A Lady Takes A Chance (1943)

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    also known as THE COWBOY AND THE GIRL


    Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


    Full Cast
    Jean Arthur .... Molly J. Truesdale
    John Wayne .... Duke Hudkins
    Charles Winninger .... Waco
    Phil Silvers .... Smiley Lambert (bus tour director)
    Mary Field .... Florrie Bendix
    Don Costello .... Drunk
    Jean Stevens .... 'Jitterbug' (as Peggy Carroll)
    Joan Blair .... Lilly
    Charles D. Brown .... Dr. G.W. Humboldt
    Kenneth Brown .... Butch (as Butch and Buddy)
    Hans Conried .... Gregg Stone
    Tom Fadden .... Mullen
    Sugar Geise .... Linda Belle (bargirl)
    Ariel Heath .... Flossie
    Cy Kendall .... Gambling house boss
    Billy Lenhart .... Buddy (as Butch and Buddy)
    Alex Melesh .... Bartender #1
    John Philliber .... Storekeeper
    Nina Quartero .... Carmencita (bargirl)
    Paul Scott .... Bartender #2
    Mysty Shot .... Sammy (horse)
    Grady Sutton .... Malcolm Scott
    Eddy Waller .... Bus station attendant
    Grant Withers .... Bob (cabbie)
    Polly Bailey .... Beggar Woman (uncredited)
    Bobby Barber .... Bit (uncredited)
    Benny Bartlett .... Henry (uncredited)
    Hank Bell .... Mustached Gold City cowboy (uncredited)
    Joseph E. Bernard .... Bit (uncredited)
    Eddie Borden .... Poker Player (uncredited)
    Fred Burns .... Team Driver (uncredited)
    Lane Chandler .... Slim (uncredited)
    Robert Cherry .... Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)
    J.W. Cody .... Indian Bellhop (uncredited)
    Monte Collins .... Poker Player (uncredited)
    Armand Cortes .... Al (uncredited)
    Jack Daley .... Bit (uncredited)
    Roy Darmour .... Bit (uncredited)
    George DeNormand .... Truck Driver (uncredited)
    Eddie Dew .... Cowboy (uncredited)
    Bert Dillard .... Cowboy (uncredited)
    Herbert Evans .... Butler (uncredited)
    George Ford .... Wealthy Young Man (uncredited)
    Bud Geary .... Gambler (uncredited)
    Fred Graham .... Saloon brawler (uncredited)
    Dorothy Granger .... Hot Dog Girl (uncredited)
    Ralf Harolde .... Croupier (uncredited)
    Warren Jackson .... Gambler (uncredited)
    Ray Jones .... Saloon brawler (uncredited)
    Donald Kerr .... Gambler (uncredited)
    Mike Lally .... Bit (uncredited)
    Robert McKenzie .... Poker Player (uncredited)
    Dorcas McKim .... Mother (uncredited)
    Frank Melton .... Otto (uncredited)
    Patsy Moran .... Counter Girl (uncredited)
    Horace Murphy .... Poker Player (uncredited)
    Artie Ortego .... Saloon brawler (uncredited)
    Jack O'Shea .... Gambler (uncredited)
    Ronald R. Rondell .... Bit (uncredited)
    Syd Saylor .... Poker Player (uncredited)
    Harry Semels .... Greek (uncredited)
    Clarence Straight .... Henry (uncredited)
    Chalky Williams .... Bit (uncredited)
    Hank Worden ... Waiter (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Robert Ardrey screenplay
    Garson Kanin uncredited (unconfirmed)
    Jo Swerling story

    Original Music
    Roy Webb

    Frank Redman

    Not known

    Not known

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Not known

  • A Lady Takes a Chance is a 1943 American romantic comedy film
    starring Jean Arthur and John Wayne.

    This is a fun film to watch, and better than I thought it would be!
    Duke is paired with Jean Arthur, who bring the best out of Duke,
    and in this light comedy, he really excels.
    With the right co-star, he proves how, good he can be at comedic roles, which
    he would draw on, in later films.
    It's a great little story, of girl-from the-East, meets boy-from-the West,
    and they even get helped along, by Phil 'Bilko' Silvers, driving the bus,
    that takes Jean Arthur, to her destiny!!!
    Jean Arthur, who's husband Frank Ross, produced the film was excellent,
    and had developed into one of Hollywood's finest comediennes.
    Whilst Duke, was her co-star, the movie really belonged to her.

    The picture brought warmth and comedy, to war worn audiences,
    and was successful, both with critics and the box office,

    User Review

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but does anyone know the name of the trio playing music in the salon in "A Lady Takes A Chance?"

  • Hi Harry00,

    Thanks for your post,
    which would be better placed, in the dedicated Movie Review,
    I have moved it here and hopefully, we can answer your question!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Harry00

    I thinkit was a group called The Three Peppers. They were quite famous apparently in the 1930s.Although not credited in the IMDB Fred Landesman credits them in his book.



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • A silly story, but fun to watch. The scene on the hay stack makes me think of Finnish films of the same era; romancing on hays is a must part of them - usually a city guy with an innocent country girl (and then the camera turns to take a view of the clear skies)

    I don't believe in surrenders.

  • Arthur, is your poster a British poster?

    The posters for which I have pictures are all different than the one you shared.

    Here they are -

    Lady Takes a Chance-poster.jpg

    This one is a 1950 re-issue -

    Lady Takes a Chance-1950 reissue poster.jpg

    This last one is a re-issue from 1954. Note the movie title change - IMDb indicates this alternate title as "undefined" as to location (they show a number of alternate titles from other countries, listed under the heading "Also Known As").

    Lady Takes a Chance-1954 reissue poster.jpg

  • I'd been putting off watching this one, choosing instead to watch some other action/adventure movies that I had recently gotten. But finally I had no choice. And I watched it and it was better than I expected. My wife actually even stopped reading her book and watched some of it with me.

    John always said that his fight at the end of The Spoilers was the greatest one that he ever did, but I think the fight early on in Lady takes a chance was right up there with it. It lacked the long, slow, intense build up of the spoilers fight, but for sheer dramatics, I thought it was really good.

    All in all, not a bad film, though light and fluffy.

    [SIZE=3]That'll Be The Day[/SIZE]

  • This flick is one of my favorites, two of my preferred performers, thanks again Lasbugas. Your posts used to be automaticly in my E-mail, I wonder what happened?

    Jim, if you mean Jean Arthur as well,
    I will profile her shortly.

    You may have of course, already tried this;-

    User CP> scroll down
    Subscribed threads.

    See if your settings have changed?

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Thanks Keith. That would be great to see a profile Jean Arthur. She was a tremendous actress. I have most of her movies but cherish this one most.

    As far as subscribed threads, three showed up this morning like they used to. I also got an E-mail a few weeks ago that said I was not using the site and could be perged. I realize I'm not a huge poster but I usually check the site three or four times a week. Must have been a glitch somewhere as all is normal today. Thank you for responding. Big Jim