Emil Newman

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    • Emil Newman



      Date of birth
      20 January 1911
      Connecticut, USA

      Date of death
      30 August 1984
      Woodland Hills, California, USA.

      Eva May Hoffman (c. 1937 - ?) (her death) 2 children

      He was nominated for an Oscar for his musical direction on the classic Sun Valley Serenade (1941).

      Brother of composers Alfred Newman and Lionel Newman

      Is the great uncle of composer Joey Newman

      Uncle of composers Randy Newman, Thomas Newman, Maria Newman, David Newman and Producer Carroll Newman

      Children: William Robert Newman and Arleen Newman.

      Mini- Biography
      A native of Connecticut, Newman entered films in 1940 as the musical director on 13 films.
      He was credited on 25 films in 1941 and 28 in 1942, one of which, Whispering Ghosts,
      contained his first (uncredited) contribution as a composer.
      He had 15 titles in 1943, including "Musical Direction" for the all-black musical
      Stormy Weather and the 20th Century Fox wartime film Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas, 19
      in 1944, 17 in 1945 and 16 in 1946, including Hugo Friedhofer's Academy Award score
      for The Best Years of Our Lives, which he also conducted.
      Between 1950 and 1965, Newman was the composer on 23 films,
      most of which were lower-budget B movies.
      He also provided the music for numerous 1950s TV shows.

      Newman died in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles.
      Family connections, marriage and children

      Emil Newman's older brother was renowned film composer Alfred Newman (1901–1970),
      whose sons David and Thomas are also composers.
      His younger brother was another famous film composer, Lionel Newman(1916–1989),
      whose grandson Joey Newman is a film and TV composer. Another brother, Irving,
      was the father of still another acclaimed film musical personality, songwriter Randy Newman.

      Newman was married to bit-part actress Eva May Hoffman aka Eve Farrell.
      They had two children, daughter Arleen (born 1939) and son William Robert (born August 14, 1937).

      William Robert Newman is the father of Jill Newman, Sarah Devries,
      Memo Marcus and Jaice Newman. The offspring of Arleen Newman and Dennis Crosby (son of Bing Crosby) are Erin Colleen Crosby and Kelly Lee Crosby. Dennis also adopted Katherine Denise Buelle, Arleen's daughter by her first husband Mike Buelle.



      1965 The Great Sioux Massacre
      1959 Riot in Juvenile Prison
      1959 New York Confidential (TV series)
      1958 Unwed Mother
      1958 Hong Kong Confidential
      1957 The Adventures of Tugboat Annie (TV series)
      1957 Death in Small Doses
      1957 Chicago Confidential
      1957 The Iron Sheriff
      1957 The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (TV series)– Charlie's Highland Fling (1957)
      1956 Seven Wonders of the World (documentary)
      1956 The Count of Monte Cristo (TV series)
      1955 The Naked Street
      1954 Ring of Fear
      1954 The Mad Magician
      1954 Camels West
      1954 Beachhead
      1953 Hondo
      1953 Treasure of Kalifa
      1953 99 River Street
      1953 Island in the Sky
      1953 War Paint
      1952 Big Jim McLain
      1952 The San Francisco Story
      1952 Rancho Notorious
      1952 Japanese War Bride
      1951 The Lady Says No
      1951 Journey Into Light
      1951 The Groom Wore Spurs
      1951 Cry Danger
      1950 Woman on the Run
      1950 Treason
      1948 A Song Is Born (uncredited)
      1948 Jungle Patrol
      1943 Tonight We Raid Calais
      1943 Dixie Dugan
      1942 Over My Dead Body
      1942 Time to Kill
      1942 Quiet Please: Murder
      1942 The Hammond Mystery
      1942 Dr. Renault's Secret
      1942 Careful, Soft Shoulder
      1942 The Magnificent Dope
      1942 Whispering Ghosts
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Emil Newman was an American composer and conductor
      who worked on more than 200 films and TV shows.
      He was nominated for an Oscar for his musical direction on the classic Sun Valley Serenade (1941).

      Emil Newman, uncle of Randy,
      was responsible for the musical scores,
      in 3 films with Duke,

      Hondo (1953)
      Island in the Sky (1953)
      Big Jim McLain (1952)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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