The Shepherd Of The Hills (1941)

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    • Re: The Shepherd Of The Hills (1941)

      I watched The Shepherd Of The Hills today for THE FIRST TIME! - I have never seen this John Wayne movie before, because it was released in German language on DVD for the first time a few months ago...

      I liked the movie! I felt, The Shepherd Of The Hills is very different from other Duke-movies, not that much action, more psychology but interesting and thrilling from the very first minute to the last. A great character role for the Duke and a job well done by all the other actors. Wonderful!
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    • Re: The Shepherd Of The Hills (1941)

      dukefan1 wrote:

      Dozed off? How could you, Dooley? lol. Give it another try, it may grow on you. I really enjoy this film.


      It happens sometimes!:wink_smile:

      I don't watch any TV during the week, or very, very rarely, so I cram as may as possible in at the weekend! Sometimes that means I doze off when it's late; I always seem to wake up for the end credits though!
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