Hellfighters (1969)

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    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      Dooley wrote:

      Unbelievably this one has remained unwatched out of my Duke DVDs.
      I must give it a go. The soundtrack is quite cool, that's all I know!

      Oh, I LOVE this movie. Saw it when it first came out. It didn't fair well with the critics I don't think, but I think the Duke fans really like it. Just saw it not long ago. Hope you like it too! Keith
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      This movie is just ok with me. I can watch it if it's on, but I don't seek it out. There is one line in the film that I really like, though. It's when Duke tells Jim Hutton "If you're coming to me for advice, I'm a dry hole".

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      OK Bill, so why is he not missing much? Asked Mark the same thing. Maybe this is a male/female thing? I should get Peridot and Paula in here and see what they thought. Maybe I am a nut........Oh shoot, we already knew that, didn't we? That didn't help a bit. But then, sometimes, Peter and I like movies that others are not too fond of so, maybe he will still like it...........so, WHAT Oh Peter DOOLEY? LOL. Is it a bust of was it exciting and fun. One of the parts I guess I identified with was their ability to get things done around the world with just a phone call. That was the way living with Gibbons was like. Well, yall can all send your copies to me if you would like, LOL! KEITH
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      n.debrabant wrote:

      This has been showing on one of the Encore channels. I've watched it several times. I like the movie. I liked it better than Hatari.

      Oh, Hello there ND. Sorry, I missed you completely. Hope we didn't scare you off.....we didn't even welcome you, etc. So, please accept my apologies. I loved the movie as you did. You said you liked it better than Hatari. We are now having a monthly GROUP WATCH on Hatari. PLEASE join us there. We are giving away prizes, (just my sketches so far), and we would love to have some discussion about the movie instead of just questions and answers. We would love to have you join us:

      Hago, KEITH2
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      This was my original post on this film,
      and I haven't changed my view
      Apart from the exciting footage of oil-well fires,
      I thought this film was utter tosh, and Duke was at his hammy worse.
      Everything seemed wrong to me, the overacting of Katherine Ross and Jim Hutton,
      right down to Bruce Cabot, trying to act asleep, by snoring stupidly.
      In The John Wayne Scrapbook, this film is quite correctly classed
      as a turkey, and it's not hard to see why!!
      It was like a re-incarnation of Tycoon, an equally bad film.
      It should have been an exciting film, but the results were soon forgotten,
      Duke apparently, spending most of his time, off set, playing chess.
      Like me, the critics were not kind, perhaps you will be??
      Rating 3/10
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      Well, Keith, you and the others except for ND seem to agree. But, as for me, I love Hellfighters and will watch it whenever I get the chance. Think it is a cracerjack film, LOL! Might have a little to do with the fact that I knew a crew who did that kind of thing. They weren't famous worldwide, but they still put the dang things out. By the way, the reason they liked the movie was because they could take girls to see it and tell them that is what they did for a living, LOL! Keith2
    • Re: Hellfighters (1969)

      Hi Hawkswill! You know its funny, as you read the reviews on all the movies, you'll find that there is always someone who goes against the grain. On just about all of them, someone will come out and say: I really liked that movie! Where the majority here gave it a thumbs down. Or we all say, Thats a great movie! someone didn't care for it. You like Hellfighters. Its all about Preference! I liked the Conqueror! Most folks don't like that one!