Jerry Goldsmith

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    Date of birth
    10 February 1929
    Pasadena, California, USA

    Date of death
    21 July 2004
    Beverly Hills, California, USA. (cancer)

    Birth name
    Jerrald King Goldsmith

    Carol Heather Goldsmith (23 July 1972 - 21 July 2004) (his death) 1 child
    Sharon Hennagin (23 September 1950 - 1 June 1970) (divorced) 4 children

    Sometimes Credited As:
    Jerrald K. Goldsmith / Jerrald Goldsmith

    Wore an ape mask when conducting the score for Planet of the Apes (1968)

    Children with Hennagin: Ellen, Carrie, Jennifer and composer Joel Goldsmith.

    Frequently chooses Alexander Courage as orchestrator for his scores.

    Composed the 1976 Paramount TV jingle used from the fall of 1976 to the fall of 1978.

    Regularly conducts concerts of his music in London, with the London Symphony Orchestra.

    For most of his career, he chose the late Arthur Morton to orchestrate his scores. Later, as Morton aged, he also added in Alexander Courage. After Courage retired, he used Mark McKenzie as his primary orchestrator.

    Son, Aaron, with second wife, Carol Heather Goldsmith.

    He considered Total Recall (1990) one of his best scores.

    Studied under Miklós Rózsa.

    Buried at the beautiful Hillside Memorial Park - 6001 Centinela Ave., Los Angeles, California.

    Personal quotes
    "If our music survives, which I have no doubt it will, then it will be because it is good."

    (On the 'Planet of the Apes' commentary track, he explains why he didn't score the final scene) "Charlton Heston was a bit over the top by himself, and didn't need any score to accompany him."

    {lecturing film school students about writing music for a scene] "If you are scoring a scene for a man on a horse galloping away - you don't score the gallop but you score the fear of the rider."

    Mini biography
    Born February 1929, Jerry Goldsmith studied piano with Jacob Gimpel and composition, theory and counterpoint with Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. He also attended classes in film composition given by 'Miklos Rozsa' at the Univeristy of Southern California. In 1950, he was employed as a clerk typist in the music department at CBS. Here he was given his first embryonic assignments as a composer for radio shows such as 'Romance' and 'CBS Radio Workshop'. He wrote one score a week for these shows which were performed live on transmission. He stayed with CBS until 1960, having already scored "The Twilight Zone" (1959). He was hired by Revue Studios to score their "Thriller" (1960) series. It was here that he met the influential film composer Alfred Newman who hired Goldsmith to score the film Lonely Are the Brave (1962), his first major feature film score. An experimentalist, Goldsmith constantly pushed forward the bounds of film music: Planet of the Apes (1968) included horns blown without mouthpieces and a bass clarinetist fingering the notes but not blowing. He is unafraid to use the wide variety of electronic sounds and instruments which are now available, although he does not use them for their own sake.

    He rose rapidly to the top of his profession in the early to mid-sixties, with scores such as Freud (1962), A Patch of Blue (1965) & The Sand Pebbles (1966). In fact, he received Oscar nominations for all three and another in the sixties for Planet of the Apes (1968). From then onwards his career and reputation was secure and he scored an astonishing variety of films during the next 30 years or so, from Patton (1970) to Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) and from Chinatown (1974) to The Boys from Brazil (1978).

    He received 17 Oscar nominations but won only once, for The Omen (1976) in 1977. He enjoyed giving concerts of his music and performed all over the world, notably in London, where he built up a strong relationship with The London Symphony Orchestra.

    He died in July of 2004 after a long battle with cancer.
    IMDb mini-biography by Peter J Corrigan

    from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:
    If you have been a regular moviegoer during the past 20 years, chances are that Goldsmith has composed the music for some of your favorite films. He began conducting and composing music for CBS radio and television, and made his first impact on moviegoers in 1962 with his subtle scores for Lonely Are the Brave and Freud. He has since worked virtually nonstop on pictures both big and small, and has experimented with many different musical stylings on such films as Lilies of the Field (1963), A Patch of Blue (1965), Our Man Flint (1966), Planet of the Apes (1968), Patton (1970), Chinatown (1974), Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), Under Fire (1983), Gremlins (1984, the first of many films for director Joe Dante), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Hoosiers (1986), and The Russia House (1990). Goldsmith has been nominated 15 times for Academy Awards and took one home for his frightening score of The Omen (1976). TV buffs remember him for his trendy music for the popular TV series "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." Recent credits include Forever Young (1992), Dennis the Menace, Matinee, Rudy and Malice (all 1993).
    Copyright © 1994 Leonard Maltin, used by arrangement with Signet, a division of Penguin Putnam, Inc.

    1. Rambo IV (2006) (pre-production) (themes)
    2. The Omen (2006) (post-production) (themes)
    3. Basic Instinct 2 (2006) (completed) (themes)
    4. Kingdom of Heaven (2005) (from "The 13th Warrior")
    ... aka Königreich der Himmel (Germany)
    ... aka Reino de los cielos, El (Spain)
    5. The 77th Annual Academy Awards (2005) (TV) (from "Star Trek-The Motion Picture) (uncredited) (fanfare music "Fanfare for Oscar")
    6. Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D (2004) (from "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Star Trek: Voyager")
    7. The 76th Annual Academy Awards (2004) (TV) (theme "Fanfare for Oscar")
    8. The Beast Within: The Making of 'Alien' (2003) (V)
    9. Timeline (2003) (score withdrawn) (uncredited)
    10. Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003) (from "The Gremlin Rag")
    ... aka Looney Tunes Back in Action: The Movie (USA: DVD box title)
    11. Shock & Awe: The Return of 'Alien' (2003) (TV)
    12. The 75th Annual Academy Awards (2003) (TV) (Oscar fanfare)
    13. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)
    14. The Sum of All Fears (2002) (also song "If We Could Remember")
    ... aka Anschlag, Der (Germany)
    15. We Get to Win This Time (2002) (V)
    16. Drawing First Blood (2002) (V)
    17. Creating a Myth... the Memories of 'Legend' (2002) (V)
    18. The 74th Annual Academy Awards (2002) (TV) (Oscar fanfare)
    19. The Kid Stays In the Picture (2002) (cues "Love Theme from Chinatown" and "The Captive")
    20. Afghanistan: Land in Crisis (2002) (V)
    21. Selling a Hero (2002) (V)
    22. Guts & Glory (2002) (V)
    23. Suiting Up: Rambo's Survival Hardware (2002) (V)
    24. The Forging of Heroes: America's Green Berets (2002) (V)
    25. The Real Nam: Voices from Within (2002) (V)
    26. The Last Castle (2001)
    27. Along Came a Spider (2001)
    ... aka Im Netz der Spinne (Germany)
    ... aka Masque de l'araignée, Le (Canada: French title)
    28. The 73rd Annual Academy Awards (2001) (TV) (Oscar fanfare)
    29. Imagining 'Total Recall' (2001) (V)
    30. Visions of Mars (2001) (V)
    31. Soarin' Over California (2001)
    32. Blonde Poison: The Making of 'Basic Instinct' (2001) (V)
    33. Hollow Man (2000)
    ... aka Hollow Man - Unsichtbare Gefahr (Germany)
    34. The 72nd Annual Academy Awards (2000) (TV) (Oscar fanfare)
    35. Hollow Man: Anatomy of a Thriller (2000) (V)
    36. Fleshing Out the 'Hollow Man' (2000) (V)
    37. The Haunting (1999)
    ... aka Maldición, La (USA: Spanish title)
    38. The 13th Warrior (1999)
    ... aka The Thirteenth Warrior
    39. The Mummy (1999)
    40. The 71st Annual Academy Awards (1999) (TV) (Oscar fanfare)
    41. The Early 70's Horror Trailer (1999) (from "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" and "The Mephisto Waltz") (uncredited)
    42. The 'Alien' Legacy (1999) (V)
    ... aka The Eighth Passenger: The Alien Legacy (USA: director's cut)
    43. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
    ... aka Star Trek 9 (USA: informal alternative title)
    44. Small Soldiers (1998)
    45. Reflections on Ice: Michelle Kwan Skates to the Music of Disney's 'Mulan' (1998) (TV) (from "Mulan (1998)")
    46. Mulan (1998)
    47. The 70th Annual Academy Awards (1998) (TV) (Oscar fanfare)
    48. U.S. Marshals (1998)
    49. "South Park"
    - Damien (1998) TV Episode (from "The Omen")
    50. Deep Rising (1998)
    51. "HBO First Look"
    - Small Soldiers (1998) TV Episode
    - Small Soldiers: Size Doesn't Matter (????) TV Episode (from film "Small Soldiers")
    52. Alien: Resurrection (1997) (from "Alien (1979)")
    ... aka Alien 4
    53. The Edge (1997)
    54. Air Force One (1997)
    ... aka AFO
    55. L.A. Confidential (1997)
    56. Fierce Creatures (1997)
    57. Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
    ... aka Star Trek 8 (USA: informal alternative title)
    58. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
    59. 2 Days in the Valley (1996) (score withdrawn) (uncredited)
    60. Chain Reaction (1996)
    61. Executive Decision (1996)
    62. City Hall (1996)
    63. Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-Rama Show Vol. 2 (1996) (V) (from "Planet of the Apes (1968)")
    64. Powder (1995)
    65. First Knight (1995)
    66. Congo (1995)
    67. Star Trek: Voyager - Caretaker (1995) (TV) (main title theme)
    ... aka Caretaker (USA)
    68. "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995) TV Series (main title theme)
    ... aka Voyager (USA: short title)
    69. Congo: Journey Into the Unknown (1995) (V) (uncredited)
    70. I.Q. (1994)
    71. The River Wild (1994)
    72. The Shadow (1994)
    73. Star Trek: The Next Generation - All Good Things... (1994) (TV) (main title theme)
    ... aka All Good Things...
    74. Bad Girls (1994)
    75. Angie (1994)
    76. Gunmen (1994) (from "Under Fire (1983)")
    77. Six Degrees of Separation (1993)
    78. Malice (1993)
    79. Rudy (1993)
    80. "Celeste, siempre Celeste" (1993) TV Series (from "Basic Instinct") (uncredited)
    81. Dennis the Menace (1993)
    ... aka Dennis (UK)
    82. The Vanishing (1993)
    83. Matinee (1993)
    84. Media Vita in Morte Sumus (1993) (V) (from "The Omen") (uncredited)
    85. Love Field (1992)
    86. Forever Young (1992)
    87. Mr. Baseball (1992)
    88. The Public Eye (1992) (score withdrawn) (uncredited)
    89. Mom and Dad Save the World (1992)
    90. Basic Instinct (1992)
    ... aka Basic Instinct (France)
    ... aka Ice Cold Desire (Singapore: English title: censored version)
    91. Gladiator (1992) (score withdrawn) (uncredited)
    92. Medicine Man (1992)
    ... aka The Last Days of Eden
    93. Brotherhood of the Gun (1991) (TV) (theme)
    ... aka Hollister (USA)
    94. Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) (TV) (from "Omen, The (1976)" and "Final Conflict, The (1981)")
    95. Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)
    96. Not Without My Daughter (1991)
    97. Machurrucutu II: Haz lo incorrecto... o Cómo nos la ingeniamos para hacer un documental sobre la Escuela de Teatro (1991) (uncredited)
    98. The Russia House (1990)
    99. Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
    100. Total Recall (1990)
    101. "H.E.L.P." (1990) TV Series
    102. Lodoss to senki (1990) (V) (from "Leviathan") (uncredited)
    ... aka Record of Lodoss War
    103. Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990/II) (VG) (original themes)
    104. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
    105. Warlock (1989)
    106. Leviathan (1989)
    107. The `burbs (1989)
    108. "Troldspejlet" (1989) TV Series (from 'Gremlins (1984)')
    109. Alien Nation (1988) (score withdrawn) (uncredited)
    110. Criminal Law (1988)
    111. Rambo III (1988)
    112. Ying hung boon sik II (1987) (from "Extreme Prejudice")
    ... aka A Better Tomorrow II (USA)
    ... aka The Color of a Hero II
    ... aka Ying xiong ben se xu ji (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
    113. Wall Street (1987) (uncredited) (score withdrawn)
    114. Rent-a-Cop (1987)
    115. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint (1987) (TV) (main title theme)
    ... aka Encounter at Farpoint
    116. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987) TV Series (from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)") (main title theme)
    ... aka Star Trek: TNG (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    117. Lionheart (1987)
    ... aka Lionheart: The Children's Crusade (USA)
    118. Innerspace (1987)
    119. Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1987) (theme) (uncredited)
    120. Police Story: The Freeway Killings (1987) (TV) (theme)
    121. Extreme Prejudice (1987)
    122. Hoosiers (1986)
    ... aka Best Shot
    123. Aliens (1986) (from "Alien (1979)") (uncredited)
    124. Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986)
    ... aka Poltergeist II (USA: short title)
    125. "Rambo" (1986) TV Series (from "First Blood" (1982) and "Rambo: First Blood Part II")
    126. Link (1986)
    127. King Solomon's Mines (1985)
    128. "Amazing Stories" (1985) TV Series (episode "Boo!")
    ... aka Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories (USA: complete title)
    129. Legend (1985) (European version)
    ... aka Legend: Ultimate Edition (USA: reissue title (video title))
    130. Explorers (1985)
    131. Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
    132. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985)
    ... aka Dinosaur... Secret of the Lost Legend (TV title)
    133. Runaway (1984)
    134. Supergirl (1984)
    ... aka Supergirl: The Movie
    135. Gremlins (1984)
    136. The Lonely Guy (1984)
    137. Supergirl: The Making of the Movie (1984) (TV) (from "Supergirl")
    138. Under Fire (1983)
    139. Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) (also song "Nights Are Forever")
    140. Psycho II (1983)
    ... aka Psicosis 2 (USA: Spanish title)
    ... aka Psycose 2 (USA: Spanish title)
    141. The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1983) (TV) (theme)
    ... aka The Fifteen Years Later Affair (USA: subtitle)
    142. Dusty (1983/I)
    143. First Blood (1982)
    ... aka Rambo: First Blood
    144. The Challenge (1982)
    ... aka Equals
    ... aka Sword of the Ninja
    145. The Secret of NIMH (1982)
    ... aka Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH
    146. Poltergeist (1982)
    147. Raggedy Man (1981)
    148. Outland (1981)
    149. Inchon (1981)
    150. "Masada" (1981) (mini) TV Series (parts one and two) (also theme)
    ... aka The Antagonists (UK)
    151. Si wang ta (1981) (from "Alien") (uncredited)
    ... aka Game of Death II (USA)
    ... aka The New Game of Death (USA)
    ... aka Tower of Death
    152. The Final Conflict (1981)
    ... aka Omen III: The Final Conflict
    153. The Salamander (1981)
    ... aka Salamandra, La (Italy)
    154. Night Crossing (1981)
    155. Alligator (1980) (uncredited) (from "The Invaders")
    156. Caboblanco (1980)
    157. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
    ... aka Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition (USA: DVD title)
    158. Players (1979)
    159. Alien (1979)
    ... aka Alien: The Director's Cut (USA: director's cut)
    160. The Dark (1979) (from "Back There") (uncredited)
    ... aka The Mutilator
    161. Long quan (1979) (from "The Sand Pebbles (1966)") (uncredited)
    ... aka Dragon Fist
    ... aka In Eagle Dragon Fist
    162. Hsiao chuan yi chao (1979) (uncredited) (from "Planet of the Apes" 1968)
    ... aka The Fearless Hyena
    163. The First Great Train Robbery (1979)
    ... aka The Great Train Robbery (USA)
    164. Magic (1978)
    165. The Boys from Brazil (1978)
    166. The Swarm (1978)
    167. Capricorn One (1978)
    168. Damien: Omen II (1978)
    ... aka Omen II
    ... aka Omen II: Damien (reissue title)
    169. Coma (1978)
    170. Kingdom of the Spiders (1977) (from "The Invaders" and "Back There") (uncredited)
    171. Contract on Cherry Street (1977) (TV)
    ... aka Stakeout on Cherry Street
    172. Damnation Alley (1977)
    ... aka Survival Run
    173. "Logan's Run" (1977) TV Series (from "Logan's Run")
    174. Islands in the Stream (1977)
    175. MacArthur (1977)
    ... aka MacArthur, the Rebel General
    176. The 49th Annual Academy Awards (1977) (TV) (song "Ave Satani" from "Omen")
    177. Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977)
    ... aka Nuclear Countdown
    ... aka Ultimatum, Das (West Germany)
    178. The Hemingway Play (1977) (TV)
    179. The Cassandra Crossing (1976)
    ... aka Cassandra Crossing (Italy) (West Germany)
    ... aka Treffpunkt Todesbrücke (West Germany)
    180. High Velocity (1976)
    181. The Omen (1976)
    ... aka Omen I (reissue title)
    ... aka Omen I: The Antichrist (reissue title)
    ... aka Omen I: The Birthmark (reissue title)
    182. Logan's Run (1976)
    183. The Last Hard Men (1976) (from "Stagecoach (1966)" and "100 Rifles (1969)")
    184. "Agronsky & Co." (1976) TV Series ("March" from "In Harm's Way") (uncredited)
    185. Breakheart Pass (1975)
    186. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975)
    187. Babe (1975) (TV)
    188. Take a Hard Ride (1975)
    ... aka Lunga cavalcata, La
    ... aka Parola di un fuorilegge... è legge!, La (Italy)
    189. "Medical Story" (1975) TV Series
    190. Medical Story (1975) (TV)
    191. Adams of Eagle Lake (1975) (TV)
    192. A Girl Named Sooner (1975) (TV)
    193. The Wind and the Lion (1975)
    194. Breakout (1975)
    195. "Archer" (1975) TV Series
    196. Ransom (1975)
    ... aka The Terrorists (USA)
    197. S*P*Y*S (1974) (US version)
    198. Chinatown (1974)
    199. "QB VII" (1974) (mini) TV Series
    200. Winter Kill (1974) (TV)
    201. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1974) (TV)
    202. Indict and Convict (1974) (TV)
    203. Papillon (1973)
    204. The Don Is Dead (1973) (also song "Our Last Night") (song title uncredited)
    ... aka Beautiful But Deadly (USA: TV title)
    ... aka The Deadly Kiss
    205. "Police Story" (1973) TV Series
    206. One Little Indian (1973)
    207. Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies (1973)
    208. The Police Story (1973) (TV)
    209. The Red Pony (1973) (TV)
    210. Hawkins on Murder (1973) (TV)
    ... aka Death and the Maiden
    211. Shamus (1973)
    ... aka Passion for Danger
    212. "Barnaby Jones" (1973) TV Series (theme)
    213. Pursuit (1972/I) (TV)
    ... aka Binary
    214. "Anna and the King" (1972) TV Series
    215. "The Waltons" (1972) TV Series (theme) (1972)
    216. The Man (1972)
    217. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) (from 'Planet of the Apes (1968)' (uncredited)
    218. The Other (1972)
    219. The Culpepper Cattle Co. (1972)
    ... aka Dust, Sweat and Gunpowder (Australia)
    220. Crawlspace (1972) (TV)
    221. Lights Out (1972) (TV)
    222. The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971) (TV)
    223. Crosscurrent (1971/I) (TV)
    ... aka The Cable Car Murder
    224. Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate (1971) (TV)
    225. The Last Run (1971)
    226. Wild Rovers (1971)
    227. Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)
    228. The Mephisto Waltz (1971)
    229. A Step Out of Line (1971) (TV)
    230. The Going Up of David Lev (1971) (TV)
    231. Rio Lobo (1970)
    232. The Traveling Executioner (1970)
    233. Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)
    234. The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970) (TV)
    235. The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)
    236. Patton (1970)
    ... aka Blood and Guts (UK)
    ... aka Patton: A Salute to a Rebel
    ... aka Patton: Lust for Glory (UK)
    237. "Room 222" (1969) TV Series
    238. Justine (1969/I)
    239. The Chairman (1969)
    ... aka The Most Dangerous Man in the World (UK)
    240. 100 Rifles (1969)
    241. The Illustrated Man (1969)
    242. The Helicopter Spies (1968) (TV) (The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Theme)
    243. Bandolero! (1968)
    244. The Detective (1968)
    245. Planet of the Apes (1968)
    ... aka Monkey Planet
    246. Sebastian (1968)
    ... aka Mr. Sebastian
    247. Nick Quarry (1968) (TV)
    248. Hour of the Gun (1967)
    249. The Flim-Flam Man (1967)
    ... aka One Born Every Minute (UK)
    250. The Karate Killers (1967) (theme)
    ... aka The Five Daughters Affair
    251. In Like Flint (1967) (song "Your Zowie Face")
    252. Warning Shot (1967)
    253. The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R. (1967) (theme) (uncredited)
    254. The Sand Pebbles (1966)
    255. One of Our Spies Is Missing (1966) (theme "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.")
    256. Seconds (1966)
    257. "Jericho" (1966) TV Series (series theme) (episode "A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread, and Pow!")
    258. "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." (1966) TV Series (UNCLE theme)
    259. One Spy Too Many (1966) (from '"Man from U.N.C.L.E., The" (1964)')
    260. The Blue Max (1966)
    261. Stagecoach (1966)
    262. The Trouble with Angels (1966) (songs "Trouble with Angels", "Welcome to St. Francis", "First Warning", "Pot of Tea", "Dancing Lesson", "Lifeguard", "Sewing Circle", "Future Plans", "Marching Band", "Rachel Says Goodbye" and ·End Title") (songs titles uncredited)
    263. Our Man Flint (1966)
    264. The Spy in the Green Hat (1966) (theme)
    265. A Patch of Blue (1965)
    266. The Spy with My Face (1965) (theme only)
    267. "The Loner" (theme)
    - One of the Wounded (1965) TV Episode
    - An Echo of Bugles (1965) TV Episode
    268. The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965) (prologue)
    ... aka Irving Stone's The Agony and the Ecstasy
    269. "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"
    - Jonah and the Whale (1965) TV Episode
    270. "The Legend of Jesse James" (1965) TV Series
    271. Morituri (1965)
    ... aka The Saboteur, Code Name Morituri (UK)
    272. Von Ryan's Express (1965)
    273. In Harm's Way (1965)
    274. The Satan Bug (1965)
    275. Prologue: The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint (1965)
    276. Rio Conchos (1964)
    277. Fate Is the Hunter (1964)
    278. To Trap a Spy (1964)
    279. "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." (1964) TV Series
    280. Shock Treatment (1964)
    281. Seven Days in May (1964)
    282. The Prize (1963)
    283. Take Her, She's Mine (1963)
    284. "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" (1963) TV Series
    ... aka The Chrysler Theater
    ... aka Universal Star Time (syndication title)
    285. "The Fugitive" (1963) TV Series (stock music cues) (uncredited)
    286. Lilies of the Field (1963)
    287. A Gathering of Eagles (1963)
    288. The Stripper (1963)
    ... aka Woman of Summer (UK)
    289. The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)
    290. Freud (1962)
    ... aka Freud: The Secret Passion
    291. The Spiral Road (1962)
    292. Lonely Are the Brave (1962)
    293. The Expendables (1962) (TV)
    294. "Ben Casey" (1961) TV Series
    295. "Dr. Kildare" (1961) TV Series (music & theme)
    296. "Cain's Hundred" (1961) TV Series
    297. "The Twilight Zone" (episode "The Big Tall Wish") (episode "Nervous Man in a $4 Room")
    - The Invaders (1961) TV Episode
    - Back There (1961) TV Episode
    - Dust (1961) TV Episode
    - Nightmare as a Child (1960) TV Episode
    - The Four of Us Are Dying (1960) TV Episode
    298. The General with the Cockeyed Id (1961)
    299. The Crimebusters (1961)
    300. Flaming Star (1960) (uncredited)
    301. Studs Lonigan (1960)
    302. "Pete and Gladys" (1960) TV Series
    303. "Thriller" (1960) TV Series
    ... aka Boris Karloff's Thriller
    304. "Full Circle" (1960) TV Series
    305. The Gambler, the Nun and the Radio (1960) (TV)
    306. "Playhouse 90"
    - Tomorrow (1960) TV Episode
    - To the Sound of Trumpets (1960) TV Episode
    - A Dream of Treason (1960) TV Episode
    307. "Perry Mason"
    - The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma (1959) TV Episode
    - The Case of the Blushing Pearls (1959) TV Episode
    308. "For Better or Worse" (1959/I) TV Series
    309. Face of a Fugitive (1959) (as Jerrald Goldsmith)
    310. "Peck's Bad Girl" (1959) TV Series
    311. City of Fear (1959)
    312. "Black Saddle" (1959) TV Series (theme) (as Jerrald K. Goldsmith)
    ... aka The Westerners (USA: syndication title)
    313. "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (1958) TV Series (some episodes)
    314. "Wagon Train" (1957) TV Series
    ... aka Major Adams, Trail Master
    315. Black Patch (1957)
    316. "Have Gun - Will Travel" (1957) TV Series
    317. "Gunsmoke" (1955) TV Series
    ... aka Gun Law (UK)
    ... aka Marshal Dillon (USA: rerun title)
    318. "Climax!"
    ... aka Climax Mystery Theater (USA)
    - Casino Royale (1954) TV Episode
    319. "The Lineup" (1954) TV Series
    ... aka San Francisco Beat
    320. "General Electric Theater" (1953) TV Series
    ... aka G.E. Theatre (USA)
    321. "Hallmark Hall of Fame" (1951) TV Series
    ... aka Hallmark Television Playhouse
    322. "Studio One" (1948) TV Series
    ... aka Studio One Summer Theatre (summer title)
    ... aka Studio One in Hollywood (new title)
    ... aka Summer Theatre (summer title)
    ... aka Westinghouse Studio One
    ... aka Westinghouse Summer Theatre (summer title)
    323. Fei yue de cai hong (????) (from Twilight Zone: The Movie) (uncredited)
    ... aka The Flying Rainbow

    1. Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) .... Yogurt Customer
    2. Gremlins (1984) (uncredited) .... Man in Telephone Booth Glancing at Camera
    3.In Harm's Way (1965) (uncredited) .... Piano player

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Jerrald King "Jerry" Goldsmith was an American composer and conductor
    most known for his work in film and television scoring.

    He composed scores for such noteworthy films as The Sand Pebbles, Planet of the Apes,
    Patton, Chinatown, The Wind and the Lion, The Omen, The Boys from Brazil, Night Crossing,
    Alien, Poltergeist, The Secret of NIMH, Gremlins, Hoosiers, Total Recall, Basic Instinct,
    Rudy, Air Force One, L.A. Confidential, Mulan, The Mummy, three Rambo films,
    and five Star Trek films
    He was nominated for six Grammy Awards, nine Golden Globe Awards,
    four British Academy Film Awards, and seventeen Academy Awards.
    In 1977, he was awarded an Oscar for The Omen.

    He collaborated with some of film history's most prolific directors, including Robert Wise
    (The Sand Pebbles, Star Trek: The Motion Picture),
    Howard Hawks (Rio Lobo), Otto Preminger (In Harm's Way),
    Joe Dante (The Gremlins Duology, The 'Burbs, Small Soldiers), Roman Polanski (Chinatown),
    Ridley Scott (Alien, Legend), Steven Spielberg (Twilight Zone: The Movie),
    and Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Basic Instinct).

    However, his most notable collaboration was arguably that of with Franklin J. Schaffner,
    for whom Goldsmith scored such films as Planet of the Apes, Patton, Papillon, and The Boys from Brazil.

    Jerry composed for music for 2 of Duke's movies

    Rio Lobo (1970)
    In Harm's Way (1965)

    In In Harm's Way you can see Jerry,
    playing the piano, in the band, whilst they were having
    the dinner-dance by the swimming pool.

    Just take a look at his film credits,
    to see how prolific, this man was!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • It seems you r link above to a thread about Jerry Goldsmith is not a good one, or at least it didnt work for me.

    Are you going to have a thread for every person who ever had anyting to do with a Duke move? That seems overwhelming to me. Why would ou do that?

    no offense itnended, please dont be offended.


  • Hi clancy,

    Well if the 'Pals in the Saddle' series get's members posting,
    like your good self, who we don't normally hear from,
    then, I think it's achieving it's objective,
    I shall continue!!

    Many of our members are also interested, in the music,
    of Duke's films, and those who composed it.

    The sole purpose, of this forum and 'Movie Reviews'
    is to make the JWMB, the place for all the information.
    Instead of having to go back, on the internet,
    all relevant information, is readily available here.

    If you take a look at the Main Welcome page of this web-site, Page

    Perhaps you think the administrator mis-guided too!!

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  • The problem I have with Bernstein is that all his western themes sounds pretty similar . of course it doesn't help that a lot of other composers used his themes and made them kind of a like mass produced product. At least to me, anyway. But if that many people were ripping him off he has to be good. I'll give him another try before I make my final judgment.

  • They all have certain characteristics especially Williams from Spielberg onwards but I take your point. It a loss to cinema that these giants are not with us.

    When was the last mememberable theme you heard that wasnt a pop song?


  • Jerry Goldsmith seemed ubiquitous during his career. It seemed every time one turned around, the movie that was being watched had its music score by him. Trekkers will always remember him for his updated theme for "Star Trek."
    Cheers - Jay:beer:

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"

  • Quote

    When was the last mememberable theme you heard that wasnt a pop song?

    Oh my that is actually quite hard.... I sat here trying to think and I thought I had an answer for you but that theme is 15 years old. There has been no recent themes in the past 5 years that have been memorable.... It wasn't till now that I realized that I have been missing the composers like Dimitri and the like.