The Green Berets (1968)

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    • Re: The Green Berets (1968)

      I think it was Winston Churchill who said something to the effect that if you had enemies, then that meant you stood for something. Duke's enemies, the liberal elite didn't give him a chance on this one. Same deal for The Alamo. America was changing and we were in the middle of a war so it was expected. That doesn't mean millions upon millions of Americans did not enjoy this movie OR the America it represented.
      It was a great war movie with great action, great stars and a patriotic message. It was true to a fault to show the professionalism of our special forces too. Peterson, played by Jim Hutton looking for Hamchung during the battle showed medics appearing instantly. Reinforcements plugging the gap. Hand to hand combat to hold the perimeter. Outstanding! When he finds the orphan boy mourning his dead dog Jimook he says...'He was all you had in the world, wasn't he?" Hamchung says , "Cept you"...Peterson could only sigh and say, "Yeah" as he pulls him to safety.
      The Duke on the beach with Hamchung, improper sunset and all was one for the book! Duke's facials alone put a lump in your throat. When the kid says, "Who will take care of me now:"..Duke says, "You let me worry about that Green Beret. You're what this war is all about". Of course they were put down as corny for this but as I just read in John Wayne, Man Behind the Myth, it was said "Only John Wayne could get away with a line like that and make it believable and acceptable"

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    • Re: The Green Berets (1968)

      one of the best movies he every made he should of gotten oscar.
      he should of had alot more of them he was one of the greatest actors
      he said what he thought and did not care if they did not like it.
      he was a real american and a real hero in my book. i will not even watch most of
      the remake movies that he made the only one i did watch with others in it is
      stagecoach and that was the one with johnny cash and his pals.
    • Re: The Green Berets (1968)

      Guys like David Jansen, Jim Hutton, Aldo Ray who were stars on their own made a strong supporting cast for the Duke. George Takei and Jack Soo were outstanding as well. As were the rest of Duke's standard crew a great bit players. The movie was political poison and treated that way by critics but the public went for it anyway. It's a classic war movie.

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