The Cowboys (1972)

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    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      I've had mine for awhile and I just glanced at the time on mine and it says 135 min. Not sure what the old time was but I agree the times unless significant are irrelevant. A remake like this they aren't going to deduct movie length, they may add some but I doubt they'd every remove anything.
    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      I think the only footage that was cut was when the boys find the Colleen Dewhurst and her good time girls. This footage was cut for TV showings but is on most DVD Releases.

      I think some of the language was also trimmed for TV viewings as well

      This release has an Overture of The Cowboys Theme before the film starts so I think any additional footage comes from there.

    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      I'm going to be running both movies now to see if I can find the difference. Give me a few to sync the movies. I have three copies of The Cowboys. The two main copies, both released by Warner Bros. are both identical. They have a 2 min 30 sec Overture and a 1 min 26 sec Exit Music. The shorter one is only different because it doesn't have the 3 min 56 sec of music so that's your 131 minutes and 135 minutes difference. The only difference is the older movie started with the old Warner Bros. logo and the new release had the new WB logo. All the chapters are the same as well.

      I had to watch the fight scene, I'd have to pick that as the best/worse fight scene. Especially since the vermin ridden SOB that shoots him in the left arm, right thigh, right arm, and two times in the belly but gets what;s coming to him... I wouldn't have cut him free, just let the horse run off and it probably would have broke his back. That's a hard part to watch.

      I was going to ask, did everyone get the same set location pictures also? Here are the ones I got with the new DVD: (I watermarked them so don't spread them around...)

    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      I just thought that I would add this for your enjoyment. I always loved this conversation between Anse and Will. Enjoy!


      Click the link to hear the audio file.
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    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      Mark, thanks for that clip - definitely good for a laugh!

      I recently read an Associated Press article about Bruce Dern (the guy we love to hate because he "killed" John Wayne), and found it online, for your reading pleasure. It was actually an interesting article.

      Chester :newyear:

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    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      A pretty good interview, and I bet the book is good too.

      I might have to read that book. I didn't know all that about him.

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

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    • Re: The Cowboys (1972)

      I just watched the special features on this movie and there was a particualr story that the director Mark Rydell told which I thought was funny.

      It was when they were having lunch together and during the lunch Duke got up to go to the bathroom. Upon his return his 1 pant leg was wet on the side all the way down. Mark asked Duke, "What in the world happened?" Duke looked and him and sighed, "It happens to me alot in the bathroom, everytime I am standing there and some guy turns to me and says, your John Wayne!!" and he made a jester as to show the gentelmen peeing on Duke's leg!!! I had never heard that story before and thought it was quite funny.
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