Without Reservations (1946)

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    • Re: Without Reservations (1946)

      chester7777 wrote:

      This title is available from Amazon, for a price! Starting at $34.99, for supposedly a used VHS copy! I suspect it might be out on DVD within a year or less, for less money.

      Over at Bygone Video, it seems to be available for $16.95 plus shipping

      Quite a bit of time has transpired since I posted the above information. If you've read through this thread, you can see Without Reservations is available as part of a boxed set, and also on its own in DVD, from Amazon, for $11.49.

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: Without Reservations (1946)

      I only recently bought this DVD and quite liked it. Can't say it's one of my top favourite films but enjoyable. It reminded me a little of It Happend One Night but that didn't bother me. The only time my eyebrow went up was after Rusty had as much confessed to be in love with Kit and he forgot all about her when that Mexican girl came in sight. All in all it gave me a few good chuckles and I definately will watch it again.
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Claudette Colbert

      Without Reservations (1946), starring Claudette Colbert and John Wayne, will air on TCM on Friday, August 12, at 4:15 p.m. EST. August 12 is Claudette Colbert day on TCM. August is "Summer Under the Stars" month where each day is dedicated to the films of one actor.

      TCM description: "A woman writer falls for a war hero who's a perfect match for the hero of her latest novel."
    • Re: Without Reservations (1946)

      I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit, I thought it was mildly entertaining with a few good laughs. John Wayne was very funny at times, with good timing in his delivery. I also liked Colbert in the role of the author, she was great and I felt some chemistry beween the two.

      A cosy little film I won't mind revisiting every now and then.
    • Re: Without Reservations (1946)

      This film, along with Reunion In France, are the only two films in John Wayne's long career, that I can never bring myself to watch again. All three leads were just too old to play the parts of such juvenile characters. This was painful obvious during the meeting with the Mexican family. The good news...the end of this film would mark the start of probably his greatest 10-year stretch of his moviemaking career.
    • Re: Without Reservations (1946)

      Dooley wrote:

      Lol, you're not wrong, I do have quite a few!:wink_smile:

      Looking forward to Christmas so I can do some serious catching up!

      Oh Boy, sounds like fun, the Peter Dooley Parker Unopened as of Yet Film Festival!
      God, she reminds me of me! DUKE