Chisum (1970)

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    • Originally posted by Stumpy@Sep 9 2006, 06:28 AM
      You can find the answer to almost any question concerning movies at IMDB's website.

      This is another excellent site for movie questions.
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    • Chisum is a great mix of myth and reality. After watching the movie, I did just a little research about the Lincoln County war and the real life Chisum and found a few things out. Namely that Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid never met like in the movie. Garrett was brought on to be Sherriff with the specific task of getting rid of Billy after he had become a menace to everyone.

      As far as the movie goes, I don't really care whether the facts are hard and fast because that gets in the way of a good story. Here's a great movie about good and bad and the lines are certainly blurred when it comes to Billy (obviously) and Chisum when he decides to take vengence himself once his lawyer is killed.

      A great western, maybe his best of the seventies (if you over look the sentimentality of The Shootist)
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    • Duke's Movie Locations

      Most of the movie was filmed,





      Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the J.W. Eaves Movie Ranch was opened in the early 1960's with their first production being the CBS television series Empire in 1962. Over 250 other productions have filmed here over the years including The Cheyenne Social Club, Chisum, Easy Rider and Young Guns II.
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    • Re: Chisum (1970)

      It's interesting to me when there is more than one poster for a movie. I don't know all the history behind them, but I enjoy them.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Chisum (1970)

      Hey all of you John Wayne Fans!
      I have been away for a while, and just wanted to say hi!
      Speaking of Chisum, I love the picture of John Wayne, on his horse on the hill, looking into the distance. This is how I always will remember the Great John Wayne! Does anybody know if there is a poster or picture out there of him in that manor?
      I have a room in my house dedicated to the Duke and have framed many pictures, this is my favorite room in my house, and shall we say peacful!!!
      Good to be back!
      Stacy :hyper: