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    Date of birth
    31 January 1922
    Logan, West Virginia, USA

    Date of death
    10 September 1996
    Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. (lymphedema)

    Birth name
    Joanne Letitia LaCock

    C. V. Wood Jr. (1972 - 1993) (his death)
    George Pierose (1963 - ?)
    John Ireland (7 August 1949 - 16 May 1957) (divorced) 2 children
    Dick Haymes (21 September 1941 - July 1949) (divorced) 3 children

    Her mother was president of the Motion Picture Mothers 1975-76.

    Sister of entertainer Peter Marshall. (See also Tommy Noonan.)

    Aunt of professional baseball player Pete LaCock.

    She had two sons by her marriage with John Ireland: John Ireland and Peter Ireland.

    Personal quotes
    [In an interview with Hedda Hopper in 1957, about her attitude toward westerns] "Once you're typed, you're lost."

    [Same interview] "And those long gingham dresses with boned bodices are miserable things to wear."

    Mini biography
    The daughter of a West Virginia druggist, Joanne came to New York in 1940. In New York, she worked as a model and was cast by Al Jolson, as one of the showgirls in his Broadway play "Hold Onto Your Hats". When the show closed in 1941, Joanne married popular singer Dick Haymes and went with him to Hollywood. Discovered by a talent scout while working in the theater, Joanne made her screen debut in a film called Abie's Irish Rose (1946), and that picture almost ended her career. Two years later, she would become well known with her role of Tess in the classic Western Red River (1948). She followed that with another Western titled She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), again playing opposite John Wayne. With two of the best Westerns directed by John Ford and Howard Hawks, the scripts submitted to her were predominately Western and she became typecast. This was from a woman who said "I simply hated horses...". In 1950, she was cast in another Western called Wagon Master (1950) which became the basis for the Ward Bond Television Series called "Wagon Train" (1957). Even though she did other roles besides Westerns, those roles were not what she is remembered for. She appeared in films like All the King's Men (1949), The Pride of St. Louis (1952) and Hell on Frisco Bay (1955). By the mid 50's, Western's were running out of steam and so was her screen career, so she turned to Television where she appeared on shows such as "Playhouse 90" (1956). In 1960, Joanne was cast in the role of the Eastern Owner of a Dude Ranch in the Television Series "Guestward Ho!" (1960). Perhaps even funnier that she would play an Easterner after all those Westerns is the fact that her character name was "Babs". The show ended in 1961.
    Tony Fontana

    MIni Biography-2
    from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:
    Beautiful, vivacious actress best remembered for her no-nonsense, gutsy heroines in the post-WW2 Western classics Red River (1948), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), and Wagon Master (1950). No shrinking violet, she; Dru seemed very much at home in horse operas, and made quite a few during the 1950s. A former show girl, she made a less than spectacular film debut in the excruciating Abie's Irish Rose (1946), but was effective in All the King's Men (1949), 711 Ocean Drive (1950), The Pride of St. Louis (1952), Outlaw Territory (1953), Forbidden (1954), Sincerely Yours (1955), Hell on Frisco Bay (1956), The Light in the Forest (1958), September Storm (1960), and Sylvia (1965). Her "comeback" appearance, in 1981's Super Fuzz was ill advised, to say the least. The sister of game-show host Peter Marshall, she was previously married to Dick Haymes and John Ireland (who directed and costarred with her in his 3-D Western Hannah Lee/Outlaw Territory in 1953).
    Copyright © 1994 Leonard Maltin, used by arrangement with Signet, a division of Penguin Putnam, Inc.

    1. Poliziotto superpiù (1980) .... Rosy Labouche
    ... aka Super Snooper (Italy) (UK: video title)
    ... aka Super Fuzz (USA)
    2. "Marcus Welby, M.D."
    ... aka Robert Young, Family Doctor
    - Dark Corridors (1975) TV Episode
    3. "The Smith Family"
    - Remember Lisa (1971) TV Episode
    4. "The Governor & J.J."
    - P.S. I Don't Love You (1970) TV Episode
    - Bye, George (1970) TV Episode .... Karen Bradshaw

    5. "Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre"
    ... aka The Chrysler Theater
    ... aka Universal Star Time (syndication title)
    - To Sleep, Perchance to Scream (1967) TV Episode .... Gina Sutton
    6. "The Green Hornet"
    ... aka The Kato Show (Hong Kong: English title: informal title)
    - Corpse of the Year: Part 2 (1967) TV Episode .... Sabrina Bradley
    - Corpse of the Year: Part 1 (1967) TV Episode .... Sabrina Bradley
    7. "The Long, Hot Summer"
    - Nor Hell a Fury (1965) TV Episode .... Martha Ross
    8. Sylvia (1965) .... Jane (Bronson) Phillips
    9. "Burke's Law"
    ... aka Amos Burke, Secret Agent (USA: new title)
    - Who Killed the Eleventh Best Dressed Woman in the World? (1964) TV Episode .... Solange Kelly
    10. "Disneyland"
    ... aka Disney's Wonderful World (USA: new title)
    ... aka The Disney Sunday Movie (USA: new title)
    ... aka The Magical World of Disney (USA: new title)
    ... aka The Wonderful World of Disney (USA: new title)
    ... aka Walt Disney (USA: new title)
    ... aka Walt Disney Presents (USA: new title)
    ... aka Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (USA: new title)
    - The Light in the Forest: Part 2 (1961) TV Episode .... Milly Elder
    - The Light in the Forest: Part 1 (1961) TV Episode .... Milly Elder
    11. "Guestward Ho!" (1960) TV Series .... Babs Hooten
    12. September Storm (1960) .... Anne Traymore
    13. "Goodyear Theatre"
    ... aka Award Theatre (USA: syndication title)
    ... aka Golden Years of Television (USA: cable TV title)
    - Capital Gains (1960) TV Episode .... Kate Ballister

    14. The Wild and the Innocent (1959) .... Marcy Howard
    15. "The David Niven Show"
    - The Lady from Winnetka (1959) TV Episode .... Ellen Baird
    16. "Colgate Theatre"
    - Adventures of a Model (1958) TV Episode .... Marilyn Woods
    17. The Light in the Forest (1958) .... Milly Elder
    18. "General Electric Theater"
    ... aka G.E. Theatre (USA)
    - All I Survey (1958) TV Episode .... Alice Giles
    19. "Studio One"
    ... aka Studio One Summer Theatre (summer title)
    ... aka Studio One in Hollywood (new title)
    ... aka Summer Theatre (summer title)
    ... aka Westinghouse Studio One
    ... aka Westinghouse Summer Theatre (summer title)
    - The Brotherhood of the Bell (1958) TV Episode .... Suzie Sherrell
    20. "Wagon Train"
    ... aka Major Adams, Trail Master
    - The Nels Stack Story (1957) TV Episode .... Laura Collins
    21. Drango (1957) .... Kate Calder
    22. "Lux Video Theatre"
    ... aka Summer Video Theatre (USA: summer title)
    - Paris Calling (1957) TV Episode
    - Flamingo Road (1956) TV Episode .... Lane Bellamy
    - An Angel Went AWOL (1954) TV Episode .... Polly
    - Call Off the Wedding (1954) TV Episode .... Nancy
    23. "Playhouse 90"
    - The Blackwell Story (1957) TV Episode .... Elizabeth Blackwell
    24. "Climax!"
    ... aka Climax Mystery Theater (USA)
    - Night Shriek (1956) TV Episode .... Nancy
    - The Darkest Hour (1955) TV Episode
    25. "Studio 57"
    ... aka Heinz Studio 57 (USA: alternative title)
    - Palm Springs Incident (1956) TV Episode .... Martha
    26. "Celebrity Playhouse"
    - Shadow of a Thief (1956) TV Episode
    27. "Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre"
    ... aka Jane Wyman Presents (USA: rerun title)
    ... aka Jane Wyman Theater (USA)
    - The Mirror (1956) TV Episode .... Kittura
    28. "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars"
    ... aka Herald Playhouse (USA: syndication title)
    ... aka Schlitz Playhouse (USA: new title)
    ... aka The Playhouse (USA: syndication title)
    - The Gentle Stranger (1956) TV Episode
    - Richard and the Lion (1953) TV Episode
    29. "The Ford Television Theatre"
    ... aka Ford Theatre (USA: short title)
    - Passage to Yesterday (1955) TV Episode .... Lady Mary Tighe
    - Celebrity (1955) TV Episode .... Myla Marshall
    - Yours for a Dream (1954) TV Episode .... Wendy
    - Just What the Doctor Ordered (1953) TV Episode .... Doctor
    30. Sincerely Yours (1955) .... Marion Moore
    31. "Letter to Loretta"
    ... aka The Loretta Young Show (USA: new title)
    ... aka The Loretta Young Theatre (USA: rerun title)
    - The Waiting Game (1955) TV Episode .... Alice
    32. The Dark Avenger (1955) .... Lady Joan Holland
    ... aka The Warriors (USA)
    33. "Henry Fonda Presents the Star and the Story"
    ... aka The Henry Fonda Show (USA)
    - Brief Affair (1955) TV Episode .... Pat Lowry
    34. "Four Star Playhouse"
    ... aka Star Performance (USA: rerun title)
    - A Kiss for Mr. Lincoln (1955) TV Episode
    35. Hell on Frisco Bay (1955) .... Marcia Rollins
    36. 3 Ring Circus (1954) .... Jill Brent
    ... aka Jerrico, the Wonder Clown
    37. Day of Triumph (1954) .... Mary Magdalene
    38. Southwest Passage (1954) .... Lilly
    ... aka Camels West (UK)
    39. The Siege at Red River (1954) .... Nora Curtis
    ... aka Gatling Gun (USA)
    40. Duffy of San Quentin (1954) .... Anne Halsey
    ... aka Men Behind Bars (UK)
    41. Forbidden (1953) .... Christine Lawrence
    42. "The Revlon Mirror Theater"
    - Heads or Tails (1953) TV Episode
    43. Hannah Lee (1953) .... Hannah Lee (Hallie McLaird)
    ... aka Outlaw Territory (USA: reissue title)
    44. Thunder Bay (1953) .... Stella Rigaud
    45. "Robert Montgomery Presents"
    ... aka Lucky Strike Theater
    ... aka Montgomery's Summer Stock
    ... aka The Robert Montgomery Summer Theater
    - Betrayed (1953) TV Episode
    46. My Pal Gus (1952) .... Lydia Marble
    47. The Pride of St. Louis (1952) .... Patricia Nash Dean
    48. Return of the Texan (1952) .... Ann Marshall
    49. Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951) .... Miss Harriet Tripp
    ... aka Mr. Belvedere Blows His Whistle (USA: alternative title)
    50. Vengeance Valley (1951) .... Jen Strobie
    51. "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse"
    - The Silver Cord (1951) TV Episode
    52. 711 Ocean Drive (1950) .... Gail Mason
    53. Wagon Master (1950) .... Denver
    54. All the King's Men (1949) .... Anne Stanton
    55. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) .... Olivia Dandridge
    56. Red River (1948) .... Tess Millay
    57. Abie's Irish Rose (1946) .... Rosemary Murphy

    1. "The Hollywood Squares"
    - Episode dated 4 August 1969 (1969) TV Episode .... Herself
    - Episode dated 29 May 1967 (1967) TV Episode
    2. "The Red Skelton Show"
    ... aka The Red Skelton Hour (USA: new title)
    - Episode dated 2 December 1958 (1958) TV Episode .... Herself

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Joanne Dru, starred in only 2 memorable films with Duke, and they were,

    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) .... Olivia Dandridge
    Red River (1948) .... Tess Millay

    Joanne became well known with her role of Tess in the classic Western Red River . She followed that with another Western titled She Wore a Yellow Ribbon , again playing opposite John Wayne. With two of the best Westerns directed by John Ford and Howard Hawks, the scripts submitted to her were predominately Western and she became typecast. This was from a woman who said


    "I simply hated horses...".

    During the filming of Red River , like most of the cast at that time, she suffered from, influenza.
    Joanne, who played the female lead, in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon,
    was best friends with John Ford's daughter, Barbara Ford,
    and Barbara accompanied her, to Monument Valley, where the two women,
    spent a lot of time together laughing.
    Joanne said,


    I really didn't like Duke very much, and I was terrified of horses.

    But one day Joanne and Barbara were watching Duke shoot
    a scene on horseback,
    Suddenly Barbara said


    Joanne, why are we out here, watching him ride a horse?

    Joanne replied,


    Because he turns us on Barbara.

    Barbara thought for a moment


    Yeah, she agreed
    but once he dismounts....nothing!!!.
    John Wayne on a horse, is the sexiest thing in the world,
    but once he gets off, he's just Uncle Duke, again.

  • Keith,

    Here is a little more Trivia on Joanne Dru. :uhuh2:

    During the Filming of "Yellow Ribbon" in Monument Valley late 1940s most of us young kids that were the Horse Solders were in Love with Her even if She was about 10 Years older than us. She was a very Nice Young Lady. :wub:

    I did not see her again until sometime in the 1970s when I was Cooking in the California "Chili Championships" and all the Big Wigs and the Judges came by to meet all the Contestants, I looked up and there was Joanne Dru with all the Big Wigs! :rolleyes:

    Her Husband C.V. Wood jr. was the Head of the "U.S. Chili Association" and She was to be one of the Judges in the Chili Cook Off. We talked about "Yellow Ribbon" and Duke for some time. :) After the Contest was over We talked more about the old days in Monument Valley and "Yellow Ribbon" and Duke and She was Still a Very Nice Beautiful Lady. :D

    I Did Not Win This Chili Contest, but had a Great Time Talking to Joanne and Her Husband C.V. Wood. :)

    Chilibill :cowboy:

  • Hey Bill,

    Whenever I watch Yellow Ribbon I always try to guess how tall Joanne was by comparing her with Duke and John Agar, but its really been difficult. Could you give us an estimate of her height?


    My heroes have always been cowboys.

  • Hi Bill,
    I remember one recipe of Chili by Joanne Dru in your book. I have never tryed it yet, but I will. You got it from her during your meeting?
    Vera :rolleyes:

  • Wow Bill, you got to meet Joanne Dru. That's so cool. Next to Donna Reed in "They Were Expendable" or any film with Maureen O'Hara, she might be my next choice in "Most Beautiful Lady" in a Duke film.

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • Vera,

    Yes She sent me the Recipe a week or two after the Chili Contest and was the one that Her Husband C.V. Wood used when They were Cooking in Chili Contests. C.V. and Joanne were Chili Champions also! :D It is the same one that is in my Chili Cookbook that You have. :)


    All I can remember is that Duke was about one Foot taller than Her, but in those days the Woman was smaller than they are today, so I think She was about 5' 6" but that is just a Guess. ;)

    Bill :cowboy:

  • Hi Nathan and Bill,

    Here's another photo, that maybe gives you some idea,
    of the height difference!

    Incidently Bill,

    It makes posting these Biogs, so worthwhile,
    when you have someone like you , who has been
    personally, and professionally connected with the co-star,
    thanks for your posts, which give an insight,
    none of us can ever have!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Yes, Bill's insight is valuable.

    Of course now I'm beginning to wonder if those two pictures aren't practice matches for some Judo contests :D .

    Chester :newyear:

  • Hi Bill,
    Thank you for information. Keith and Chester are absolutly right. I'm proud to know you.
    I didn't thought before that Joanne played two parts in the film.
    Vera :rolleyes:

  • Hi ejgreen77,

    You know, I think you're right!! Thanks!
    I looked at it first of all, and wasn't sure,
    but on reflection, this is the scene near the beginning,
    where he's saying goodbye to 'Fen'

    Sifting through these photos, isn't helped,
    with the mis-information, for example,
    I posted one of Joanne , and it
    stated it was Hepburn!!

    Ah well, these things come to try us!!

    Perhaps we can pretend it's Joanne,
    no one would recognize her from the back,
    and she's got similar hair!!!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Vera,

    Just got your two Greeting Cards that you sent me they are Very Pretty :wub: and very different from the ones that we have here in the Southwest part of the U.S. :)

    I put up Joanne Dru's Recipe for "Red River Chili" that She sent me in the 1970's and that we put in the Chili Cookbook. :rolleyes: You can go to the Site Below for a Look!


    Chilibill :cowboy:

  • Now that was some dish (sorry ladies). She made my heart melt in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Thanks to both Keith and Mrs. C for the great information on her. This is really great in knowing who they are.

    Cheers B)


    "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"

    - John Wayne quote