Salute (1929)

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    Plot Summary
    John Randall is an Army cadet at West Point.
    His younger brother Paul is a midshipman at the Naval Academy.
    John contrives to help Paul's timid romantic interest
    in Nancy Wayne by pretending to be interested in her himself.
    Paul, however, takes offense, and determines to beat
    his brother in the Army-Navy football game on purely personal grounds.
    Meanwhile, Paul and fellow midshipman Albert Price
    are hazed and tormented by upperclassmen.
    Summary written by Jim Beaver

    Full Cast
    George O'Brien .... Cadet John Randall
    Helen Chandler .... Nancy Wayne
    William Janney .... Midshipman Paul Randall
    Stepin Fetchit .... Smoke Screen
    Frank Albertson .... Midshipman Albert Edward Price
    Joyce Compton .... Marian Wilson
    David Butler .... Navy Coach
    Lumsden Hare .... RAdm. John Randall
    Clifford Dempsey .... Maj. Gen. Somers
    Ward Bond .... Midshipman Harold
    Rex Bell .... Cadet (uncredited)
    John Breeden .... Midshipman (uncredited)
    Ben Hall .... Midshipman Joel Farragut Gish (uncredited)
    Jack Pennick .... Football player (uncredited)
    Harry Tenbrook .... Assistant Navy coach (uncredited)
    Lee Tracy .... Radio announcer (uncredited)
    John Wayne .... Bill (midshipman) (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    James Kevin McGuinness dialogue
    Wilbur Morse Jr. titles (uncredited)
    John Stone
    Tristram Tupper story

    Joseph H. August

    Costume and Wardrobe Department
    John Wayne .... costumer: Mr. Fetchit (uncredited)

    Other crew
    William Fox .... presenter
    Schuyler E. Grey .... technical advisor (uncredited)

    Filming Location
    U.S. Naval Academy - 121 Blake Road, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

    Watch this Clip
    (Duke and Ward Bond)



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    London- England

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  • Salute, is very significant as it is the the 1st. film that Duke spoke in!
    A George O'Brien film, Duke is uncredited,
    but plays a walk on role as Bill, a midshipsman.
    John Ford used both Duke, and Wardell Bond,
    which dealt with the rivalry, between Army and Navy football teams.

    John Ford, invited Duke to recruit ballplayers from USC, for the action sequences.
    Ford, had them all assembled, and wanted a couple of walk-ons,


    They were both perfectly natural....
    So we needed a couple of fellows to speak some* lines,
    I picked them out, and they ended up with parts.

    Said Ford.

    The three men became drinking partners,
    and established a relationship, that was to last a lifetime.

    Dan Ford
    , maintained,


    I think my granddad, liked* John Wayne and Ward Bond,
    because they stood up to him, from the start.

    The younger men also made John Ford, feel like one of the boys,
    which flattered him, since his private life, left much to be desired.

    Ward Bond
    was singled out for his performance,
    but no reviewers noticed Duke's performance,
    and so he continued propping for Fox, with the occasional stunt or double job.
    However, his time was to come.

    Varietycalled it,


    The best picture of its kind to date

    The film concluded with the big game, edited together,
    with Fox Movietone Newsreel

    It was Fox's best money spinner of the year
    The film was a critical and financial success,
    and truly significant one for Duke Morrison and Wardell Bond!!

    People who worked on the 1929 movie Salute
    including Marion Morrison -- later known as John Wayne (on the right).

    User Reviews

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  • howdy partners would like to know what the forum makes of this movie i believe this to be a minor classic and shows just how well jw and ward bond got on also showd to me dispite it being a minor role just how well he could act :hyper:

  • Hello mark hutchings. I wish I could tell you what I think, but sadly I have never seen this film. I've never seen it anywhere. I would like to, just to see Duke's first speaking part. If they ever do release it on DVD, I will get it.


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • hi i got a copy on ebay which is why i asked what people thought of it .also check out maker of men another role from jw but never the less not a bad movie:teeth_smile:

  • I would almost KILL to see Ward in Salute. Can't believe someone has actually SEEN it! Oh, if only someone would put it out for us to get! 'Thanks for the pics and info. KEITH, (Ward's person, LOL)!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Right you are Jim. I believe this must have been a staff picture maybe. Because Ward is next to Duke. At least it is someone with the same ears, hairline and a bit larger head even though he was skinny at the time, LOL!
    Right height also.

    Very nice, thanks for sharing it with us! KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Well, I am not POSTIVE, Jim, but I have sketched Ward a bunch, and all I can say is that his ears and hairline are dead on. But, I have only seen on pic of him in college, and that is the one standing in the hallway in Salute with his hat can't be sure. Also, since he and Duke were the only two speaking parts from USC, I imagine it would be him. Will have to get my printer guy to blow it up for us. KEITH

    Not sure about the guy on Duke's left being Ward Bond. Picture pixelated too much when I zoomed in to be of any help.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • I would almost KILL to see Ward in Salute. Can't believe someone has actually SEEN it! Oh, if only someone would put it out for us to get! 'Thanks for the pics and info. KEITH, (Ward's person, LOL)!

    Watch this Clip
    (At the very beginning, Duke and Ward Bond)



    Best Wishes
    London- England

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