Hondo (1954)

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    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Bob Furmanek wrote:

      Dear friends,

      I just recently heard about this site and wanted to join and say hello.

      Bob I have extended you an official Welcome here
      Welcome, New Members!

      Many thanks for your most informative post
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Heh, I was just coming here to post about the 3-D screening of Hondo but I am not surprised that Bob beat me to it. :)

      I did see Hugo in 3-D but having seen it also in 2-D on my TV, I think I would have liked it just as much in 2-D in the theater. (It really is a movie meant to be seen on a big screen rather than TV, much as I did enjoy the Blu-ray.) Even movies filmed in 3-D (not post-converted) don't hold that much interest for me -- they're just too dark because of the glasses and after a while, one gets so used to the 3-D that it doesn't have that "wow!" factor anymore. Also, live action films -- even the ones really filmed in 3-D -- look more like theater flats or figures pasted up against a background than genuine three dimensions. For some reason animated films don't have that "theater flats" problem. The last few 3-D movies released, I saw them in 2-D and I don't feel like I missed anything.

      Hondo I'd like to see in 3-D just because it's JOHN WAYNE IN 3-D. :)
    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Bob Furmanek wrote:

      If you're in LA on June 21, here's a rare opportunity to see a screening of the digital 3-D version of HONDO: cinema.usc.edu/events/event.cfm?id=12757

      A warm welcome Bob to the group.
      Im sure I can speak for everyone outside of the LA area that we will all be waiting to hear, from those lucky enough to attend, about the whole 3D Hondo experience.
      Is there any intention to 'tour' Hindo in 3D?
      We can only cross our fingers it comes over to the UK!
    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Unfortunately, I'm in New Jersey so I won't be able to attend this showing either.

      I did see the new digital restoration in 3-D at the Academy in LA back in 2007 and have mixed feelings. It looked good but the system they were using had tinted glasses that altered a color a bit. In addition, after having seen about 40 of the 50 Golden Age features in dual-strip 35mm Polaroid, I must say the digital image was lacking the brightness and clarity that you would have with dual 35mm prints.

      However, the 3-D cinematography is superb. Gretchen Wayne was interested in 3-D for this new release but Paramount was not. I can only hope that Paramount will see fit to release a 3-D Blu-ray in the very near future.

    • Re: Duke's Movies- Blu-Ray/DVD Releases

      Dooley wrote:

      It's well worth it if you enjoy the Duke's films and watch them repeatedly.
      The Rio Lobo transfer is fantastic, so much so that it actually added lots to the viewing pleasure. No mean feat as the film isn't one of the Duke's best. :)

      I must agree with you on Rio Lobo. I'd never seen it until a few days ago, when it showed up on local TV. Walter Brennan was great, the rest of the cast was barely believable and really miscast. Nor is Duke exactly putting his all into the performance.
    • Paula wrote:

      . . . an article about Hondo by Bob Furmanek, a film historian who has conducted extensive research into the changeover of 1:37 Academy ratio to the various widescreen formats in the early 1950s, and also 3D.

      Paula wrote:

      Aspect ratios are always something of interest to me. :)

      Dooley wrote:

      I have to ask, sorry if you've said before, but what is your background?
      Your posts have been fascinating and hugely informative for me, and everyone else I'm sure . . .

      Paula wrote:

      Dooley, I work in a job that has nothing to do with film and in fact -- I've never even taken a film course! I am just a hardcore film buff who is interested in the technical aspects of films and have educated myself -- a little bit. Which means, I know a bit more than the average person on the street but very, very little compared to the professional film historians and filmmakers. Thanks to the internet, I can find the experts' posts and read up on whatever question I may have so if I post something myself, I am pretty sure I'm being accurate.

      Due to a minor injury that has me home from work for a day or two, I am getting to catch up on my reading around here, and am discovering many things, among them your "more-than-the-average-person" knowledge of some of the technical aspects of films, and am quite impressed! You most certainly add to my assertion that this site boasts a friendly, KNOWLEDGEABLE bunch of John Wayne fans!

      Thanks for adding even more to our forum!

      Bob Furmanek wrote:

      Dear friends,

      I just recently heard about this site and wanted to join and say hello. It looks like a great place to discuss Mr. Wayne and his incredible body of work.


      I would like to add my WELCOME to you (and thank Paula, who most surely must be the way you heard about our forum)!

      We look forward to hearing more from you, and getting better acquainted in the days and weeks to come!

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Hondo (1954)

      Dooley wrote:

      Finally! It's here! Hondo on Blu ray has reached my door.
      Weekend viewing sorted.

      Bravo! Now watch that movie and enjoy. Amazing!

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote