Tycoon (1947)

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    • Tycoon (1947)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


      Plot Summary
      Engineer Johnny Munroe is enlisted to build a railroad tunnel
      through a mountain to reach mines.
      His task is complicated, and his ethics are compromised,
      when he falls in love with his boss's daughter.
      Summary written by Jim Beaver

      Full Cast
      John Wayne .... Johnny Munroe
      Laraine Day .... Maura Alexander Munroe
      Cedric Hardwicke .... Frederick Alexander (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)
      Judith Anderson .... Miss Braithwaite
      James Gleason .... Pop Mathews
      Anthony Quinn .... Ricky Vegas
      Grant Withers .... Fog Harris
      Paul Fix .... Joe
      Fernando Alvarado .... Chico
      Harry Woods .... Holden
      Michael Harvey .... Curly Messenger
      Charles Trowbridge .... Señor Tobar
      Martin Garralaga .... Chávez
      Frank Mills .... Taxi Driver
      Jane Adrian .... Camp Girl (uncredited)
      Fred Aldrich .... (uncredited)
      Trevor Bardette .... Julio, House Guest (uncredited)
      Argentina Brunetti .... House Guest (uncredited)
      Ann Codee .... Señora Tobar (uncredited)
      Tom Coffey .... (uncredited)
      Joe Dominguez .... (uncredited)
      John Eberts .... (uncredited)
      Nacho Galindo .... López (uncredited)
      Frank Leyva .... (uncredited)
      Sam Lufkin .... (uncredited)
      Wayne McCoy .... (uncredited)
      Rudolph Medina .... (uncredited)
      Al Murphy .... (uncredited)
      Clarise Murphy .... (uncredited)
      Eduardo Noriega .... Hernández, Headwaiter (uncredited)
      Sheila Raven .... (uncredited)
      Diane Stewart .... (uncredited)
      Brick Sullivan .... Workman with Holden at Fiesta (uncredited)
      Lucio Villegas .... (uncredited)
      Blanca Vischer .... (uncredited)
      Max Wagner .... (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Borden Chase
      C.E. Scoggins novel
      John Twist

      Original Music
      Leigh Harline

      W. Howard Greene (director of photography)
      Harry J. Wild

      Produced for $3.209 million, this was RKO's biggest flop of 1947, losing $1.035 million.

      This was the most expensive movie produced by RKO to date.

      'Maureen O'Hara' was originally to play the female lead in this film.
      RKO producers, however, assigned her to make Sinbad the Sailor (1947) and cast Laraine Day instead.

      Jan Sterling's movie debut.

      * Revealing mistakes: As the work crew is putting the last bridge span in place,
      their shadows are clearly visible on the lower part of the sky in the background.

      Memorable Quote

      Filming Locations
      Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
      Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden - 301 N. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, California, USA
      Wake of the Red Witch, also filmed here

      Watch this Clip


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      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Tycoon is a 1947 American Technicolor romance film
      starring John Wayne based on the 1934 novel by C.E. Scoggins.

      This is one of the worst films, Duke made,
      and is up there
      amongst the Top 5 turkeys!!
      It was dreadfully concieved, with equally bad, hammy over-acting
      from all concerned.
      Duke's character, changed from mild to complete nutter, without
      any explanation.

      The sight of girls running around in evening gowns, on a construction site,
      made me cringe.

      What gets me, is why and earth, should Sir Cedric want to sabotage,
      his own, financially, supported project!!
      He says to Duke, he cannot risk mens lives,
      and it tantamount to murder,
      yet that's exactly what he sets out to do,

      How could Duke make a film like this, when he made Fort Apache
      just before it?
      Watching it, was more boring, than watching paint dry!!
      You've only got to read the Trivia, section, to see what the net result was!!!

      Look out for Duke 'Pals'
      Grant Withers as Fog Harris
      Paul Fix as Joe

      Here's an interesting link, regarding the filming of this movie:-

      Tycoon, John Wayne and a closed set

      User Review
      Whole less than the sum of its parts.
      25 April 2002 | by smatysia (Houston)

      "Tycoon" has a lot going for it. Unfortunately it doesn't really deliver.
      John Wayne plays a familiar persona, and does so very well, as always.
      Laraine Day, with whom I was not familiar, turned in a very good performance.
      The most notable of the cast, I thought, was Anthony Quinn in a supporting role.
      Having said all this, the film really fails to engage.
      I don't know why.
      The plot had a lot going for it, the photography was nice, the direction OK.
      I just can't put my finger on why this isn't a better movie. Grade: C-
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Hi

      Looking at the cast of Tycoon it had to be a worthwhile film John Wayne, Larraine Day, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Judith Anderson, James gleason, Grant Withers, Antony Quinn and Paul Fix.

      It might not have been absolutely brilliant, it was certainly differant from his normal films but they all counted and all served to put one more notch on the road to Red River and The Searchers.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Originally posted by ethanedwards+Jan 22 2006, 02:16 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ethanedwards @ Jan 22 2006, 02:16 PM)</div>
      This is one of the worst films, Duke made,
      and is up there
      amongst the Top 5 turkeys!!

      I must say that my opinion on this film is 180º from yours. While not up there among the classics, I would hardly consider it among the worst films Duke made.

      Originally posted by ethanedwards@Jan 22 2006, 02:16 PM
      Duke's character, changed from mild to complete nutter, without
      any explanation.

      He did go from a decent guy to a wacko in short order, although I wouldn't say it was without any explanation. He was getting the run-around when it came to getting materials for the job, which made no sense, as you so rightly pointed out. His friend died in the tunnel, and his wife left him. But by the end, he had come to his senses and realized what a jerk he had been and what it was costing him.
      Originally posted by ethanedwards@Jan 22 2006, 02:16 PM
      What gets me, is why and earth, should Sir Cedric want to sabotage,
      his own, financially, supported project!!

      Of course, from a reasonable, practical standpoint, it doesn't make any sense at all. However, the guy was on a FAT power trip, even if it was to his own detriment.
      @Jan 22 2006, 02:16 PM
      Rating 1/10

      You seem to be out of sync with IMDb's user rating, which is 5.8/10. Personally, I would give it 6.5.

      But . . . those differing opinions are what make the world go 'round and keep it from being a boring place! Vive la difference!

      Chester :newyear:
    • I agree Chester...Tycoon is FAR from being a terrible movie. This movie has many things going for it:

      1) Excellent character actors - from Paul Fix, to Grant Withers, to Harry Woods...

      2) Beautiful technicolor - your doing yourself a dis-service if the only way you've seen this movie is some washed out VHS copy. See a clear print on TCM one night...

      3) A good story-line - the plot moves along...the father in-law doing anything to get his daughter away from Johnny, the great chemestry between Marua and Johnny, the breakup of a close knit of friends, and then them coming back together again...

      In my opinion, this movie rates at least a 8/10. Guess it's just like 'Jet Pilot'...I love that film (and this one), while most don't.

    • I watched this movie for the second time ever today. I thought it was a pretty good film, overall. Of course, it is always fun to see many of the regulars (Paul Fix, Grant Withers, Harry Woods) in his movies. I don't think it is available yet on DVD, but I would certainly buy it when it is on the market.

      Everyone has their own taste - I prefer Duke's movies from the 40's and early 50's over most of the others.

      My heroes have always been cowboys.
    • I taped this film from the BBC a few weeks ago and tried to watch it that same day but at the time could not get into it.Saturdaymorning before going to work I watched it and found it quite enjoyable.Not the best but certainly not the worst.I liked most of the actors,the story was not too bad and the chemistry between Duke and Larraine was okay.

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