Idol Of The Crowds (1937)

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    Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Retired hockey player Johnny Hansen (John Wayne), in order to make money
    to enlarge his chicken farm, returns to the game and leads his team into the championship series.
    Just before the series starts, he is offered a bribe to throw the games but refuses.
    An attempt is made on his life which results in Bobby (Billy Barrud as Billy Barrud as usual),
    the team's mascot, being injured.
    Summary written by Les Adams

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... Johnny Hansen
    Sheila Bromley .... Helen Dale
    Charles Brokaw .... Jack Irwin
    Bill Burrud .... Bobby (as Billy Burrud)
    Jane Johns .... Peggy
    Huntley Gordon .... Harvey Castle
    Frank Otto .... Joe Garber
    Russell Hopton .... Kelly
    Hal Neiman .... Squat Bates
    Virginia Brissac .... Mrs. Dale
    George Lloyd .... Spike Regan
    Clem Bevans .... Andy Moore
    Wayne Castle .... Swifty
    Lloyd Ford .... Hank
    Lee Ford .... Elmer

    Writing Credits
    Harold Buckley
    George Waggner

    Harry Neumann



    Filming Locations

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    London- England

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  • Idol of the Crowds is a 1937 American drama film, directed by Arthur Lubin
    and starring John Wayne as an ice hockey player.

    This was Duke's 5th.. film of a 6 picture Universal deal,
    and it was not a happy time ,the films were mediocre,
    but things were about to change, because, just after
    Duke returned to Republic for The Three Mesquiteers
    and thereafter Stagecoach

    Athur Lubin, whose films with Abbot and Costello, saved Universal
    from going bankrupt, he was promoted to director of the epic
    Phantom of the Opera, which was a huge success.

    However, he wasn't quite so successful with the
    4 films he made with Duke.

    California Straight Ahead
    I Cover the War
    Idol of the Crowds
    Adventure's End

    The action films, were entertaining, but were cheaply made,
    and proved to be disappointing at the box office.

    This isn't a bad film, if a little contrived.Once again, Duke was perfecting his acting skills,
    and Sheila Bromley, wasn't too bad, as his love interest.
    However, better things, were around the corner.


    User Review

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    London- England

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  • Keith,

    Do you have a pretty good collection of these older, rare films? It seems by your comments that you have seen many of them.

    In searching for this title on Amazon, one of the sponsored links was Bygone Video. They do have many fairly rare titles, but there is a price attached :D . For example, Idol of the Crowds is available on VHS for $30 and on DVD for $40 :o !

    I don't know that I want to see it that badly . . . :blink: .

    Chester :newyear:

  • Hi Jim and Sue,
    Yes I do have most of the early ones, except ones that have got
    lost forever!!
    You will notice, if I don't have a copy of the film, I will add a note, at the end of the review, asking if anyone, has seen or got it!!!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Just saw this, the copy was bad, but the film is decent enough, nice story and we even get shirtless Duke to admire ;)

    I don't believe in surrenders.

  • Just watched this last night.. on youtube... was broken up into 6 parts... but still enjoyed it very much....

    You can roll a turd in powdered sugar but that doesn’t make it a doughnut.

  • have yet to see this one. Didn't make too many movies as a athlete. In the quiet Man he was a retired boxer, wasn't there a movie in the early thirties were he played a football player?

  • Interesting to see how they played Hockey in those days without any protection. No helmet, no shin guards. Not bad! I enjoyed it!