McQ (1974)

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    • Re: Mc Q (1974)

      Another I have seen several times of, over the years and I have always enjoyed it. I did a double take when I saw Roger E. Moseley (T.C. of Magnum P.I. fame) and immediately liked the movie a bit more.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Re: Mc Q (1974)

      chester7777 wrote:

      That was us, too. We recognized his voice before we recognized his face.

      Ditto on hearing his voice. I also wish that he had not played the part of a pimp/drug dealer. I think he would have made a good partner of sorts, for Dukes character.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Re: Mc Q (1974)

      Must admit I enjoy Mc Q and Brannigan it would have been nicer if he had been younger for those roles but I still like them.

      I think money was one of the reasons why Duke kept taking a lot of roles. Bo Roos plus his son in law mistakes handling his money , bad investments plus a lot of Wayne's too support was the reasons why JW was not able to retire or move to directing which is wanted to.

    • Re: Mc Q (1974)

      Watched McQ for the first time in these days and sure like Duke in it. But movie is depressing, I completly agree with Ejgreen and all he write in his brilliant review. As about the whole movie I feel that it is simply not my period of cinematography.

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