The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

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    • Re: The Wings Of Eagles (1957)


      Lasbugas, où trouvez-vous ces merveilleuses photos? Merci de nous les faire partager !!! Elles sont TERRIBLES !!!

      This is the true story of an old friend of John Ford. The film is not a vintage Ford, it is correct. Maureen did not find the ancient magic "Ford-Wayne-O'Hara," although this film has given Duke and Maureen wonderful dramatic scenes ...

      I really appreciate this film. Many actions, dramas ... Maureen's role is placed in the background and it's a great pity!

      A small clip

      and the Original trailer

      Tell me if you have problems to read

      Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
      French-English translation: poor !!!

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    • Re: The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

      Kind of ashamed to admit this but I only very recently saw this film for the first time. Enjoyed it greatly, another very fine performance I do tire of hearing about how Duke couldn't act. This is yet another example (and as we know there are many) of how JW was a very fine actor. The film did seem to end rather abruptly and you were left hoping things worked out, with his family.