Richard Boone

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    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Richard Boone

      Gorch wrote:

      Peridot, you made me laugh. You mean the caveman approach really works on a woman? I don't think you'd want to be downwind of old Bors.
      Glad you appreciated the photo.

      We deal in lead, friend.

      Only when it's Richard Boone, Gorch. It's what's behind the caveman that counts.

      All through The War Lord, I was wondering what Bors was wearing beneath that bearskin... :wink_smile: I was a naughty wee girl, wasn't I? They made models for action figures. Too bad The War Lord wasn't a hit, I'd love to own a Bors action figure. The original Richard Boone Bors model came up on eBay last month but I couldn't afford to bid on it. :angry: More siding on my stupid house, damn the bad luck.
      We're burning moonlight.

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