The War Wagon (1967)

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    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      The last time I was in Florida to Universal-2000-the War Wagon had pretty much rotted to a pile of wood. A sad end. Last I heard, they removed the entire prop area for another attraction.
    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      There was a scene that seems to have a problem. This is where Taw Jackson (Duke), Lomax (Douglas) and Billy (Robert Walker) went to Taw's old ranch to get the nitro from the old shed. When they capture the one gaurd, all three were with him and Taw told them they had five minutes to get done with their job. Now the question I have is why didn't the gaurd say something to Pierce (Bruce Cabot) when they went in the house? You know he heard Taw tell Lomax and Billy about the 5 minutes since that gaurd knew that Lomax was suppose to gun down Taw.

      Just curious if anyone knows what I am talking about.

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      I watched this yesterday, Hondo, your correct!

      Also, I had the closed caption on, when Taw and Levi talk to Wild Horse, the captions told me it was in Spanish and then Native. Was that the case? I don't know either. :D

      "twenty dollars and a horse" :D
    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      Quick question-anyone know who doubled Duke in the bar fight? It's not "Bad" Chuck or Jim Burke in the long shots. Looks a bit like Red Morgan, but he's not. Anyone know for sure?
    • Re: The War Wagon (1967)

      wtrayah wrote:

      I liked it! very entertaining! Amazing how we always love the Duke! Even when he's a bad guy!

      I would disagree that Duke was the bad guy in this movie.. I would say that Bruce Cabot is the bad guy.