Allegheny Uprising (1939)

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    • Hi Arthur, i'd forgotten to mention Devil's Disciple. I liked this one much so too. I thought it was a great twist to have the Burt Lancaster character turn into the Kirk Douglas character--towards the end of the movie.

      I have not heard of The Scarlet Coat but, I like the sounds of it just by seeing the cast listed. I like Cornel Wilde and I think he is way underrated--just like Sterling Hayden and Richard Basehart were. Fine actors three and it is a shame that all are now gone. :(
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    • Hi,
      I have been researching all the threads, back to the start of the JWMB,
      looking for previous discussion, relating to the movies.
      I have found the following, comments, and have copied them here,
      so that they are now under one forum:-

      Allegheny Uprising, Two different Versions

      post Sep 14 2004, 07:11 AM

      Interesting to compare the original American version of ALLEGHENY UPRISING and the British version THE FIRST REBEL.

      I bought The First Rebel on tape in England and found that there is still footage missing.
      It was released only two days after Britain entered WWII (BAAAD Timing!) and therefore the anti-British mood didn't help much,
      so they pulled it after only a short run and released it again later, under The First Rebel,
      a version which doesn't have most of the scenes showing the unfriendly British officer
      (including even the very first scene of the film which also introduces the Wayne character).
      The British version is about 5 minutes short I guess.
      Changing the title, they also had to change the beautiful American titles of a rider holding a latern to the main titles.

      I wonder now, maybe our British members know,
      do they still show the cut version on your TV?

      post Sep 14 2004, 07:47 AM

      Hi Roland

      I can't remember the last time The First Rebel was shown on British Television unless I missed it.

      But I got my copy of the tape out its a Cinema Club Edition (1989) Length 71 minutes,
      so working on the time I have in a list of John Wayne films I would say its about ten minutes light.

      The opening credits show a lantern lighting up the board but not a rider, and the opening scene shows
      John Wayne Wilfred Lawson and John F Hamilton walking down the road towards

      Callenders camp and discovering the barrels of rum.

      One thing I had forgotten about the film was the very gentle and British type music for the opening credits very
      Last of the Mohicans type of theme.

      And one thing I have never understood was the casting of Wilfred Lawson as McDougal.
      If he is playing a drunken lush (as he was in real life) then I suppose its perfect but I think he spent the entire picture taking the mick.


      post Sep 16 2004, 09:02 AM

      So in Britain it's probably still the cut version on TV, as well as on tape.
      The biggest cut they made is the beginning of the film! In the American version, it starts with a prisoner exchange - and Wayne's one of these prisoners. You'll never learn about that in the British version - which is, after all, the explanation to Claire Trevor why he was away all the time!
      (The OWI during war time forbade the showing of prisoner exchanges in films anyway, so that's a scene that would have been rewritten would the same film have been made after the US entered the war)

      Ford's "Drums Along the Mohawk" with a similar theme was made in the same year, but producer Darryl F. Zanuck was smarter than RKO with the Wayne-picture: He demanded with one of his famous memos to "keep British out" of all scenes that would show them as cruel.

      post Sep 16 2004, 11:35 AM

      Interesting to hear that 'The First Rebel' has been edited for British viewers in the version that I have the Brits
      don't come across very bad some I presume that is to has been edited.

      post Sep 16 2004, 12:00 PM

      The First Rebel IS the edited version, Robbie.
      Only under the title Allegheny Uprising do you have the unedited version.
      This is, however, not the usual cut version thing where a film got butchered for some foggy reasons but should be looked at from the historical standpoint: to compare just WHICH scenes had to go to give Allegheny Uprising a second run in British Cinema during the war - under the title The First Rebel - is interesting. They even went back and filmed the main titles again, something you don't
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Originally posted by arthurarnell@Feb 8 2006, 03:25 AM
      Hi Ringo

      And another revolutionary film I had forgotten about is John Paul Jones with Robert Stack. Perhaps when you get down to it there are more than I thought.


      Hi Arthur, I remember Robert Stack in J.P.J. In fact, I think I even have it on a VHS tape somewhere. I remember other Revolutionary War movies but cannot remember their titles. There was even a cool series out on TV back in the early 1970's that had Louis Gossett Jr. in it as a freed slave who was in partnership with two caucasion fellows. It was their job to basically tick off the local British Commander by doing acts of sabatage etc. Really was a good series. I think it was called something like: The Young Rebels.

      Best regards to ye--C.

      PS, I forgot to mention another TV series to do w/ the Revolutionary War--it was put out by Disney and is called: The Swamp Fox, which stars Leslie Nielsen as the swamp fox.

      This one is before the R.W. and is called: Northwest Passage. Based on the great movie which had Spencer Tracy as Major Robert Rogers, Robert Young as Langton Towne, and the ever so funny Walter Brennan as his drunken friend.
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    • Hi all,
      thanks Carl, watched this movie for the very first time. And immidiatly like it. Unfortunatly most of my knolege of American history came from novels and movies. Shame on me :headbonk:

      This movie remainded me period of history depicted in Fenimore Cooper novels.

      Of course Duke is very proper man for this part. But Claire Trevor in it absolutly charming!

      Senta :rolleyes:
    • Re: Allegheny Uprising (1939)

      Here are three posters from this movie, the second one a 1952 re-issue and the third one a 1957 re-issue.
    • Re: Allegheny Uprising (1939)

      Here's an odd note concerning a film with the Duke about the beginning of the Revolutionary War that was never made. According to Peter Bogdonovich's interview with John Ford, he wanted to make a film of Howard Fast's "April Morning" with the Duke to play the first of the minutemen killed on Lexington Green as his son stands alongside him, who later fights the British at Concord. But Duke didn't care to wear knee britches or a ribbon-tied wig (he thought they were sissy-looking) and Ford died soon afterward.

      The novel was later filmed with Tommy Lee Jones & a young Rob Lowe for TV.
    • Re: Allegheny Uprising (1939)

      I thought this one was pretty good. A different type of role for the duke. Sure he almost plays a cowboy, but not quite. It seems very similar feel to The Patriot starring Mel Gibson. Of course since the patriot came out ten years ago, it is a lot more brutal in it's portrayal of the british. But I really enjoyed this one, I could feel the frustration of the people as they tried to fight back against the British, but didn't get anywhere.

      Definitely a movie every fan should see!
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