Fort Apache (1948)

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  • Arthur, great stills! Thanks for sharing them.

    Here are three posters -

    Fort Apache-poster.jpg

    These next two are reissue posters, from 1953 and 1957 respectively -

    Fort Apache-1953 reissue poster.jpgFort Apache-1957 reissue poster.jpg

    Same poster, just goes from full color to two color (I'm not including white as a color).

  • Here are the Film Facts for this film, from Clive Woollands (see this post for more information) -

    Howdy folks, here we are again. Another Film Fact, this time for the
    classic, Fort Apache. I hope you like it.

    Producers: Merian C. Cooper, John Ford, Screenplay: Frank S. Nugent,
    Cinematographer: Archie Stout, Art Director: Jack Murray,
    Distribution: RKO Pictures, Location: Monument Valley, Cost of
    Production: $2.5 million, Box office takings: $3 million, Date of
    production: 1948.

    Former child star Shirley Temple had worked with John Ford once before in 1937's Wee Willie Winkie. Pregnant during some of the filming, Fort Apache was one of her final films. Unable to successfully make the shift to a grown up acting career, she made
    just four more films before retiring from the screen in 1950. That same year she divorced John Agar and married San Francisco businessman Charles Black. He claimed never to have seen any of her movies.

    James Bellah, writer of the story `Massacre' that Fort Apache was based on, also wrote the stories that inspired She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande. He later wrote the screenplay for The Man who Shot Liberty Valence (1962).

    Fans of the James Bond films might recognise Mexican actor Pedro Armendariz, who played Sgt Beaufort in Fort Apache. His final film role – shot while he was suffering from terminal cancer – was an MI6 agent Karim Bey in 1963's From Russia With Love.

    Victor McLaglen, who plays Sgt Festus Mucahy, was actually a sergeant in the British Army in the 1920's.

    Fort Apache was John Agar's first movie role. He went on to make six more films with John Wayne, including She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, the second film in Ford's Cavalry trilogy.

  • Here's another story.
    Fort Apache the 1st in Ford and Wayne's Cavaly trilogy was released 1953 in Japan
    as the 3rd of trilogy.

    From 1945 to about 1950,Japan was occupied by allied powers,
    Supreme Commander for the allied powers thaught Fort Apache has a bad influence
    to occupied Japan, US Cavaly soldiers all dead.
    and in America ,as anti war movie, Fort Apache had a demonstration for prohibition
    release. Is it true?

    For the Question "The end of Fort Apache anticipates the newspaper editor's line in Liberty Valance, When the legend becomes a fact,prints the legend"Do you agree with that?(By Peter Bogdanovich)
    John Ford answered "Yes-because I think it's good for the country.
    Weve had a lot of people who were supposed to be great heroes,and you know damn well they were'nt.But it's good for the country to have heroes to look up to.
    and he said In Vietnam today,probably a lot of guys don't agree with their leader,but they still go ahead and do the job.

    I hate war but i love Ford's and Duke's western movies,war movies.
    Best regards,

    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
    ~Steve McQueen~

  • I liked Fonda's role in this movie, he played a good part, to me, Duke seemed to be second-fiddle to Fonda

    That said, its a cassic JW western

  • Reading the posts on this thread I came to Arthur's question about which cast were surviving. This led me to the Bios on Henry Fonda, Ward Bond ( who was epileptic ) , Hank Worden ( who lived to be 91 went to Stanford & U of Nevada engineering ,drove a New York cab, worked rodeos as a saddle bronc rider) and Victor McLag len ( who worked doing farm labour in Canada ). As for the film I liked everything except Mr Fonda's role. One part I liked was near the begining when mr Fonda's character asks the way station bar to serve a drink to the ( 4 ) srgts and put it on his tab. The 1st srgnt orders 4 beers ( I believe the intention was that it would one each ) The srgnt next to him ( Victor McLaglen ) says same here and a whiskey chaser.

    Greetings from North of the 49th

  • Thanks Nathan !
    I was begaining to think No One was looking at these Film Clips.
    Below are more Film clips of
    "Fort Apache"