What Did He Say?

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    • In Mclintock there is a fight at G.W.s house at the picnic between Devlin Warren and young Ben.
      After the fight G.W. turns to Jake and asks if he thought "something of something" would help.

      Does anyone know what the "something of something" is?
      Been botherin' me for years.
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    • he says "Tincture of arnica"

      Arnica comes from several species of the daisy-like genus Arnica, native to high mountains of western North America. Tincture of arnica is an external remedy for bruises, sprains, and sore muscles and joints. It is made by crushing whole plants and soaking them in alcohol. Both the plant and tincture have a characteristic, pleasant smell. You can buy tincture of arnica in herb stores and some drugstores.
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    • Panhandle, they have the new BatJac authorized version of it out now and it is great. Lots of nice features and the video and sound are just as nice. I have seen them at Best Buy and Wal-Mart for around $10. That's a deal if you ask me, i have wasted $10 on far worse things!!
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