Ken Curtis

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    • Re: Did Duke And Ken Curtis Become Alienated?

      I've never seen anything one way or the other on this, but just the fact that Duke gave Curtis a decent role in The Alamo led me to believe they had some type of friendship.
    • Re: Did Duke And Ken Curtis Become Alienated?

      Duke usually liked working with people (on a regular basis) he liked working with. I think with Ken Curtis, it might have more to do with his and Duke's shared relationship with Ford more than anything else (KC was married to Ford's daughter Barbara for many years), BUT, I could be wrong!
    • Re: Did Duke And Ken Curtis Become Alienated?

      That makes sense. Ford WAS at all of the casting meetings that I've read about, so I wouldn't be surprised if he suggested Curtis.
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Ken Curtis

      I have to say that I always liked Ken Curtis when I saw him in movies with John Wayne, but by far my favorite character is Festus on Gunsmoke. For the first twenty-seven years of my life, I'd never seen a single episode, but I latched on last year, and can now say I've seen (and have compiled) almost every one of the 20 seasons.

      It should be said, despite my love of Ken Curtis, that I watched the Killer Shrews, and could not help but giggle through the whole thing.
      ~ Audrey


    • Re: Did Duke Hold Grudges

      I think THAT was more a Ken Curtis thing than a JW thing, to be honest. As I said on the other thread, JW was fiercely loyal to John Ford (Curtis' father-in-law for many years), and even though KC appeared in The Alamo without JF's involvement, nearly ALL his time with JW on film was a direct result (it seemed, at least) of his connection to JF.

      He was talented and worthy, to be sure, but it's an interesting situation, and given his negative remarks about JW's directing after Duke's death, it begs the question about KC feeling a bit "left out" after he and Barbara divorced in '64.

      Also, that was the year Cheyene Autumn came out, which was Ford's last real film...interesting.
    • Re: Did Duke Hold Grudges

      I honestly don't know if they were close or not. I don't necessarily find his comments on Duke's direction as sign he didn't like Duke. He just offered his opinion, and it was taken during the context of an interview. I would like to see the entire interview to see the type questions that led up to it.
    • Re: Did Duke Hold Grudges

      I understand, and I can see that, but it seemed his comments were overly harsh, and the only negative comments about JW there were (from close cast members), if memory serves.

      My point was only that Curtis never made a movie w/JW unless it was directed by JF, with the lone exception of "The Alamo" I've always found that kind of odd, as KC was a fine performer...
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Ken Curtis

      Well, even on The Alamo, Ford was deeply involved-tho uncredited. He was at a number of casting sessions, plus he was on set with Duke almost thru the entire shoot (many photos exist attesting to that).

      Luckily for Curtis he was heavily involved in TV guesting and such, then having his regular Gunsmoke role (I think in '64).
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Ken Curtis

      Chester thanks for the You Tube clip of Ken Curtis. The man had talent to portray a character such as Festus. He is the main reason I watch the Gunsmoke reruns. James Arness, Milburn Stone, and Amanda Blake are very good but when Ken is in a scene he steals the show. I love to see when "Festus" and "Doc" interact with each other.
    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Ken Curtis

      I know this is really old, but the Dorsey band were favorites of my parents. They were at the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech Dances...also, I believe Clemson when my parents were in college and then after. Dad was at Clemson and helped develop the jitterbug...he could triple time or even slow it down to quarter time! Mom said Dorsey used to get drunk, and Frank who was just barely twenty, I think, took over the orchestra for the rest of the night. They continued to go to any Dorsey dance that was close. Mom always said she seemed to remember "Festus" from somewhere I know where. Wish she were still alive. Well, I told her about it anyway, last night!~

      The Ringo Kid wrote:

      I always did like Ken Curtis and enjoy trying to pick him out in some of his earlier movies when played. I had thought that he was the replacement for Frank Sinatra, and had an orchestra. I don't remember when or where that was but I remember hearing soemthing like that in a Documentary I saw about a year or two ago. I THINK the name of that Doc was: "When Cowboys Were King" or I heard about him in something else? I remember the last thing I saw him in before he passed away was an episode of: "In the Heat of the Night." In that episode, you could tell he was very ill. Anyway, when TCM showed the uncut version of The Alamo, it was nice to hear Ken sing to "his" daughter on her birthday.

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    • Re: Pals Of The Saddle- Ken Curtis

      OK, my first attempt at this. Try to learn a new JWMB thing every day. I LOVE these. Hope yall do. I tried to search to see if anyone had posted them. Hope I didn't blow my first try, LOL. Make sure you listen all the way through....if it works! KP KEITH Thanks Mrs. C.

      [extendedmedia][/extendedmedia] Forgot to preview first, sorry. Well, there is a white block there, but no U TUBE. Anybody out there with help? You can PM me or call me at 336 2444342...I have unlimited LD and will call right back. Thanks, DARN, KP KEITH

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