James Stewart

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    • Jimmy Stewart - What Do You Think?

      hey guys i am new here and i have been floatin around in other threads and noticed that Jimmy Stewart has been brought up a few times. i am a huge fan of his and love all of his movies! from the older ones with his shy, sweet, cute type demeanor to his darker western pictures. i think he is a great actor (but doesnt hold a candle to Duke) and i was wondering if we could start a conversation on him.
    • Re: Jimmy Stewart - What Do You Think?

      Duke's Duchess,

      First of all let me welcome you here to a great message board about a great American Western/War Star, John Wayne.

      If you go to Jimmy Stewart, you will see information on him and a general discussion on him. There are many other posts on this message board about him as well with John Wayne and Westerns and many other topics. You can do a search on him and this will direct you to topics.

      He is a big part on this message board, and everyone agrees a very likable person here. I hope this help. Just browse around and enjoy your time here.

      Cheers :cool: Hondo

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote

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    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- James Stewart

      Duke's Duchess,

      As Hondo says, to most Duke fans,
      James Stewart, is a very good second!

      Thanks Mike,
      for informing Duke's Duchess,
      of our dedicated thread on James Stewert.
      I have now merged this into the 'Pals' thread.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- James Stewart

      good im gald he is the Pals part. to be honest i have always been around John Wayne movies, but just this summer i have really gotten into them.mostly in part to my knee surgery ..... so ive been in bed all summer!:glare: but it brought me into my new western world! lol after i seen Two Rode Together on hallmark i started watchin Jimmy in his movies. so there are a lot of movies that i havent seen yet.
    • Re: James Stewart Movies

      chester7777 wrote:

      We have enjoyed him in the several Hitchcock movies (Vertigo . . .

      Speaking of Vertigo . . . which we weren't recently . . .

      I thought you folks might appreciate the following articles that relate to the 50th anniversary of the aforementioned movie -

      Walking through Vertigo 50 years latermercurynewsphoto.com/2008/10/vertigo/
      (photos of some of the Vertigo locations, then and now)

      Vertigo - a film that burrows into your subconcious

      Hitchcock's granddaughter recalls his love of Bay Area and Santa Cruz

      (this is of particular interest to me, as we are local to some of the places mentioned in the article)

      Chester :newyear:
    • Re: James Stewart Movies

      gt12pak wrote:

      I too enjoy Jimmy Stewart movies and was able to enjoy a rarely shown movie called The Mountain Road a few days back. An enjoyable movie with an ending I didn't expect.

      "Bout time you came here kiddo ;-)) and I too saw The Mountain Road but it was about a month or so ago. The only thing I didn't like about that movie-was that guy who was always crying about wanting some milk. Had I been the James Stewart character-I would have shot him to shut him up. :teeth_smile:
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- James Stewart

      As we now have a dedicated thread for James Stewart and his movies,
      I have moved the recent posts here.
      For continuity reasons I have copied,
      the relevant preceding ones over
      on to an earlier post on this thread.

      Page One -Post 7
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- James Stewart

      Is it true though heard that there is an airport which mamed James Stewart in the United States as well as John Wayne airport?
      Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
      ~Steve McQueen~