Haunted Gold (1932)

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  • I had seen this a long time ago, I think , but watched it again today. I enjoyed it, it reminded me a little of a type of Scooby Doo Western Style adventure. Spooky town, spooky house, people sent mysterious letters, strange going ons. Even a ghost causing trouble, well,a phantom !!! Plenty of action, great level of creepiness from the supporting cast, too. Blue Washington, was good, and I agree that you wouldn't see this type of role being played today, for obvious reasons.....

    Duke saves JW from a certain death, hanging from the cable mining car after a good fight scene !!!

    Dee x

    I watched this last week maybe for the first time ever (might have seen it years ago but don't remember). I immediately thought it was a western Scooby Doo as well. It was just as corny/creepy with a surprise, well sort of, person turning out to be the Phantom. I enjoyed it and these old Bs are the perfect length for an eliptical workout.