Hatari (1962)

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  • two thumbs up! ( except for the italian girl) way to young! Would have rather seen Sophia Loren! ( italian women! )

  • Oh those blue eyes!

    Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes.

    The current issue of Cinema Retro magazine (one of my favorite movie magazines) has a 10-page in-depth look at Hatari!, with lots of behind the scenes photos. A must for John Wayne fans.


  • I'd like to second Paula's endorsement of the latest CinemaRetro magazine. The "Hatari" article settles several controversies about whether or not stunt doubles were used; if no animals were harmed; and if Duke shot an elephant (not in his pajamas, to paraphrase Groucho).
    Our old friend Mike Siegel, aka JuniorMike, has regularly contibuted to this fine publication and I've even received a couple of photo credits myself.
    Check out their website.

    We deal in lead, friend.

  • Wow Dooley, those are gorgeous, and in color, LOL! Are those 8 the full set?
    If I saw Hatari it was many years ago. Hope to see it soon. How many of those sets do you have? Must be a considerable investment. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Now I can't wait to see the movie!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Great pics.
    However, like Circus World,
    I found this movie just as tedious
    but not quite so boring.
    My opening post sums up my views.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Great pics.
    However, like Circus World,
    I found this movie just as tedious
    but not quite so boring.
    My opening post sums up my views.

    Each to their own, that's what makes the world go round.
    I enjoy it far more than North to Alaska:wink_smile:

    "Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!"

  • I looked this up in a few review places and lumped them together. Critics gave it about 65% and Regular old folks like us about 75%.

    So, for sure some folks thought it was mighty entertaining. Dooley, you might not better put up any posters from The Searchers or anything like that, :wink_smile:! I think it is wonderful that you collect and try to do it in the proper manner as getting all of one movie. We aren't all rich and can't go for the biggies right away.
    As for folks not enjoying seeing animals in cages, they wouldn't be able to see them in our "open type" zoos if it weren't for this. In 2008 about 175 million people with 50 million of them being children visited AZA zoos in a year. Although these accredited zoos try to get their animals by trading with other zoos, capture is and must be a part of their acquisition. I believe that all but the activists realize this.
    As far as the ad libbing, since the script was not delivered as promised until after the filming, (I BELIEVE this to be correct), script was written the night before the acting was performed.
    The main difference from this and other safari type pictures was that this one actually put the actors and crew in danger as they rarely used doubles. After Duke got there, HE was the one on the front of the vehicle, and it is said that you can tell that from all the shots. It also says he was more than a little nervous that the vehicle might just turn over with him in his seat belt and all the animals around, :ohmy: I believe this to make the movie even more enjoyable knowing the Duke and others actually performed captures at times, or so I read.
    Anyway, I and a whole lot of other folks like this extra long movie. Even the Henry Mancini score was many times on back order throughout the years. OK, all done. But, don't miss this entertaining movie if you can help it. KPKEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE