The Spoilers (1942)

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    • The Spoilers (1942)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


      Plot Summary
      In Nome, Alaska, miner Roy Glennister and his partner Dextry, financed by saloon entertainer Cherry Malotte, fight to save their gold claim from crooked commissioner Alexander McNamara.
      Summary written by Jim Beaver

      Full Cast
      Marlene Dietrich .... Cherry Malotte
      Randolph Scott .... Alexander McNamara
      John Wayne .... Roy Glennister
      Margaret Lindsay .... Helen Chester
      Harry Carey .... Al Dextry
      Richard Barthelmess .... Bronco Kid Farrow
      George Cleveland .... Banty
      Samuel S. Hinds .... Judge Horace Stillman
      Russell Simpson .... Flapjack Sims
      William Farnum .... Wheaton
      Marietta Canty .... Idabelle
      Jack Norton .... Mr. Skinner
      Ray Bennett .... Clark
      Forrest Taylor .... Bennett
      Art Miles .... Deputy
      Charles McMurphy .... Deputy
      Charles Halton .... Jonathan Stuve
      Bud Osborne .... Marshall
      Drew Demarest .... Galloway (as Drew Demorest)
      Frank Austin .... Townsman (uncredited)
      Irving Bacon .... Hotel Manager (uncredited)
      Robert Barron .... Miner (uncredited)
      Edward Brady .... Miner in saloon (uncredited)
      Chester Clute .... Mr. Montrose, Clerk (uncredited)
      Harry Cording .... Miner (uncredited)
      Richard Cramer .... Deputy (uncredited)
      John Elliott .... Engineer Kelly (uncredited)
      Willie Fung .... Chinese Man in jail cell (uncredited)
      William Gould .... New Marshal (uncredited)
      William Haade .... Deputy Joe (uncredited)
      Earle Hodgins .... Miner (uncredited)
      Robert Homans .... Sea Captain (uncredited)
      Lloyd Ingraham .... Kelly (uncredited)
      Emmett Lynn .... Miner in Search of Lodging (uncredited)
      Robert McKenzie .... Restaurant Proprietor (uncredited)
      Paul Newlan .... Miner (uncredited)
      Kitty O'Neil .... Bit Role (uncredited)
      Dick Rush .... Court Bailiff (uncredited)
      Robert W. Service .... The Poet (uncredited)
      Mickey Simpson .... Disgruntled Miner (uncredited)
      Glenn Strange .... Deputy (uncredited)
      Harry Strang .... Miner (uncredited)
      Ben Taggart .... Banker (uncredited)
      Max Wagner .... Deputy (uncredited)
      Matt Willis .... Poker player (uncredited)
      Harry Woods .... Disgruntled Miner (uncredited)
      Duke York .... Miner (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Rex Beach novel
      Lawrence Hazard
      Tom Reed

      Original Music
      Hans J. Salter (as H.J. Salter)

      Milton R. Krasner (as Milton Krasner)

      The character of the lawyer Wheaton is played by William Farnum, who played the John Wayne role of Roy Glennister in the 1914 original film version (The Spoilers (1914)) of this story.

      In the beginning of the movie a man is shot at the hotel and the manager mentions that the victim's name was Lee Marcus. This is also the name of the associate producer of this movie (Lee S. Marcus).

      * Factual errors: Dexter's ability to get four shots out of a single-shot flintlock without any indications of reloading.

      * Continuity: (At 12:45) Marlene Dietrich descends the staircase of her saloon and arrives at the bottom wearing a different dress than the one she wore at the top.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Location
      Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino National Forest, California, USA
      Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
      Yukon, Canada

      Watch this Clip

      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Spoilers is a 1942 Western drama film directed by Ray Enright.
      The movie is set in Nome, Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush, with Marlene Dietrich as Cherry Malotte,
      Randolph Scott as Alexander McNamara, and John Wayne as Roy Glennister, a
      nd culminates in a spectacular saloon fistfight between McNamara and Glennister.

      The Spoilers was adapted to screen by Lawrence Hazard from the 1906 Rex Beach novel of the same name.
      Film versions also appeared in 1914, 1923 (with Noah Beery, Sr. as McNamara and Anna Q. Nilsson[/B] as Malotte),
      1930 (with [B]Gary Cooper
      as Glennister and Betty Compson as Malotte;
      this is the only time that Gary Cooper and John Wayne played the same role in two different films),
      and 1955 (with Anne Baxter as Malotte, Jeff Chandler as Glennister, and Rory Calhoun as McNamara).

      Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott, and John Wayne
      also appeared together that same year in a movie called Pittsburgh.
      Remarkably, Scott was billed above Wayne in both movies,
      even though Wayne's role was larger and more important in each.

      Bestselling poet Robert W. Service (not credited) plays The Poet, a fictionalized version of himself.

      The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Art Direction
      (John B. Goodman, Jack Otterson, Russell A. Gausman and Edward Ray Robinson).

      Based on the Rex Beach novel of the same name, is set in Nome in 1900, during the Alaska gold rush.
      Shot around Lake Arrowhead, once again cast Duke alongside Marlene Dietrich.
      Deitrich found Duke more sure of himself, than when they filmed Seven Sinners
      The chemistry between them was still, steaming, as was their real life affair.
      Also Duke and Randoloh Scott, interacted well together, with the able support of
      Margaret Lyndsay, and Harry Carey.

      Duke and Scott, tore up the set, in a brawl of he-man proportions, and the bedlam pleased critics and audiences alike.

      One reviewer called the fight,
      A minor masterpiece of stunt action

      User Review
      Author: bkoganbing

      This is the fourth of five filmed versions of Rex Beach's redoubtable northern classic and since it's the only one out on video,*
      it's the one best known to movie audiences. The stalwart trio of Marlene Dietrich,*
      Randolph Scott, and John Wayne head the cast in this story about
      goldminers losing their claims to con men and doing something about it.
      Dietrich's Cherry Malotte is another version of the role she copyrighted in Destry Rides Again. And like in Pittsburgh,*
      Randolph Scott and John
      Wayne have their hormones in overdrive.
      Randolph Scott is the gold commissioner/conman Alex McNamara and it's
      the only time he ever played a thoroughgoing villain on the screen and he carries it off,*
      but I prefer my Randolph Scott to be tough and heroic.
      You need someone like Scott around because even though John Wayne's the good guy,
      he's just a little too sure of himself where Dietrich is
      concerned. Even though her heart's with the Duke, Marlene probably liked having Scott around.
      Lots of slam bang action here, topped off by what some consider the most brutal movie fight in screen history.*
      Its close rival in Pittsburgh also featured Wayne and Scott and this one is longer, but not as brutal as in Pittsburgh.
      Nice cast of good supporting character actors and pay particular attention to Scott's companions in thievery,
      Samuel S. Hinds and Charles Halton.
      With Randy Scott and the Duke and la Dietrich, how can you go wrong.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Spoilers has been the object of discussion many times in the past -

      The Spoilers.

      The fight scene has been the focus of discussion -

      What's John Wayne's Best Fist Fight?

      If you check the first link above, there is reference (and a link) to The Spoilers being available at Deep Discount DVD, for less than $10.

      Chester :newyear:
    • I have yet to see this movie but I have heard that its rather good. Is John Wayne really as low as second supporting actor?

      Apparently Scott and Duke did not get on and during the fight scene Scott broke Dukes nose, in return Duke left him with a black eye, chipped hip and with several cuts and brusies, anyone know if this is true?

    • Hi all,
      I like The Spoilers indeed, but I was surprised to know that it wasn't first ecranization of the same plot.

      What is interesting: I don't like Duke caracter at all when I saw this movie for the first time. He wasn't very attrective from the beginning I guess. Too selfish.

      To my opinion this movie has a perfect cast. I like Marlein Deithich and Randolf Scott and they fit very well to their parts.
      Keith, the impression of lasting affair between Duke and Dietrich is certainly more strong in Seven Sinners, but there was always some kind of magic between them.

      Harry Carey - is the one whom I like very much in this movie. But always when I see him in Duke movies I'm worring that I haven't seen his early films. I think it will be mighty interesting.

      And of course final fight is one of the best fights. May be it is not sound good for a woman but I always enjoy watching it.

      Vera :rolleyes:
    • Originally posted by Senta@Dec 10 2006, 08:40 AM

      Keith, the impression of lasting affair between Duke and Dietrich is certainly more strong in Seven Sinners, but there was always some kind of magic between them.

      Hi Vera,

      More details of this can of course be found here

      Pals Of The Saddle- Marlene Dietrich

      Thanks for your interesting post
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Hi Keith,
      thanks for the link - I know your great work on that matter. I was so interested in this relationship that read her doughter memories - very interesting book by the way. the book itself inspired me to watch some other Marlene Dietrich movies.
      Vera :rolleyes:
    • Re: The Spoilers (1942)

      As I was reading through this thread, I noticed that many of the links in previous posts don't work properly anymore. Just thought I'd give you a heads up on that, as I'm not wanting to take the time right now to track down the correct destination.

      Does anybody know any more about Robbie's assertion that Scott and Duke didn't get along? I had not heard that before, but wouldn't mind knowing.

      I also have a couple of posters to share -


      This one is a 1947 reissue -

      Spoilers-1947 reissue poster.jpg
    • Re: The Spoilers (1942)

      This is one of my favorie Duke films of the 40s. Marlene Dietrich was never a fave leading lady of mine, but I enjoy her in this. I also saw the '56 remake with Jeff Chandler in Duke's role and Rory Calhoun in Scott's. The end fight was almost identical (I think Duke and Chandler even used the same stuntman-Eddie Parker). Both were filmed at Universal and I doubt there was much change to the script for the later version. Nice to see Scott as a con-man (similiair to his Ride the High Country role), but nastier. Harry Carey is always a joy, and he's fine here. Just an all-around fun film for me.
    • Re: The Spoilers (1942)

      This is one of my favorite Duke films because Richard Barthelmess is in it! ;)

      It was Barthelmess' second to last film before giving up movies entirely, prior to serving in World War II in the Navy Reserve, even though he was already in his 40s.

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