The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

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    • Re: The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

      I don't figure it either,WT, unless the public was just tired of military type movies. I LOVED it as a child and have watched it a great many times since. Believe I posted here somewhere that I used to go around the house singing, "I'm gonna move that toe, oh boy...I'm gonna move that toe!" One of Dan Dailey's best roles, I thought! Duke even forego wearing his hair piece in the latter part of the movie! Super movie in my book! KEITH

      wtrayah wrote:

      I don't understand how this movie could be thrown in with the others he made around this time. a flop at the box office? i don't get it. this is one of his great ones!
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE
    • Re: The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

      It is hard to follow and to stay attentive to it does have its good parts when his soon died that was a heart breaker to many movies in one ward bonds role was well we know who I am very glad it exists wish there were more
    • Re: The Wings Of Eagles (1957)

      At first, I thought this could be a publicity photo for Big Jim McLain. The girl is Veda Ann Borg (the former Mrs. Andrew McLaglen), and I thought she only made two films with John Wayne (Big Jim McLain and The Alamo). However, after a little bit of research, I found that she also appeared in a brief uncredited role in The Wings of Eagles. Based on that, and Larry's knowledge of John Wayne films (otherwise he wouldn't have put this photo here), I would say that this publicity shot really is from Wings of Eagle, and the scene recreated here was likely cut, if it was even in the film. If you look at everyone's feet, including the waiter, no one is moving. They are all standing perfectly still, and posed for the photo. I still don't remember Veda in this film, so maybe all of her scenes were edited out.
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    • Re: Last Non Western You Watched

      Been delving into some of Duke's non Westerns lately and iv'e been pleasantly surprised.

      The Wings of Eagles- Found this a really good story and Duke played it well likely drawing some experience from his own home life, it was a somewhat melancholic but inspiring tale of a man who neglected his family for the navy only to use the use of his legs and his battling back against that. Duke and Maureen were great together aswell but the makeup people who thought putting a streak of silver hair in Maureens hair would make her look old must have been crazy.

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