn Me Around" and "Ballad of John Chisum")

      William H. Clothier (director of photography)

      Dick Bullock .... stunts (uncredited)
      Jim Burk .... stunts (uncredited)
      Joe Canutt .... stunts (uncredited)
      Tap Canutt .... stunts (uncredited)
      Eddy Donno .... stunts (uncredited)
      Chuck Hayward .... stunts (uncredited)
      Cliff Lyons .... stunt coordinator (uncredited)
      Cliff Lyons .... stunts (uncredited)
      Gary McLarty .... stunts (uncredited)
      Bob Morgan .... stunts (uncredited)
      Hal Needham .... stunt coordinator (uncredited)
      Bob Orrison .... stunts (uncredited)
      Chuck Roberson .... stunts (uncredited)
      Henry Wills .... stunts (uncredited)

      While in production on this film in Mexico, John Wayne won the Golden Globe and found out he was nominated for the Oscar for True Grit (1969).

      Although they met some time earlier Christopher George and Lynda Day George fell in love and later married after working on this project.

      Both Ralph Volkie and Trinidad Villa are credited as the blacksmith in various reference works.

      The Zoom in and zoom out sequences of Chisum sitting on his horse on the hillside at the beginning and end of the movie are the same footage. The original shot was the zoom out used at the end. That was reversed to produce the zoom in used at the beginning.

      When Chisum and Sally are talking on the porch, Chisum opens up a pocket watch to see what time it is and Sally remarks that the picture of a man and a woman inside the watch's cover are her parents (Chisum's brother and sister-in-law). The man in the photograph is actually producer Andrew J. Fenady.

      The Chisum Ranch house in this film is the exact house used in Big Jake (1971), a John Wayne western made a year later. Note the scenery around the ranch.

      John Wayne was very disappointed that his stunt double was so obvious in the final fight with Forrest Tucker.

      Although clearly labeled as the older man, at 57 Patric Knowles was actually five years younger than John Wayne.

      Finnish censorship certificate # 78758 delivered on 5-8-1970.

      Final film of Abraham Sofaer.

      Ray Teal's final movie.

      John Wayne's son, Patrick Wayne played Pat Garrett in Young Guns (1988), another movie about the Lincoln County Wars of 1878.

      Jim Burk doubled for Forrest Tucker in part of the final fight scene.

      Film debut of Geoffrey Deuel.

      * Crew or equipment visible: During the ambush of the supply train, the shadow of a camera and crew is visible in the dust at the bottom of the frame.

      * Revealing mistakes: John Wayne's stunt double is very obvious in fight scene between Chisum and Murphy.

      * Crew or equipment visible: When Chisum and Murphy go over the porch together at the end of the film, the overhead shot of their fall reveals a poorly-concealed mat stretched over the dirt road below.

      * Revealing mistakes: In the gunfight at the store/bank, when the scene changes from nighttime to daylight two curtains on the outside of the store change lengths.

      * Continuity: When Billy shoots Jess Evans, he falls on his stomach. In the next shot, he is lying on his back.

      * Continuity: Tunstall and Billy Bonney are standing by their horses and talking to Jess Evans, who has just ridden in to town. In three consecutive shots of the scene, Tunstall alternately has his pipe in his mouth, after which it is gone, and then re-appears.

      * Continuity: Pepper's facial hair changes and is sometimes gone throughout the film.

      * Crew or equipment visible: When John Wayne prepares to punch Forrest Tucker, his fist hits the camera behind his head.

      * Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): In the "Big Casino, Little Casino" scene Pat Garrett is playing draw poker. If he loses the hand he will accept Chisum's job offer. He tells Chisum the next card will make up his mind. He draws one card, the 10 of diamonds, known as "Big Casino". When the camera shows his hand he was drawing to 5, 8, J, Q of spades, attempting to complete a flush. The 10 of diamonds gave him a four flush or losing hand. However, slow motion shows him throwing away the six of spades. It appears he broke up a "pat" hand to draw.

      * Factual errors: Henry Tunstall was only 25 when he was murdered in 1878.

      * Factual errors: Lawrence Murphy was diagnosed with bowel cancer in March, 1877. He sold his interest in the company to his partners, Dolan and Riley. The company was renamed Jas. J. Dolan & Co. Murphy was in Santa Fe during most of the Lincoln County War. He died of the cancer on Oct. 20, 1878.

      * Anachronisms: (At 16:24) When the camera shot changes to the group on the slope in front of the stream, on the opposite side of the stream a automobile can be seen briefly moving along a road up on the opposite slope.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Durango, Mexico
      Eaves Movie Ranch - 105 Rancho Alegre Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
      Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Hi WaynamoJim
      Without quickly watching the film,
      I believe this is Pedro Armendáriz Jr. .... Ben.
      son of one of Duke's old co-stars PA Snr.he of 3 GODFATHERS,
      and THE CONQUEROR.
      However, I'd like to take another look,
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • I never really seen Jr. when he was younger but, I do remember him from Tombstone as the priest at the beginning who's gunned down by Ringo. As for Pedro Sr., he was also in Fort Apache and even did a James Bond film, From Russia With Love as a Turkish police official who sort of partners up with Bond during the first half of the film.
    • Definitely another great film of the Duke's.

      Deep Discount DVD has the movie, and several different posters.

      Amazon offers the movie in new and used. The price for shipping one item used on Amazon is $3.49 (standard shipping). Sometimes the cost of the used item, plus shipping, is so close to new you might as well have a new one.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Does anyone know the names of the supporting actors who played the ranch herders named "Charlie"(big teeth) and "Tommy"(blonde hair)? They were Billy's side kicks when he broke into the General Store and "Charlie" was the one who brought out the extra ammo from the storage room and said "There's enough ammunition in there to fight a war!". The cast listings that I've seen don't credit these two actors. Thanks.
    • Originally posted by Logolight@Sep 9 2006, 08:25 AM
      Does anyone know the names of the supporting actors who played the ranch herders named "Charlie"(big teeth) and "Tommy"(blonde hair)?  They were Billy's side kicks when he broke into the General Store and "Charlie" was the one who brought out the extra ammo from the storage room and said "There's enough ammunition in there to fight a war!".  The cast listings that I've seen don't credit these two actors.  Thanks.

      I think Tommy is Christopher Mitchum (Mitchum's son). I don't remember Charlie, but I have a feeling that he was somewhere else. Arthur knew it all exactly.
      Senta :rolleyes:

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