Pinned John Ford- Biography & DIscussion

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    • Re: John Ford- Biography & Discussion

      I don't have a problem with remakes of great novels... that doesn't mean the remake will be as good as Ford's classic.

      But it will be interesting to see if they restore the book's ending. ;)
    • Re: John Ford- Biography & Discussion

      May2-- thank you for the website about Monument Valley, very nice. We drove through on the highway in
      1997, pulled over and stopped saw a little bit of things. Would like to go back sometime.
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    • Re: John Ford- Biography & Discussion

      may2 wrote:

      Burt Reynolds seems to be having money problems so he's auctioning off about everything he owns. A rocking chair once owned by John Ford went for $11,000.…lia-auction-in-las-vegas/

      Poor old Burt. Saw an interview of him for a year or so ago, with Piers Morgan on his interview show. He looks really old.
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    • The forum have recently enhanced the Maureen O'Hara
      and John Ford Forum's with new logos, and layouts.

      The Maureen O'Hara profiles are now all complete.

      Over the next couple of weeks we will be making a profile
      on every John Ford directed movie whether
      they be partially or completely lost.

      These profiles will be edited into the the framework and datelines of the existing
      threads, by copy , retaining the original, and formulating a new movie thread.

      This is to avoid cluttering up the dashboard with endless daily profiles
      of 100 year old John Ford movies, leaving the dashboard free
      for recent and current day to day posts.

      Our John Ford Forum is now the at the top of searches,
      and I believe there to be no other such forum
      and by continuing work as above, it will make the JWMB the place to
      come to check on any Ford movie, creating an even greater traffic flow.

      So far in this research it is so interesting to see how Ford used Harry Carey
      as not only his main star from the beginning, in his Cheyenne Harry series,
      as a result Harry went on to produce and co-write some of the series.
      Also to note the emergence of the to be, John Ford Stock Company, featuring early Jonn
      Ford regulars, like Molly Malone, Vester Pegg, Bill Steele, Hoot Gibson
      who were also in turn, to also appear in Duke's earlier movies.

      Please take a look and check it out
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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