The Train Robbers (1973)

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    • Paula wrote:

      This publicity shot was on my "most wanted" list and it finally showed up at an auction site a few weeks ago, so I managed to snag it. lasbugas posted this one before but the one I got has a different text at the bottom, so I thought I'd post again. It's such a nice photo so it deserves a second post. :) The publicity blurb exaggerates the number of movies John Wayne and Ben made together -- my count is 10, and that includes four movies in which Ben worked as either a wrangler and/or stuntman, not an actor.

      The Angel and the Badman
      Tall in the Saddle
      Red River
      Fort Apache
      3 Godfathers
      She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
      Rio Grande
      The Undefeated
      The Train Robbers

      That's 10. Am I missing anything?

      Paula, thanks for posting this picture. For those of us familiar with these two legends, it was treat to see the easiness the two had with each other.
    • Lt. Brannigan wrote:

      I enjoy this film though while nowhere near his best, it ranks high up there with his most entertaining. I watched this last night and one scene in particular caught my attention and held a lot of meaning for me, the one where he's talking to Ben...

      (Paraphrased obviously)
      Ben: I Hope I don't let you down

      Wayne: You planning to rob another bank?

      Ben: I was thinking I oughta take my horse and get out of here

      Wayne: Why didn't you?

      Ben: because you'd come after me.

      Wayne: Wrong. Ben I hate to break it to ya, but you're a man now and you'll find yourself standing your ground when you oughta runaway, you'll open your mouth when it should be kept closed and you'll find yourself doing what you think is right when others say you're wrong.
      and for how it actually played out
      Wayne: "I hate to Tell you this, but whether you like it or not... you're a man and you're stuck with it. You'll find yourself standing your ground, and fighting when you oughta run... speaking out when you oughta keep your mouth shut... doing things that will seem wrong to a lot of people.. but you'll do them all the same."

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    • Just the tone of the conversation between the two characters shows the acting depth of John Wayne and Ben Johnson. No flowery speeches, exaggerated arm or hand gestures or special lighting. Just two actors playing a scene with simplicity and honesty. Watch "The Last Picture Show" and enjoy Ben Johnson portraying the same simplicity and honesty in his Oscar winning role. And watch John Wayne's face in any of his movies (well, except "The Conqueror.") With just the slighest movement in his face or a slight glance, maybe a shift of his body conveys so much in his reponse or reaction by his character. Underrated is an understatement.

      (Don't know what I did, but I was trying to reply to Comment #156 by "Lt. Brannigan." Sorry for the screw up! :huh:

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