McQ (1974)

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    • Originally posted by Robbie@Feb 17 2006, 07:34 PM
      Hi Keith

      I recently watched this movie and prior to entering the hospital Duke was involved in a shootout during which he wore a nifty purple jacket. In the next scene he is in the hospital and still has this jacket on. The setting is of a warm and dry day so it makes no sense that he would put his raincoat on entering the hospital only for it to disappear once he met louis, are there any other explanations?


      Hi Robbie,
      There seems to be no explanation to this one!!
      You're right, he's wearing this short purple jacket, in and out of the
      hospital, and is wearing this, for most of the first half.

      The raincoat doesn't appear, untill after he comes out of hospital,
      after being squashed by the trucks.
      The time he has it on, with Diana, is when he picks up her, and the loot,
      and drive to the beach, and the end of the film.
      So where, where they, when this scene was shot, it's a mystery????
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • This was the third or fourth John Wayne movie that I ever saw and I think it's pretty good. I don't care if he turned down Dirty Harry or not, because this seventies cop movie is great. The music is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love it. It's pretty well acted and fairly well written.

      My favourite line is when he's in the hospital after his car gets crushed.

      Doctor (looking at x ray): There's no fracture... I don't see any other apparent injuries.

      Duke: Well it may not be apparent, but you oughtta feel it from my side.
      [SIZE=3]That'll Be The Day[/SIZE]
    • Originally posted by DukePilgrim@Mar 7 2006, 12:55 AM
      I  have finally got Mc Q on Region 2.

      Bought a copy from Europe. Great little promo for Mc Q and the trailers are nice touch.

      1 less sale in UK because they were TOO TOO slow to release it :angry:  :angry:

      Hi Mike,
      In what country it was released in Reg.2?
      Senta :rolleyes:
    • [youtube]xHG3h-9XRJ0[/youtube]

      Zoom Zoom. Goes about 50 different directions between ID, Beacon Hill, and under the Rainier Beer plant and back, and then to S. Lake Union.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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    • Re: McQ Car Chase John Wayne Tours Seattle

      Like the others, I enjoyed the comments throughout. I especially got a kick out of the notes about the "dirty car" and "clean car" which I have to admit I probably wouldn't have noticed (at least not on the first viewing).

      Chester :newyear:

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