Big Jim McLain (1952)

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    • Originally posted by Senta@Nov 26 2006, 03:05 AM
      I watched this movie again yesterday evening and I\m sure have double feelings about it.
      It is sure publisistic movie and very pathetic - all that beginning with familiar music tunes and question from the grave: How America stands?

      And I\m sure like romantic line in the movie between Jim and Nancy. And parts with comic relief I'm sure enjoy.

      But the part conserning communist can have my whole approvment after all.
      I was never communist myself, but living some adult years in socialist country (it was never called communist) I can tell that it wasn't exacly as you can imagine or as it is pictured in Clancy books. The things were much more complicated.

      Other thing about democracy. I'm belive that the state of any kind can't dictate how the citizen must feel or thing. If the democratic government began such thing and started the "witches hunt" it can't be called democratic. Because the same thing was here from the other point of view.

      And all this blacklisting about which I have read sure ruined many peoples life, who wasn't communists only left winged in their thoughts.

      I'm sorry, if I offended somebody.  :(

      Vera - there is no way that you would offend anyone here. It is refreshing to get a viewpoint of someone who has a point of reference from within as it were. Unfortunately, the "communist witch hunts" and racist elements in our history are a documented part of U.S. history which can't be discounted :uhuh: . As a human society, we can only strive to better ourselves toward our fellow man ^^ .
      Now is the time to get off my soapbox and quit playing philosopher.
      Cheers - Jay :D
      Cheers - Jay:beer:
      "Not hardly!!!"
    • I have only seen this film once when it was aired recently I think twice on the BBC.

      I wouldn't be surprised if it was on the "banned list" until then.

      It is not a great John Wayne movie but at the same time it is not bad.

      I honestly think it got a bad press because of what was happening in the USA
      at the time of its release.

      As you say a rare John Wayne movie which I think was Warner or Batjak produced which must someday appear on DVD.

    • Originally posted by Jay J. Foraker@Nov 27 2006, 08:21 AM
      Vera - there is no way that you would offend anyone here.  It is refreshing to get a viewpoint of someone who has a point of reference from within as it were.

      AMEN, Jay!

      Vera, I second Jay's comments, and appreciate you sharing your thoughts here!

      Chester :newyear:
    • I have not seen this film in years. This film was done at a Very Different time in U.S. and World History and many of the People in Hollywood did not Like The Film Or John Wayne The Duke. We thought that the U.S.S.R. and The Chinese Communist were coming Very Soon! :fear:

      But in the early 1950s when it was Filmed it was Very Difficult Time in the World. :( The U.S.A. had used the A-Bomb to End W.W. 2 and the U.S.S.R at this time had the Bomb also and We were afraid they were going to use it on the U.S.A. :fear2:

      Most of the People Outside of Hollywood Liked the Film. At that time Hollywood was Loaded With Card Caring Communist and Duke was One of the People that was Leading the Charge against the Communist in Hollywood in the U.S. at this time. :cowboy: :D

      I know a little about this time in U.S. History as I was Flying in one of those B-29s at this time With One Of "Those Bad Things Aboard" and Thought That We would be Ordered to Drop it At Any Time on the Target that We had been Given Earlier in the U.S.S.R. :dead:

    • Re: Big Jim Mc Lain (1953)

      Hey Duke fan. I was wondering if you knew if this movie will be coming out in dvd. I know that recently some of the Duke's movies have been converted to dvd.
    • Re: Big Jim Mc Lain (1953)

      Keith has placed a pic of the theater poster in an earlier post, but here is a still from the time when Big Jim McLain was being made.

      Book 'im, Danno!

      Oh, wait, that's a different guy who's supposed to say that . . . :glare:.
    • Re: Big Jim Mc Lain (1953)

      Watched 'Big Jim McLain' on British t.v. recently. I thought it was a good action movie. James Arness actually made Duke look short!!
      Personnely i prefer to see a movie that was shot in black and white in its original format, not too keen on colorisation.

    • Re: Big Jim Mc Lain (1953)

      Hi Chris

      In general I agree with you although I must admit that I have a colourized version of Red River and have seen The Longest Day in colour which again didn't look too bad. It's interesting that in his book 'Who The Hell Was In It' in the James Stewart section author Peter Bogdanovich reveals how in the late 1980's he Stewart and Burt Lancaster travelled to Washington and lobbied the Senate to get the colourization process outlawed and apparently were partially successful.

      Getting back on track I also thought that Big Jim McLaine wasn't at all a bad picture.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • Re: Big Jim Mc Lain (1953)

      Definitely a different movie for the duke, but I thought he did a good job as a "G" Man. His passion for bringing down communists shines through. I have read a few accounts about this movie and how terrible it is because it simplifies the problem of communism, but you need to remember that it's a movie, not a university essay, so what do you expect. The documentary style and voice overs that it had through out were also cool.
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