Max Steiner

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    • Max Steiner

      MV5BNDAzMjZhYTQt[email protected]._V1_UY317_CR20,0,214,317_AL_.jpgMAX STEINER


      Date of birth
      10 May 1888
      Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria)

      Date of death
      28 December 1971
      Hollywood, California, USA.

      Sometimes Credited As:
      Max R. Steiner

      Birth name
      Maximilian Raoul Walter Steiner

      Louise Klos (? - ?) (divorced after 10 years)

      Is entombed in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, near famous film composers Alfred Newman, Isham Jones, Rudolf Friml, Carrie Jacobs Bond, and many of the stars of the films for whom he composed music.

      Steiner was awarded the King of Belgium Bronze Medal by the Cinema Exhibitors, Brussels, Belgium, in 1936; the American Exhibitors Laurel Award in 1948; the Golden Globe for Life with Father (1947); the Academy Award for Since You Went Away (1944); the Academy Award again for Now, Voyager (1942); the Academy Award, French government decoration, for The Informer (1935); the Italian Medal for So This Is Paris (1955); and the Statuette Award from the Cinema Exhibitors, Venice, Italy, for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948).

      A photograph of Steiner's right hand, holding a pen and writing notes on a musical score, appears on one stamp of a sheet of 10 USA 37¢ commemorative postage stamps, issued 25 February 2003, celebrating American Filmmaking: Behind the Scenes. The stamp honors early film composers.

      In addition to his familiar theme music for Gone with the Wind (1939) and A Summer Place (1959), Steiner was also the composer of the well-known Warner Bros. Fanfare, originally written for Tovarich (1937) and used to introduce numerous Warner Brothers films ever since. For many years, composers at the studio, instead of writing the music out, would simply write "'Tovarich' Fanfare" at the beginning of their scores, and the musicians would know what they meant.

      As a boy, Steiner was given piano instruction by legendary composer Johannes Brahms. Steiner's father was a major theatrical producer in Vienna, who had discovered and promoted Brahms, and the two remained great friends.

      He was Bette Davis' favorite film composer.

      The FBI Story (1959) $15,000
      Rio Rita (1929) $450/week

      Mini biography
      Austrian composer who achieved legendary status as the creator of hundreds of classic American film scores. As a child he was astonishingly musically gifted, composing complex works as a teenager and completing the course of study at Vienna's Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in only one year, at the age of sixteen. He studied under Gustav Mahler and, before the age of twenty, made his living as a conductor and as composer of works for the theater, the concert hall, and vaudeville. After a brief sojourn in Britian, Steiner moved to the USA in the same wave as fellow film composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold and quickly became a sought-after orchestrator and conductor on Broadway, bringing the Western classical tradition in which he had been raised to mainstream audiences.

      He was soon snatched up by the film studios with the advent of sound and helped the fledgling talkies become musically sophisticated within a brief few years. He was one of the first to fully integrate the musical score with the images on-screen and to score individual scenes for their content and create leitmotifs for individual characters, as opposed to simply providing vaguely appropriate mood music, as evidenced in King Kong (1933), which set the standard for American film music for years to come.

      From the 1930s to the 1960s, he was one of the most respected, innovative, and brilliant composers of American film music, creating a truly staggering number of exceptional scores for films of all types. He was nominated for Academy Awards for his scores eighteen times and won three times. Years after his death in 1971, he remains one of the giants of motion picture history, and his music still thrives.
      IMDb mini-biography by Jim Beaver

      2011 Hollywood in Vienna (TV movie)
      1982 The Letter (TV movie)
      1965 Those Calloways
      1965 Two on a Guillotine
      1964 Youngblood Hawke
      1964 A Distant Trumpet
      1963 Spencer's Mountain
      1959-1963 Hawaiian Eye (TV series)
      – Passport (1963) (uncredited)
      – The Sisters (1963) (uncredited)
      – Gift of Love (1963) (uncredited)
      – Blow Low, Blow Blue (1963) (uncredited)
      – Two Million Too Much (1963) (uncredited)
      all 121 episodes »
      1963 FBI Code 98
      1962 Rome Adventure
      1961 A Majority of One
      1961 Susan Slade
      1961 Parrish
      1961 Portrait of a Mobster
      1961 The Sins of Rachel Cade
      1960 The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
      1960 Cash McCall
      1960 Ice Palace
      1959 The FBI Story
      1959 A Summer Place
      1959 John Paul Jones
      1959 The Hanging Tree
      1958 Tenderfoot (TV series)– Ring of Sand (1958)
      1958 Marjorie Morningstar
      1958 Fort Dobbs
      1958 The Young Invaders
      1957 Escapade in Japan
      1957 Band of Angels
      1957 China Gate
      1957 The Day They Gave Babies Away
      1956 Death of a Scoundrel
      1956 Bandido
      1956 The Searchers
      1956 Come Next Spring
      1956 Helen of Troy
      1955 Hell on Frisco Bay
      1955 Illegal
      1955 Tiger in the Sky
      1955 The Last Command
      1955 Battle Cry
      1955 Rough Company
      1954 King Richard and the Crusaders
      1954 The Caine Mutiny
      1954 The Boy from Oklahoma
      1953 So Big
      1953 The Grace Moore Story (uncredited)
      1953 The Charge at Feather River
      1953 The Desert Song
      1953 Trouble Along the Way
      1952 The Jazz Singer (uncredited)
      1952 The Iron Mistress
      1952 Springfield Rifle
      1952 This Is Cinerama (documentary) (uncredited)
      1952 Miracle of Fatima
      1952 The Lion and the Horse
      1952 Mara Maru
      1952 Room for One More
      1951 Distant Drums
      1951 Man of Bronze
      1951 Force of Arms
      1951 On Moonlight Bay (uncredited)
      1951 I Was a Communist for the FBI (uncredited)
      1951 Lightning Strikes Twice
      1951 Canyon Pass
      1951 Sugarfoot
      1951 Operation Pacific
      1951 Close to My Heart
      1950 Dallas
      1950 Rocky Mountain
      1950 The Breaking Point (uncredited)
      1950 The Glass Menagerie
      1950 The Flame and the Arrow
      1950 Caged
      1949 Mrs. Mike (uncredited)
      1949 The Lady Takes a Sailor
      1949 Without Honor
      1949 Beyond the Forest
      1949 White Heat
      1949 The Fountainhead
      1949 Flamingo Road
      1949 A Kiss in the Dark
      1949 South of St. Louis
      1948 The Decision of Christopher Blake
      1948 The New Adventures of Don Juan
      1948 Fighter Squadron
      1948 Johnny Belinda
      1948 Key Largo
      1948 Silver River
      1948 The Woman in White
      1948 Winter Meeting
      1948 April Showers (uncredited)
      1948 My Girl Tisa
      1948 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
      1947 The Voice of the Turtle
      1947 Life with Father
      1947 Deep Valley
      1947 Cheyenne
      1947 The Unfaithful
      1947 Love and Learn
      1947 Pursued
      1946 The Beast with Five Fingers
      1946 Cloak and Dagger
      1946 The Big Sleep
      1946 A Stolen Life
      1946 One More Tomorrow
      1946 My Reputation
      1946 Tomorrow Is Forever
      1945 San Antonio
      1945 Saratoga Trunk
      1945 Mildred Pierce
      1945 The Corn Is Green
      1945 Roughly Speaking
      1944 The Conspirators
      1944 Arsenic and Old Lace
      1944 Since You Went Away
      1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain
      1944 Up in Arms (uncredited)
      1944 Passage to Marseille
      1943 Watch on the Rhine
      1943 Mission to Moscow
      1943 The Battle of Britain (documentary) (uncredited)
      1942 Casablanca
      1942 Now, Voyager
      1942 Desperate Journey
      1942 The Gay Sisters
      1942 In This Our Life
      1942 Captains of the Clouds
      1941 They Died with Their Boots On
      1941 One Foot in Heaven
      1941 Dive Bomber
      1941 The Bride Came C.O.D.
      1941 Sergeant York
      1941 Shining Victory
      1941 The Great Lie
      1940 Santa Fe Trail
      1940 The Letter
      1940 This Man Reuter
      1940 City for Conquest
      1940 All This, and Heaven Too
      1940 Virginia City
      1940 The Story of Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet
      1939 Four Wives
      1939 Gone with the Wind
      1939 We Are Not Alone
      1939 Escape to Happiness (uncredited)
      1939 Dust Be My Destiny
      1939 The Old Maid
      1939 Each Dawn I Die (uncredited)
      1939 Daughters Courageous
      1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy (uncredited)
      1939 Dark Victory
      1939 Dodge City
      1939 The Oklahoma Kid
      1939 They Made Me a Criminal
      1938 The Dawn Patrol
      1938 Angels with Dirty Faces
      1938 The Sisters
      1938 Four Daughters
      1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (uncredited)
      1938 Crime School
      1938 Jezebel
      1938 Gold Is Where You Find It
      1938 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (uncredited)
      1938 White Banners
      1937 Tovarich
      1937 First Lady
      1937 Submarine D-1
      1937 That Certain Woman
      1937 The Life of Emile Zola
      1937 Slim (uncredited)
      1937 Kid Galahad (uncredited)
      1937 A Star Is Born
      1937 Green Light
      1937 God's Country and the Woman
      1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade
      1936 The Garden of Allah
      1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy
      1936 Follow the Fleet (uncredited)
      1935 I Dream Too Much (uncredited)
      1935 The Three Musketeers
      1935 She
      1935 Break of Hearts (uncredited)
      1935 The Informer
      1935 Star of Midnight (uncredited)
      1934 The Little Minister (music by)
      1934 The Gay Divorce (uncredited)
      1934 The Age of Innocence (uncredited)
      1934 The Fountain
      1934 Of Human Bondage
      1934 Murder on the Blackboard (uncredited)
      1934 The Life of Vergie Winters
      1934 Stingaree (uncredited)
      1934 The Lost Patrol
      1933 The Son of Kong
      1933 The Right to Romance (uncredited)
      1933 Little Women
      1933 Morning Glory
      1933 Melody Cruise (uncredited)
      1933 The Silver Cord
      1933 Diplomaniacs
      1933 Sweepings
      1933 Christopher Strong (uncredited)
      1933 King Kong
      1933 Lucky Devils (uncredited)
      1933 The Cheyenne Kid (uncredited)
      1933 The Monkey's Paw (uncredited)
      1932 The Woman in His House (uncredited)
      1932 The Half Naked Truth (uncredited)
      1932 The Conquerors
      1932 A Bill of Divorcement (uncredited)
      1932 Thirteen Women
      1932 Hounds of Zaroff
      1932 Bird of Paradise
      1932 Roar of the Dragon (music director)
      1932 What Price Hollywood? (uncredited)
      1932 Is My Face Red? (uncredited)
      1932 Cardigan's Last Case (uncredited)
      1932 Symphony of Six Million
      1932 The Lost Squadron (uncredited)
      1932 Girl of the Rio
      1931 Men of Chance (uncredited)
      1931 Peach-O-Reno (uncredited)
      1931 Secret Service (uncredited)
      1931 Old Greatheart (uncredited)
      1931 Are These Our Children
      1931 Consolation Marriage (uncredited)
      1931 Top of the Bill (uncredited)
      1931 Friends and Lovers
      1931 The Gay Diplomat (uncredited)
      1931 Waiting for the Bride (uncredited)
      1931 High Stakes (uncredited)
      1931 The Public Defender (uncredited)
      1931 Transgression (uncredited)
      1931 Bachelor Apartment (uncredited)
      1931 Cracked Nuts (uncredited)
      1931 Kept Husbands (uncredited)
      1931 Cimarron (uncredited)
      1931 Beau Ideal (uncredited)
      1930 Dixiana (uncredited)
      1929 The Delightful Rogue (silent foreign version - uncredited)
      1929 The Three Brothers (silent foreign version - uncredited)
      1916 The Bondman

      1. The Half Naked Truth (1932) (uncredited) .... Conductor
      2. Girl Crazy (1932) (uncredited) .... Orchestra Leader
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Max 'King Kong ' Steiner, was the composer on
      3 of Duke films,

      The Searchers (1956)
      Trouble Along the Way (1953)
      Operation Pacific (1951)

      Max was responsible for many screen classics,
      take a look at his film credits, he was involved
      in over 500 movies!!
      but his scoring for The Searchers ,
      says it all,as a masterpiece of composing.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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