El Dorado (1967)

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    • Re: El Dorado (1967)

      ethanedwards wrote:



      I thought this was a good fun movie, and very enjoyable.
      Part 2, of Hawk's trilogy, but not quite as strong as RIO BRAVO.
      The similarities between the 3 movies, is mentioned in another thread.
      Duke, once again settling into his more mature roles,
      with comfort and ease.
      Mitch, was his usual brilliant self, and acted well with Duke,
      and there was some chemistry, between them.
      James Caan, who was in awe of Duke, acquitted himself well, and when watching the review, and was supprised, to find how funny he was!!
      He did his job well, even though he kept listening to Duke, and getting into trouble
      with Hawks!!
      Surrounded by lots of familiar friends, wranglers, and stunt men,
      Duke felt at ease.
      Reviewers, found the film, not spectacular., but a crisp diversion,
      with some amusing moments.
      Rating 7/10

      Hi Keith you have used a picture from 'The Sons of Kaite Elder' for this thread, the picture depicts both Dean Martin and John Wayne.

      I agree with the posted above the 'unknown' is defently James Cann.

    • Re: El Dorado (1967)

      Hi Robbie,

      Thanks, this has happened a couple of times,
      I don't know whether it was to do with the change over, or what!
      as the picture clearly states, where it's from,

      Ah well it will sort it self out!

      I agree James Caan, also!
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: El Dorado (1967)

      Hi Keith

      I figured the changeover had something to do with it as I cannot imagine you making a goof like that. Incidentally I've been reading through many of the film threads and I have noticed that you have added a lot to them since the changeover, its all very impressive.

      Well done and thanks.