Hellfighters (1969)

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    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      ethanedwards wrote:

      When Duke is in his office, they have a backdrop of the window, and the highway beyond!! It is so dreadful, as a model treadmill, all the cars go past the window at the same speed! A red station waggon goes past the window, 15-17 times!!

      In the first post it clarifies this,
      that it was simple special effects!

      Just another reason why Hellfighter's is near the bottom on my list of favorite Duke films.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      Finally got around to watching this again, and yeah, while the characters are inside the office, it is a fake skyway in the backround-no doubt. But when they are outside entering, it is the real thing. It's funny, one of the cars on the fake overpass seemes to be a model of the red Lincoln w/black top that Duke and Jim Hutton use in one scene.
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      I thought y'all might find this recent reference in the news, to John Wayne, interesting.

      It was also a sneaky way to bring this thread back to the top, for anyone who might not have had opportunity to check it out. Plenty of information and discussion in this, and all the movie threads that Keith has tirelessly and diligently done. If you haven't read this one from the beginning, I recommend it!
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      its about 10 years since ive seen the hellfighters and i didnt think much of the film back then so i have to watched it again to see has it grown on me.will report back
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      finally got to see the hellfighters and i surprised my self that i really enjoyed the film.i taught john wayne and jim hutton played off eached well and there were good humour between the leading cast.i surpose when you get older you see john wayne films in a different way.tycoon is the next film i have to watch as i didnt think much of thast film either.have'nt seen that film in 10 years either
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      Hi guys

      I'm afraid I didn't really like this movie too, not one of his better ones, though I had watched Jet Pilot and The Conqueror before I got to Hellfighters !!!!

      So not as bad as THOSE !!!!!