Jet Pilot (1957)

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    • Hi William

      Yes, we should just be grateful that there are so many John Wayne films to enjoy and unlike other actors nearly all his films are available to see in some format of media.

      My deepest apologies Keith :wub: I work with a Kevin and know two or three other Kevins and have a trapped nerve in my back and a couple of painkillers in me today so am slightly more dopey than usual. I shall try to remember in future.

      Well done on all your hard work in bringing together all credit details and quotes for the films they are a great source of information

    • Originally posted by ethanedwards@Jan 26 2006, 02:38 AM
      How Duke, could  make SANDS OF IWO JIMA, and RIO GRANDE,
      and manage to make this utter tosh, in-between, is beyond belief!!!
      One of his Top 5 worse films!
      He should have walked away, from this one, but perhaps it was the money!
      Fortunately, for us all, Howard Hughes hid it from us, for a few years,
      to save us from the torture!!!
      Duke was at his worst hammy, and making silly facial expressions!!
      Another film, adding ammunition, to the critics of his acting.
      One quote I read said that the chemistry, between Duke and Janet was great,
      I'm sorry, but I can't see that, it wasn't bad, but chemistry it wasn't.
      The whole plot was prepostrous and uncredible,and with all those whooshing
      sounds evertytime we saw, Janet's bosom, all went, to prove how obsessed, and sad,
      Hughes was!!!
      It was the Directors, only film, and from this result, one can see why!!
      By the time the film was released,the cold war was obsolete, the planes were obsolete,and the whole film, was obsolete!!
      Its reviews were devastating, critics were embarrassed,
      of how outrageous and silly it all was, and the audiences agreed.
      Rating 3/10 for the silliness!

      Wow, Keith, this is pretty biting criticism!

      In talking about this movie before, the general concensus was that it wasn't one of his better movies, but it had some neat flying scenes, which made up for it.

      We enjoyed seeing Chilibill's latest addition to his web site regarding Jet Pilot.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Jet Pilot. What can you say???

      Once again the familiar old Ninotchka plot gets dusted off and updated for the cold war situation going on at the time. I will say this though, Jet Pilot may be a bad movie, but at least it is interesting to watch. It definitely falls into the category of "lesser Duke," yet at the same time it is entertaining.

      Poor Josef von Sternberg was one of the best directors of the 1930's, but by the time this one was made, he was reduced to directing B-pictures for RKO. The seven-year layoff between the time this was shot and the time it was released also meant that it officially went into the record books as von Sternberg's last picture.

      Folks who criticize Duke for making this movie have to remember that he had a contract with RKO at the time and likely had no choice about what pictures Howard Hughes assigned him to.

      By the way, for those of you who enjoy this movie (and even those who don't), you may want to also check out The Iron Petticoat (1956), starring Bob Hope and Kate Hepburn. The plot is very similar to Jet Pilot, but it is written as straight comedy. It works much better that way.


      "I am not intoxicated - yet." McLintock!

    • Hi,
      I have been researching all the threads, back to the start of the JWMB,
      looking for previous discussion, relating to the movies.
      I have found the following, comments, and have copied them here,
      so that they are now under one forum:-

      Take Off For Jet Pilot, it's not all that bad

      post Feb 14 2004, 09:55 PM

      I was re-visiting JET PILOT today and thought I let you know.
      I have an old 35mm print of the original release which is rare because Howard Hughes snatched up all the copies when he bought the film back and never showed it again, and it's all scratchy, needs a lot of attention, careful cleaning etc. (stupid hobby! for every minute I watch I do 5 minutes of cleaning) but the Technicolor is still vibrant, colors that just don't come out on a TV, no matter how good the DVD is. Anyway, the film wasn't a big success which is largely part of the belated release, when jets weren't all that new. But over time, the film made its way into the list of JW turkeys. Yet I feel it has a lot to offer.
      I think its photography is just beautiful, certainly one of the best Technicolor films of Wayne, in the ranks with Quiet Man and Yellow Ribbon. Seldom was he photographed as a romantic lover that well. Director Josef von Sternberg knew what he was doing. The amour fou was his trademark since his Marlene Dietrich classics. There are soft spots of green and pink, soft shadows on the faces - just honey. Wayne is at his self-confident best in the role of a military man (his scenes with Paul Fix are very relaxed, very good). The romance is built up pretty good. Writer Jules Furthman tried his way with the "I have to search you" scene which he repeated almost exactly in Rio Bravo with Chance/Feathers. There's some very funny dialogue concerning the Russkies and Cold War, which, with the distance of time, seem even funnier than what they must have been back then. Sort of a Ninotchka in the Wayne-World. The hightlights of the film are the airborne sequences: up until then when you had sequences like that, you saw models, etc. Here the air stunts are the real thing. One can only imagine how long it took to shoot those scenes! They're perfect not only as pictures in themselves but for their meaning of story development: The planes of Shannon and Anna act like lovers in a romantic ballet in the air. And Janet Leigh back then was just the hottest thing on two legs. So, in conclusion, when I wonder did someone decide that this has to be one of Wayne's worst movies?

      Agree or disagree?

      post Feb 14 2004, 11:45 PM

      to me you changed your mind from a turkey to a dove.Well the "DUKE" can do that to you. I haven't seen JET PILOT yet but after your unbiased review I will try to get it some time. John Wayne does have some turkey films,my pick is the Barbarian and the Geisha but thats just my opinion. I have collected to date 91 of his films and I can say that there are a few turkeys. But when you collect you collect RIGHT!!! When I see some of the garbage that comes on our satellite tv now a days it doesn't take long to find a "DUKE" film that I haven't seen for awhile(some times it's not that long).When I come in from checking Hiefers that are calving at three in the morning it doesn't take long to pop in one of his tapes. I am back out checking every half hour so it is nice to stop a tape or dvd and pick up where I left off. I guess I am one of the dinasaurs left over from times gone by but I wouldn't change my life as a cattleman-cowboy with anyone(Mad Cow has been a real Bi#*H). I guess that is why I am a DUKE fan. He never said quit and neither will I. The Jet Pilot is definitely on my gotta have list. Watch the DUKE with a Friend....SaddleTramp.... PS...When it comes to the Dukes Turkeys I just believe they are Doves in disguise Right!!!!....ST...

      post Feb 15 2004, 12:21 AM

      I belong to the John Wayne appreciation society which has its base by Nottingham. This has a festival twice a year when they show two of Dukes films. Some years ago I travelled up country to attend one of the these festivals the two films shown were the Fighting Kentuckian, which holds particular memories for me as it was one of the first John Wayne films I saw, and Jet Pilot.

      I agree with you. It is not a bad film.

      Last night on the biography channel I watched Howard Hughes. Apparently Jet Pilot was his last picture and went from 1947 to 1957 because he tinkered with the picture and shot miles of ariel photography with William Clothier, who was one of Hollywoods great ariel photographers. It was said that John Wayne and Janet Leigh were called back for retakes a year after the film had ended. When it was released. Because of the time lapse the critics had a field day but it is not that bad a picture. Yes the colour is good, Yes Janet Leigh is very delectable - I sent her a photograph from Jet Pilot and she autographed it for me. Paul Fix is good as is J.C. Flippen. was this before or after he lost his leg.

      The story does tend to stretch credibility but allowing for that if you want realism watch a documetary.



      post Feb 17 2004, 08:07 AM

      Believe it or not, Jet Pilot is one of my favorite JW films (not quite into the Top 25 category, but up there nonetheless). As with your perspective, I really enjoyed it because of the aerial photography and sequences, with the jets flying through the clouds with the bright blue sky. In my mind, that made up for the movie plot, which was a bit slow at times. All in all, it was a pretty fun movie, and these jets were the same kind I remember as a young kid, with all of my friends, getting interested in military airplanes.

      Chester :newyear:

      William T Brooks 
      post Feb 17 2004, 11:59 AM

      Chester7777; They were the same type of aircraft that I flew in the early 1950s in the Korean Conflict. I loved the flying scenes but did not care for the story line. Only Howard Hughes could have set up this type of flying scenes ! Chilibill :cowboy:
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Hi,
      I have been researching all the threads, back to the start of the JWMB,
      looking for previous discussion, relating to the movies.
      I have found the following, comments, and have copied them here,
      so that they are now under one forum:

      Jet Pilot, Duke The Jet Pilot

      William T Brooks 
      post Dec 19 2004, 03:59 PM

      Ringo; Just got thru watching "JET PILOT" on "AMC Duke Weekend" and I think you had ask about "MIG ALLEY" in the Korean War and this was just after the War ended and the film was Released in 1957.
      Because I was a Pilot at this time I had to watch the film. Duke made a very good jet pilot in the film, but think the story was a little weak but the Flyiny Scenes by Howard Hughes were Great as they all ways were when Howard did a flying film!
      The aircraft that they came back to the U.S. in the end of the film is the same kind of Aircraft that I stay Current in Jets in and have to do each year in a T-33 and that was not a U.S.S.R.aircraft, but a U.S.A. trainer in the 1950s. I must go now but I will be back later and tell you more about Duke and "Jet Pilot" and "MIG ALLEY"!!! Chilibill :cowboy:

      post Dec 19 2004, 04:11 PM

      Chilibill isn't pulling our leg, as about a year ago, he sent me a video of himself being
      re-certified in a T33 down in Texas. Very interesting as, since I was a kid, the T33 has been one of my favorite airplanes.
      The flying scenes in Jet pilot are some of my most enjoyed in a John Wayne film also.

      Chester :newyear:

      The Ringo Kid 
      post Dec 19 2004, 09:20 PM

      :cowboy: Greetings Mr. Brooks, Chester.
      I watched Jet Pilot the other night as well. It was my first time having a chance to watch the movie from beginning to ending. I loved the flying scenes too. You are correct, I was wanting to hear what you had to say about Mig Alley. I do not know if my father ever saw any of the air war or not. IN Korea he was in an Air Force Weather Detachment stationed on the top of some hill in Korea. Now in WWII, he was in B-17 Flying Forts as a Ball Turret Gunner. I would greatly enjoy hearing anything you have to say about Mig Alley. I am in the midst of trying to contact some A/F Vets who were there.
      A T33, is that not the aircraft that has the two gastank-like things on the wingtips?
      Take care Gentlemen, and best regards--TRK.

      post Dec 20 2004, 09:07 AM

      The problem with Jet Pilot was that Howard Hughes wouldn't put an amen to it, he wouldn't let it go. So although the picture was made in 1949 he insisted on continually adding to the flying sequences with the reult that by the time the picture was released it had two strikes against it, namely it was out of date, and also, issued at a time when John Wayne's popularity at the box office was going through a lean period.
      I think that for all that, having seen it on the large screen it is not a bad picture, the colour is superb, as is the sound, and Janet leigh looked very good. I have a couple of photographs including a head and shoulders one of miss Leigh which she autographed for me. Nice lady.


      post Dec 20 2004, 03:02 PM

      I enjoy 'Jet Pilot' very much! My feelings, on why the film is always considered to be one of Duke's worst, is that people are watching it in the wrong mindset. It is not an action picture, or drama....but a light-hearted comedy. There are many amusing back-and-forth conversations between Jim and Anna. Plus, as arthurarnell has mentioned, the technicolor photography is outstanding!

      post Dec 20 2004, 03:13 PM

      QUOTE(arthurarnell @ Dec 20 2004, 04:07 AM)
      Janet leigh looked very good. I have a couple of photographs including a head and shoulders one of miss Leigh which she autographed for me. Nice lady.
      I thought Janet was one of the best looking and sexiest women in Hollywood. I especially liked her in "Scaramouche" and "The Vikings".

      William T Brooks 
      post Dec 20 2004, 03:25 PM

      Ringo, Arthur and Chester; Arthur is right. Howard could never put anything to rest ! When I was flying all those movie people in and out Sedona some 20 years ago Jane Russell told me that when they were doing "The Outlaw" that they would shoot a scene time and time again,
      and then months later he would shoot the same scene time and time again!!! Ringo yes that was a T-33 with the big Wing Tip Tanks that Duke and Janet flew back to the U.S.A. in "Jet Pilot".
      Ringo; As to "Mig Alley" the B-29s would fly in from Bases in the Pacific and fly up South Korea from Japan and then over Soul toward North Korea and the "YALU RIVER" Between Korea and Southern China. The F-86s would come up out of Kimpo Air Base and fly escort for the B-29s and when the Migs jumped the B-29s the F-86s would take them on and what a job they did! They shot down Ten Migs for every one F-86 that we lost!!! After the B-29s dropped their Bomb load they would turn out towards the Yellow Sea and the F-86s went on North.
      At the River they go east and jump the Migs coming out China and then all Hell Broke loose. With what we called "IVAN", U.S.S.R. pilots waiting 10,000 feet higher than the F-86s could go and waiting for a Aircraft that was Shot up and trying to get back to their Base. It was only a few years ago that the Russkys admitted that they had Pilots in China Flying some of these Mig-15s and they where very good Aces out of WW-2.
      By this time the F-86s were low on Fuel and had to head South and try to get back to their Base, but some times they would Chase "IVAN" back into China at Low level, this was a NO-NO but they did it any way!!! That was MIG- ALLEY and this was the Last of the "FLYING GUNFIGHTERS"!!! Hope this helps. Chilibill :cowboy:
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Despite the mixed reviews of this movie, it is available on DVD from Amazon, if you want to spend a bundle of money - starting at $52.95 :o !

      IT is a little more affordable in VHS format, at less than $20 (that would include shipping).

      This is another one that I think might be available within a year or two, at a reasonable price, on DVD.

      Interestingly enough, it is on eBay on DVD, so far quite inexpensive (but with 5 days to go).

      Chester :newyear:
    • Hi all,
      I watched Jet Pilot and surprisingly quite like it. It is such a funny movie! Of course it is very far from reality, but I enjoy it. And I completly agree with all that was said here regarding this film.
      The flights there are beautiful! And it is all real flights!
      Vera :rolleyes:
    • So Jet Pilot is destined to be picked on. I thought it was a mediocre movie, but not the worst way I have ever spent two hours. I liked all the scenes with the planes and they seem to overshadow the rest of the movie. It's like watching a Yellow Submarine or A Hard Day's Night. In those films it seems like the main point of the plot is to get to the next scene of the beatles playing a song (not that there's anything wrong with that or those movies, I've seen both more than ten times) and this feels the same way, but replace songs with flying scenes.

      I was hoping that there would be a surprise ending with him leaving her behind and escaping back to the US. But instead it had the same 'happy' ending where everything wraps up in the sweetest possible way. I was a little disappointed, but since there was nothing I could do to change it, I thought I might as well enjoy it.

      [SIZE=3]That'll Be The Day[/SIZE]
    • Re: Jet Pilot (1957)

      Jet Pilot is on this DVD. Your best bet is to get this on-line. There are a total of 5 movies on this DVD.

      Cheers :cool:

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Re: Jet Pilot (1957)

      More than likely the worst John Wayne movie ever and that includes The Conqueor and my other old unfavourite Tycoon.

      Hughes did John a big favour keep Jet Pilot & The Conqueor out of circulation
      for years.

      The ironic thing is in my film collecting days the most easily obtained full features of John Wayne after Stagecoach was Jet Pilot & The Conqueor which were both issued by Universal 8 and wait for it some collectors paid £150.00- £200 to collect them new. Many were seen languishing on second hand lists for years at the £50.00 range.

      The last time I attempted to watch Jet Pilot was in VHS videos days. Even the music worked against it. I have no urge to have it on DVD but others feel free to collect.


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