The War Wagon (1967)

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    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      I picked up a book not too long ago, I may have even posted about it in another thread, but it's a book of 334 movie posters that were auctioned off back in 2004.

      The poster you have of The War Wagon went for $129. The prices depend on the condition. The same place that put out the book is still selling posters. I know someone donated a mint condition poster of The Quiet Man at the centennial celebration and the owner was donating it to the new museum. He wanted the starting price listed at $15,000. It looked like it was brand new and encased in glass probably for the last 50 years.
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      Thanks, DS, for the info about the book and the poster. What an interesting book! Personally, the more I see of many of the older posters, the more impressed I am with the artistic quality of them. You know those display cases for posters, in stores, where you can flip through them like a giant book? I think it would be neat to have enough room in my house to have one of those, with all these cool posters in it (how else could you display so many?).

      The pictures of posters that I have been sharing came from Les Adams, and have been shared with his permission. I believe he owns many of the posters pictured.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)


      Whilst i have a couple of the original posters where to display them is a problem and like many I keep them rolled up. However the mini posters are good and these are kept in a folder which is open to view in the front room. The art work on these posters is good.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      The War Wagon also appeared in an episode of 'Desperado' some years back.
      Best thing about the movie was the Dimitri Tiomkin score (one of his last I think) It lifted the picture greatly, just as Elmer Bernstein's score elevated 'Big Jake'.