Hatari (1962)

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  • Still one of my Top 5 Wayne Films. Top 3 actually :)
    RIO BRAVO being another one you can guess that I'm very much into
    Howard Hawks. I love Africa, so there came the right film. In the 50s/60s wild game
    was always treated as 'extras' in the ss-called 'Safari - films', but in HATARI! animals as well as the landscape is a real part of the story and the emotions the film manages to bring across. I guess Jim McBride once pointed out during a Hawks interview how much he liked the relationships and the bounding between the characters and Hawks replied: ''I like to be around them too.'' That's how I feel :). And that's one of the reasons why us HATARI! fans watch this very long and rather plotless film over and over again - we like to be around them too...

    I don't rember whether I posted all my HATARI! stuff in the forum, well here it is anyway. Posters and lobby cards from 18 countries:

  • Wonderful images Mike, I'm so pleased you posted these on here!
    I really enjoyed this one too, as a romantic comedy I like it up there with Donovan's Reef.
    Haven't seen you around here regularly since I've been a member but really glad you're back on here now!
    Keep up the awesome image posting!

    "Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!"

  • Hi Keith,
    well, being busy & sick (sometimes both). Published my first book in the UK / US last winter, STEVE McQUEEN - THE ACTOR AND HIS FILMS. Co-produced a UK Blu-ray for CROSS OF IRON, wrote a screenplay... The daughter of the producer who hired me for that screnplay lives near (HATARI!) Momella Game Lodge in Tansania! Small world again.

    Guess I posted this stuff already in my poster thread then, sorry about polluting this one here, I'll stop and won't post the posters now (see: Mikes Memorabilia Thread). Maybe my stills, guess I never posted those. Some Sample Sheets I only have left with my archive numbers on them, sorry about that:

  • Mike, welcome back! These images, as always are amazing.
    Sorry to hear that you were ill but thrilled to hear about your screenplay. You'll have to keep us informed about it.

    Take care.

    Bill O'Hara, aka Gorch.

    We deal in lead, friend.

  • Hi Mike, Nice to meet you and thanks bunches for all the beautiful Hatari stuff. It is amazing how MUCH you have! I LOVE HATARI! I watch it probably about every month or so. The fact that the actors did their own stunts....I mean that was really DUKE in the chair up there catching the giraffe, and so on. All the actors were great, and because of the movie length, really became established in one's mind. I feel as if I know them all and was actually THERE with the animals. And, the Baby Elephant Walk....I had forgotten all about that song. I laughed myself silly when they were chasing her, and "charge" would sound when the two were catching up.

    Well, you just post your stuff away. We will all love it. No sense in hiding it away, and that way, us new folks who don't know you can get to.

    JOIN THE GROUP WATCH, LOL. It is Tall in the Saddle until the end of the month. I just posted the strangest ever thing for my "comment" on it.....check it out! I also get to choose the next Duke non-western! Hmmmmmmmmmm Well, welcome back and don't stop, LOL, Keith the OTHER ONE.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by Juniormike
    That poster thread looks quite dead really, no comments or posts in 2 1/2 years.

    That's because I closed it, so that the continuity of the posters
    would not be cluttered with posts, which I placed here
    Mike's Duke Poster Thread- Discussion
    Best Wishes
    Totnes- the Tombstone of England

    Right... I'm a bit unfocused, sorry about that.
    I will post 'new' stuff soon. There's always stuff coming in :)

  • OK, time for the NEW GROUP WATCH for October! It had to be a John Wayne Non-Western

    This movie won an Oscar for best color Cinematography, and most of the world was amazed that it didn't win for musical score. The CDs for it have frequently been sold out many times. There is a particularly charming, stick with you all day type of song, that came from this movie. The characters are well developed and played by well known actors. And two things that have never been done were done in this movie. It is 157 minutes long, but you won't be bored, as it goes right from one thing to the next. It is hilarious and frightening. There are many different facets of it that can be discussed, not just tell what it was about. Duke was funny and serious. I think it was a movie that he had great fun with, although, the actors had to be dead tired at the end of the day. I believe they filmed the night scenes on separate days from the outdoor ones, LOL.

    So, the Movie is called "DANGER"

    In Swahili, it is called "HATARI"! Directed by Howard Hawks

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Thought I might give it a start. Remember, I can do screen catches, LOL. So don't come up with something you can't prove. But, ask about it....hope to get some good discussion going here. Enough of that. Two pics for the funny and the Danger....HATARI!

    This is Dallas and her "baby". Sean, (Duke), got out voted on letting her keep this little fellah! The song that stays with you is about him and his friends.

    Next is the Hatari part! When you see it as I have, it is a bit SCARY, LOL!

    Yes, that is REALLY Duke, Sean in the movie, holding that huge giraffe around the leg and moving his foot quickly to keep it from being stepped on by the animal's moving front left SHARP hoof! This is for REAL, LOL! And there is a whole lot more stuff even better than this..want you to see it for yourselves! Start early so we can discuss the different aspects of this beloved film! HAGO, KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Good pick, Keith. I have to admit, this is one of the few JW films I've only seen once all the way through. I thought it was just ok when I watched it a few years ago. I'll pop it in and give it another try. Maybe my opinion will improve. Or not. lol


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Well, Mark, one thing that really gets me is they all did their own stunts....I have done...........never mind......yes, try it again. And remember, Duke was only about 57 and the girl was late 20s I think.....those kind of relationships happen in real life all the time. Oh, another thing you might like, they had to redub a lot of the audio because of Duke's language while struggling with the animals, LOL! Keith

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Good choice Keith, as you all know I have a soft spot for this one. It may be long, and some think lame, but the action and locations are stunning! I'll try and watch this one before the last day of the month!

    "Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!"

  • Hey, what a great movie, Hatari!!! One of the funniest movies the Duke ever made and it has a great Soundtrack...and the young girl was beautiful. - So, fall has come, it is getting cold outside, let´s get some hot African sunshine in our hearts when watching Hatari....

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