The Sea Chase (1955)

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    There are 89 replies in this Thread. The last Post () by lasbugas.

    • Re: The Sea Chase (1955)

      Really cool poster, Peter! SO GLAD you are back and hope you had a relaxing but great time. You have anything else from Sea Chase? Haven't seen that one yet.

      Group watch, LOL. Can't post all of the pics of the Stunt Fight Duke and Ward will post it on Photobucket so folks can see it as a slide show. I think there are about ninety pictures.

      Welcome back, Keith
    • Re: The Sea Chase (1955)

      Gorch wrote:

      Hi, Peter. I can't tell from your post if that's a half sheet or a title lobby card. The way it's slightly curved looks like it might be the half sheet.

      We deal in lead, friend.

      Hi Gorch, you are indeed correct it's a half sheet, never folded, taken straight out of the tube and photographed for you guys on here hence the curve.:wink_smile:
      "Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!"
    • Re: The Sea Chase (1955)

      Hi all,

      I was going to start a poster, lobby card thread to work alongside Lasbugas' stills thread. Would you all be interested, and those who have, contribute pictures of their collections also?
      Do want to break my neck to scan and upload everything if it's not worthwhile.
      "Pour yourself some backbone and shut up!"