The Longest Day (1962)

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    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

      This movie is one of my earliest memories of movies and of John Wayne. Over the years and consertively speaking, I have seen this film at least 80 times being seconded by The Green Berets. I might add that I "broke in" my portable DvD player with The Longest Day playing on it as I sat eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. People at the table next to me were also watching and commenting on the movie (positive comments of course ;-))
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    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

      AMC is showing The Longest Day right now. And I noticed something a bit strange. Jeff Hunter is in the movie and it seems like he played two different characters. They just showed a scene where he and Tommy Sands are on one of the transports heading for the invasion. Well, the troops on that ship are Rangers heading for Pointe du Hoc. But, in later scenes, Hunter is on Omaha Beach heading up a demolition crew trying to blow a hole for the U.S. troops to rush through. Now, he was either a Ranger or he was with one of the divisions on Omaha but, he couldn't be two places at once. And he couldn't have gone astray ending up from the Rangers on Pointe du Hoc to Omaha. I think the director might have forgot just where Hunter character was supposed to be.
    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

      I was initially reluctant to watch this film, cause it was a war film and for the longest time I had the strongest aversion to that genre. But after deciding to suck it up and watch it, I found it to be an extremely enjoyable film with no weak parts whatsoever other than a miner deficiency of vitamin Duke.
    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

      Robbie wrote:

      I'm glad you liked this movie and I hope you will watch all of John Wayne's war movies.


      I have seen all of Duke's war movies, The Longest Day helped get me past my Genre avoidance stage, and my favorite Duke war film is The Green Berets. Dunno why, but I always enjoy watching that film.
    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

      Here is an example of the book. It goes into alot more detail than the movie could. I recommend it as a very good read for war buffs. Enjoy!


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    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

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      Thanks for posting the great theme.:thumbs_up:

      Have to agree with all the postings above. IMO The Longest Day is one of the best War Movies ever. I appreciate that they show both sides. A great cast with famous US actors and many good european actors. :teeth_smile:
      John Wayne is 100%perfect in this one.
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    • Re: The Longest Day (1962)

      With all the territory this story had to cover, they had to have recognizable stars in order for the audience to follow the narrative. I thought at the time that it was interesting to have young singers like Fabian, Paul Anka and Tommy Sands as Rangers at Pont du Hoc. Nowadays, younger viewers have no idea who these guys are - or Jeff Hunter, Roddy McDowell, Sal Mineo, George Segal, Richard Beymer, et al., - but back then, they were all familiar faces and we could identify them right away.
      My own failing is that I can no longer tell one modern day young actor from another. If this movie was remade (God forbid) I probably wouldn't be able to follow the characters.

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