The Cowboys (1972)

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  • Great pics MB. Snake Dern, Wise Nightlinger, and Slim looks as if he has had a chin implant.......think that is the best pic I have seen of him, LOL.
    Got a bunch of publicity shots from Paula. Now, with what Peter and Carl sent, I have a COLLECTION, albeit a small one! Thanks again for showing us your is your foot doing? LH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Jebediah, Weedy, Fats, Jimmy or Steve?, Cimarron, Slim, Jimmy or Steve, Hardy in front, Homer, "Stuttering" Bob, "Four Eyes" Dan and missing is Charlie, the Jewish boy, who was killed retrieving the glasses that Dan dropped into the Herd. I think the second one is Jimmy as he was Clay's, (Hardy's) real brother and looks more like him. Have to watch it again, oh darn, LOL! KEITH Thanks BILL!
    Now, if they don't look just like "small men" with a supreme purpose, I can't imagine who does.

    Don't want to confuse anyone, so here's The Cowboys.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Tommy Lee Jones To Write And Direct ‘The Cowboys’ Remake For Warners

    The Oscar winner is updating the 1972 western that starred John Wayne, Bruce Dern and a pack of young’uns who are tasked with handling a long cattle drive. Tommy Lee Jones will write and direct The Cowboys, with Donald De Line producing and Lynn Harris overseeing for Warner Bros. The remake will be Jones’ next project after The Homesman, a frontier drama he co-wrote, directed, produced and stars in. No word on whether he’ll appear in the Cowboys redo. Variety first reported the news.…wboys-remake-for-warners/

  • That's too bad. Is there no original thought in Hollywood anymore? I have always thought this was Duke's most underappreciated film of his later career and while I like Tommy Lee, I don't think he'll get this one right.