I Married A Woman (1958)

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    Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas


    Plot Summary
    Advertising executive Marshall Briggs finds his work in conflict
    with his love-life with fashion model Janice Blake.

    Full Cast
    George Gobel .... Marshall 'Mickey' Briggs
    Diana Dors .... Janice Blake Briggs aka Miss Luxembourg
    Adolphe Menjou .... Frederick W. Sutton
    Jessie Royce Landis .... Marshall's Mother-in-law
    Nita Talbot .... Miss Anderson, Briggs' Secretary
    William Redfield .... Eddie Benson, Elevator Operator
    Stephen Dunne .... Bob Sanders
    John McGiver .... Girard, Sutton's Lawyer
    Steve Pendleton .... Photographer trailing Briggs
    Stanley Adams .... Cabbie (uncredited)
    Suzanne Alexander .... Camera Girl (uncredited)
    Suzanne Ames .... Luxembourg Girl (uncredited)
    Kay Buckley .... Camera girl (uncredited)
    Jeanne Carmen .... Woman (uncredited)
    Harry Cheshire .... Texan at Phone Booth (uncredited)
    John C. Daly .... Young Law Clerk (uncredited)
    Angie Dickinson .... Evelyn, Leonard's Wife in Film Clip (uncredited)
    Joan Dixon .... Mrs. John Wayne (uncredited)
    Bess Flowers .... Pageant Woman (uncredited)
    Paul Gary .... Doorman (uncredited)
    Louise Glenn .... Camera Girl (uncredited)
    Richard Grant .... Photographer (uncredited)
    Marilyn Hanold .... Luxembourg Girl (uncredited)
    Marie Harmon .... Bridesmaid (uncredited)
    Sam Harris .... Extra in Technicolor Clip (uncredited)
    Don C. Harvey .... Announcer (uncredited)
    Kenner G. Kemp .... Nightclub Extra (uncredited)
    Sam Lee .... Elevator Repairman (uncredited)
    Lou Lubin .... Tailor (uncredited)
    Sidney Marion .... Waiter (uncredited)
    Ann McCrea .... Luxembourg Girl (uncredited)
    Cheerio Meredith .... Mrs. Wilkins, Woman on Elevator (uncredited)
    Gloria Moreland .... Miss Fredericks (uncredited)
    Mary Morlas .... Bridesmaid (uncredited)
    Jack Mulhall .... Old Cop (uncredited)
    Jack Pepper .... Crawford (uncredited)
    Joe Ploski .... Bit Man (uncredited)
    Mabel Rea .... Camera Girl (uncredited)
    Dick Ryan .... Official (uncredited)
    Al Shaw .... TV Repairman (uncredited)
    Charles Tannen .... Young Cop (uncredited)
    Julius Tannen .... Tim Smith, Sutton Advertising (uncredited)
    John Wayne .... John Wayne/Leonard (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Goodman Ace

    Original Music
    Cyril J. Mockridge

    Lucien Ballard

    Filmed between mid-July and late August 1956, the movie's run in Los Angeles began on May 14, 1958.


    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • I Married a Woman is a 1958 American comedy film made in 1956,
    starring George Gobel and Diana Dors.
    The movie also features John Wayne in a cameo role as himself.
    It was filmed in RKO-Scope and black and white except
    for one of Wayne's two scenes, which was shot in Technicolor.
    The film's original title was "So There You Are".

    A strange film this one, and it's funny, because it's so bad.
    I don't agree, with the quote below, as I don't think this film is funny
    in a humorous way.
    The humour is dated now, but what they found to laugh at then, I don't know.
    It's a black and white film, starring George Gobel and Diana Dors.
    Duke appeared, as himself in a scene, with Angie Dickinson,
    as his hen pecking wife.

    This scene and a brief montage, on a cinema screen at the end,
    were screened in colour.

    Anyway, I thought it was dreadful

    User Review

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by ethanedwards@Feb 21 2006, 03:49 AM
    Anyway, I thought it was dreadful
    Rating 1/10


    OUCH! Is this the lowest rating you have "awarded" a Duke film so far?

    It's not very available. Bygone Video offers what they deem to be a "fair" version of it, for $14.95 plus shipping.

    Chester :newyear:

  • Hi Chester,

    To be fair, this isn't really a Duke film, as he was in a cameo role,
    however, that segment, was pretty corny, and on it's own
    it is only worth 3/10.

    However, there were two more films, I rated as poor,

    The Conqueror 1/10,

    and here's one better Jim,

    The Greatest Story Ever Told 0/10

    now that's two more Ouch's

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Oh, yeah . . . forgot about those . . . . :rolleyes:

    Chester :newyear:

  • Can't say much about this Cameo, other then it lends a bit of sureal to the film

    Greetings from North of the 49th

  • I've never found a decent copy of this film, and ended up settling for a used VHS copy of the film. If it were not for the scenes of John Wayne, I am pretty certain I would have never looked for the film nor have it in my collection.