The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

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    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      I always enjoy this film, because of the scenes of old japan, the kago carriers, the samurai, the samisen players during the special banquet for Harris. One reason that I have read why Duke did not like working on it was because Sam Jaffe had been blacklisted as a result of the HUAC trials earlier. Although he was a benign liberal in his views, Wayne did not care for him.

      Those who wish to read a very good book about life in Shogun Japan should read Oliver Statler's "Japanese Inn". It available through Amazon. It is about the life of Japan as seen from the 1600's through the 1950's by the inhabitants of a second class inn called the "Minaguchi-ya" that sat along the Tokaido Road that ran between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. Statler also wrote a book about the real Townsend Harris and his story in Japan, unfortunately I don't know the title.
    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      dukefan2 wrote:

      Statler also wrote a book about the real Townsend Harris and his story in Japan, unfortunately I don't know the title.

      I think the book you're talking about is "Shimoda Story", dukefan.

      You sound like a person who's also spent some time in Japan. I was there in the Fifties with the Navy and fell in love with the place.
      De gustibus non est disputandum
    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      Hulu has the complete The Barbarian And The Geisha
      online. Hulu is ad supported so you'll need to sit thru a commercial but worth it for free.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
      Official JWMB online store
    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      Because the sentence that wrote memories of this movie was found to the book
      that a certain Japanese who had been working as a staff during the location in Japan.
      Let's introduce it.
      His name is Minoru Inuzuka and he participated in this movie as a dialogue coach.
      He can be seen also IMDB.

      Hereafter,from his sentences.
      1) John Huston felt dissatisfied in the scenario that the writer wrote first, and was
      being rewritten by himself at the hotel every night. However, Inuzuka says It must be
      already water under the bridge.
      2) John Wayne was coming to Japan alone without attendand. and he was processing
      what one by himself.When taking a meal in the studio,JW waited in a line of the staff
      together.and after meal,he had take away the dirty dishes for the table,even with other's plate.
      There was not affecting the star,and when he was a popular good person,everyone
      felt adimiration for Duke.
      3) Though JW was doing comfortable way to talk when performing at the waestern movie,
      It pronounced in one word plain remark,and the device about which it talked applying
      the intonation in the conversation with the samurai was done,He made it good.
      Inuzuka thought He was not an average actor in this movie.
      4) Inuzuka invited JW to the geisha house in Gion in Kyoto twice. Duke was very pleased
      the geisha play was very graceful.

    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      CaliforniaTiger wrote:

      hated this movie at first....but years later it grows on you

      I find myself in the same position. I had seen this film years ago and didn't like it. I never bothered to look at it again untill Kevin put the link to the film from hulu. I decided to give it a look and found that I enjoyed it the second time around. I liked the way that Duke played Townsend Harris. The scenery really was impressive and the story line flowed just fine. I loved the part where Duke stood in front of the canon aimed at the ship and shifted everytime the cannon moved.

      So, now this film is no longer on my hate list, and I probably won't wait another 10 years to watch it again. :teeth_smile:

      "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "
    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      About Earl Norman (AKA Norman Thomson) who performed as Ship Captain Edmunds
      in this film,I already posted to General discussion thread last night.
      he is a very interesting person, i think.
      i found the site about novel that he wrote.
      someone who knows him, please share more information .

    • Re: The Barbarian And The Geisha (1958)

      Hi All
      Okichi met Harris for the first time on May 22 151years ago.
      The photo of Okichi is here. as for her,it's the kind of beauty who
      even today passes.

      Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
      ~Steve McQueen~

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