Hondo (1954)

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    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Senta wrote:

      Still one of my favorite Duke westerns. Adding this because feel that all later critic comments are unfair to this movie.

      I agree with you Senta, one of my favorites as well; there are several movies I like better, but Hondo Lane is one my favorite Duke characters. I thought there was a lot of good story packed into the short running time.
    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      However, Duke maintained, that the popularity of the very similar film Shane(also 1953) took the edge off Hondo.
      The movie opened to favorable reviews, and did well, making enormous profits
      across Europe and Japan.
      Michael Wayne said of his father in 1991
      holds up after all these years... I think my father, looked his best and was at his best, at the time.
      In a way that film set some of the characters he played later.It wasn't his best film, by a long shot, but it set his character.[/b]

      This is taken from my initial post,
      and Michael Wayne, just about sums it up.
      Still one of my favourites.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      At least Geraldine got a brand new set of teeth courtesy of Batjac. Shame she didnt wash to often and reeked of BO and had breath like a sewer. Duke deserved a Oscar for kissing her.

      Never liked Shane Jack Palance is about the best thing in it. Alan Ladd Yuk When I heard about the trenches they had to dig for his leading ladies to stand in that topped it.

      Didn't Hondo inspire a TV series as well?


    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Hi Mike,

      Yes it was and here is some info:-

      Hondo TV Series


      Ralph Taeger as Hondo Lane,
      Buddy Foster as Johnny Dow,
      Gary Clarke,as Captain Richards
      William Bryant as Col.Crook,
      Kathie Browne as Angie Dow,
      Noah Beery as Buffalo Baker,
      Michael Pate as,Chief Vittoro

      Orginal run of show:September 1967 to December 1967 on ABC


      The epsisodes are listed in the order shown on TNT ('92) The first 2 episodes were made into the movie "Hondo and the Apaches" (or vice versa)

      Episode Titles:

      1. Hondo and the Eagle Claw
      2. Hondo and the War Cry
      3. Hondo and the Singing wire
      4. Hondo and the Superstition Massacre
      5. Hondo and the Savage
      6. Hondo and the Apache Kid
      7. Hondo and the War Hawks
      8. Hondo and the Mad Dog
      9. Hondo and the Judas
      10. Hondo and the Comancheros
      11. Hondo and the Sudden Town
      12. Hondo and the Ghost of Ed Dow
      13. Hondo and the Death Drive
      14. Hondo and the Hanging Town
      15. Hondo and the Gladiators
      16. Hondo and the Apache Trail
      17. Hondo and the Rebel Hat
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Check out these two links about some of the digital 3-D restoration work being done on Hondo:



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