North To Alaska (1960)

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    • I thought this was the most comical movie by the Duke that I have seen. It almost had a disney type feel to it. For example when the people are fighting in the first scene and there are all the sound effects for each punch.

      Definitely enjoyable, I particularily liked the scene where Angel is being tickled and you see the duke throw the bottle and glass over his shoulder, then he gets up and topples the table shouting TIMBER! I watched that part a couple of times because it was great.

      What was with the seal at the end though? It went a bit nutty there.

      A big step away from the ordinary for Henry Hathoway though. It's funny that he went on to directed Sons of Katie Eldar and True Grit, two fantastic movies that were more serious (though there's a lot of humour in True Grit).
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      There was a recent political scandal here that revealed that civil servants in their work time were entering Wikipedia and changing personal details on celebrities.

      The outcome was that it was revealed that that anyone can sign in make an account and changes any details of any person I wouldnt place too much faith on Wikipedia!!

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