Harry Carey Jr.

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    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      [INDENT]Harry, Marilyn and Clyde,[/INDENT]

      [INDENT]Great Site, Thank You for putting it up, with all the Great Info. and Pictures from the past ![/INDENT]


      [INDENT]26 Bar Ranch[/INDENT]


    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      Welcome aboard Clyde, glad to have you. Now don't be a stranger around here, bookmark the site and visit often.

      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      Hello and welcome aboard, Clyde. I had already checked out the "Tales From The Set" the other day, and I enjoyed them all. Thanks to all of you for putting those together for us fans to see. I echo everyone else here in sending our regards and best wishes to Harry and Marilyn.

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    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      Thanks, Clyde, for keeping us up-to-date! And for your part in keeping the legacy of Harry Carey, Jr. alive.

      Please give him and Marilyn our best regards! And maybe one day, he might visit our site - that would be GREAT!!

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      Hello Clyde, maybe you can get a answer for us here. One of many on going questions that the site has is, When/Where will the movie "Commanche Stallion" be available to watch or own? I for one have been waiting for quite awhile now and am eager to see this movie. Thanks.
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    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      Thanks, Clyde for the link. I enjoyed a lot. Will it be a big version of both movies - Tales from the set and Bronx Cowboy on DVD available.
      Can you also tell which early Harry Carey's movies are available now. I have a long desire to see them.
    • Re: Harry Carey Jr says hello to everyone

      Welcome to the forum, its a real treat to have a direct link to a famous co-star of John Wayne's movies, and many more besides.

      As others have mentioned it would be nice if Harry Carey Jnr could visit the forum from time to time and possibly post a blog or just frequent/infrequent posts. Obviously he is a busy man with many obligations and commitments but I'm sure everyone here would like to read some of his posts/blogs.

      I have a little question as well if you could relay it to Harry Carey, he played one of nine bad guys in the western "Big Jake". One of his fellow gang members was called "Young Billy," who seems to have disappeared from the final print of the movie, was this charter killed at the ranch at the start of the movie with his scenes subsequently deleted?

      Thanks in advance