Maker Of Men (1931)

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    • Maker Of Men (1931)




      Plot Summary
      Bob plays football badly so his father Coach Dudley,
      his girlfriend Dorothy and his school reject him.
      He joins a rival college team and aims to defeat his dad's team.

      Full Cast
      Jack Holt .... Dudley
      Richard Cromwell .... Bob Dudley
      Joan Marsh .... Dorothy
      John Wayne .... Dusty Rhodes
      Natalie Moorhead .... Mrs. Rhodes
      Richard Tucker .... Mr. Rhodes
      Walter Catlett .... McNeil
      Ethel Wales .... Aunt Martha
      LeRoy Mason .... Chick (as Robert Alden)
      Paul Hurst .... Gabby
      Ward Bond .... Pat (uncredited)
      Sidney Bracey .... Curtis the Lawyer (uncredited)
      Buster Crabbe .... Football Player (uncredited)
      Joe Sawyer .... Bennett the Monroe Coach (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Howard J. Green screenplay
      Howard J. Green story
      Edward Sedgwick story

      L. William O'Connell
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Maker of Men (also known as Yellow) is a 1931 American melodramatic sports film
      directed by Edward Sedgwick
      and written by Howard J. Green and Edward Sedgwick.
      The film starred Jack Holt, Richard Cromwell, and Joan Marsh,
      and featured a young John Wayne in a supporting role.
      The film was released by Columbia Pictures Corporation studio.

      I enjoyed this rarity.
      Another film, where, although Duke is not the star,
      he is once again, learning his skills.
      Although Duke had started off in in the movie
      in the starring role, he was now being gradually relegated.
      If Cohn was scripting the film,
      it would have been a humiliating farewell.

      Duke played Dusty, a worthless college football player,
      willing to sell out his team for a few pieces of silver.
      During his career, in his mind,
      he was to never play such an objectionable role again!

      He was soon to fall out with, Harry Cohn, the Columbia boss,
      who thought so badly of Duke,
      he casted him as a corpse in in the previous film, The Deciever!!!
      This was his final movie, for him.
      It was not until, the Lone Star movies, was he able
      to recover.

      User Review
      The Intonations of John Wayne's Movements
      5 February 2004 | by Single-Black-Male (London, England)

      The 24 year old Law student turned actor (John Wayne) has incredible timing in this film.
      He captures your attention in the medium shots even though he is the not the principal artiste.
      He reacts to situations rather than instigates them.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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