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  • Quote

    Originally posted by ethanedwards@Mar 9 2006, 06:55 PM
    Great answer Nathan,

    Don't bother watching the film, you are spot on!,
    It's when Duke is holding the baby at the 'Meeting'.


    Yup, that's exactly the right movie and scene....good job. Anyone else care to try and stump us?

  • "My personal experience with spies is limited. I've only known one and..."

    Could you mention the character (or actor) and the film. Good Luck!


    My heroes have always been cowboys.

  • Hello Arthur,

    It was very late when I posted the question, and so I may have violated the rules. The quote is from a major character in the film, but it was not made by JW. :headbonk:

    If that was against the rules I can try another one - And folks, please accept my apologies!


    My heroes have always been cowboys.

  • ok, here's my new attempt... This is a JW quote.

    "That's a nice kind of a gal to have around in wartime."

    My heroes have always been cowboys.

  • Great!

    Lt (jg) Rusty Ryan made this statement to Captain 'Ohio' Carter. From one of my favorite WWII movies.

    In case anyone was wondering, the quote I used earlier was made by Maj. Henry Kendall (William Holden) to Hannah Hunter (Constance Towers) in the film 'The Horse Soldiers'. I always found this amusing because she was complaining about the Yankee spies John Wayne was deploying, and William Holden had discovered her spying on Duke.



    My heroes have always been cowboys.