Pinned How Did You Become A John Wayne Fan?

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    • CClemens,

      We'd like to join Hondo in welcoming you to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind on the 'Net! You find yourself among a group of friendly, highly knowledgeable folks.

      How old were you when you started watching the Duke with your Dad (is he still around)? Our youngest son was about three years old (he's eight now), and he used to strut around with an oversized Stetson, telling people, "I a cowboy, I John Wayne!"

      Anyway, we just wanted to say "Howdy!" and also thank you for letting us know a little about yourself. We hope you decide to hang around!

      Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:
    • Hi Johnwayneabe

      Welcome to the John Wayne Message Board. I guess your probably right it seems that John Wayne fans arrive early and it lasts for all their lives.
      I hope you keep posting.
      Love the signiture it's like Gone With The Wind.


      Walk Tall - Talk Low
    • When I was a kid, the only John Wayne movie I really watched was "The Alamo." This was back when local tv stations played a movie each weeknight. I liked the movie, but wasn't what you would call a fan. I do remember sitting in front of the tv the day he died. I was surprised, even at age 8--that the legendary Duke had died. It would be fifteen years before I became hooked on the Duke's films, life and times. "El Dorado" was the movie that did it for me, and I haven't looked back. I find myself obsessed with the 1940s-1960s era in general. The time from WWII up to the late 1960s really fascinates me.
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      "Off day."
    • El Dorado is one of my very favorites as well! My brother and I even went so far as to memorize the poem by Poe.

      I started watching the Duke at what must have been a young age... but I don't remember when. It wasn't that long ago time wise, maybe ten or so years. Yep, Pop's still around. We still watch the Duke together when we can.

      Yes, if you haven't figured it out, I'm still not yet twenty. :D
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    • I can't really remember not being a John Wayne fan. I can remember seeing Rio Bravo at the drive-in theater (how many years ago is that). Of course, all the excitement locally (in San Antonio) when Duke was filming "The Alamo" at Bracketville and the subsequent World Premiere here in October, 1960 remain firmly in memory. I guess his powerful screen presence and the generally high morality of his movies made a steadfast impression.

      A belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :newyear:

      Cheers - Jay:beer:
      "Not hardly!!!"
    • :cowboy: I'm surprised that I had not seen this topic before.

      Well here goes.....

      The first movies I can ever rememebr seeing were John Wayne movies. The first ones I remember watching (not necessarily in order) Rio Lobo, Big Jake, The Green Berets, The Alamo, Rio Bravo, Donovan's Reef, Hatari, Rooster Cogburn, The Cowboys and The Shootist..

      I never saw any of the really older ones untill we got cable TV in the lats 1970's. At that time, I got my first exposure to Stagecoach, Hondo, The Searchers, McClintock, Red River, Rio Grande, Fort Apache, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Three Godfathers, Sands of Iwo Jima, The Flying Tigers, The Flying Leathernecks, Big Jim McClain, Jet Pilot, They Were Expendable, North To Alaska, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Hellfighters, Brannigan, True Grit, Cahill U.S. Marshal, etc. It took about another 10 or so years before I finally got to see some of his earlier stuff. A friend of mine's Dad waas a hugh JW fan and had on tape every John Wayne film. He had friends and relatives around the country who taped movies never shown in our area. I then got to see great ones like: Alleghany Uprising, Hell Town, Haunted Gold, 'Neath Arizona Skies, Man From Utah etc.

      In about 1992, I got my first exposure to his Serials like: The Three Musketeers, The Hurricane Express etc.

      I was weened on John Wayne movies.

      Best regards--TRK.
      Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..
    • Just curious Ringo could you explain how you became a John Wayne fan? You told us the first movies you watched, and that you were weened, but that doesn't tell us that much about your beginnings of being a fan. Example, could your father have been a fan, and you watched movies with him? Just interested in how you started out on Duke.

      Cheers B)

      "When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it"
      - John Wayne quote
    • Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Dec 29 2004, 07:47 PM
      Just curious Ringo could you explain how you became a John Wayne fan?  You told us the first movies you watched . . . .

      I don't know, Hondo, but it sounds like a simple case of immersion to me. He almost couldn't help himself :D !

      If I remember correctly from the many of TRK's posts I've read, Ringo's in his late thirties, which would mean he was born during the Duke's last decade of making movies. He got "drug" to the theatre to see most of the movies in his first paragraph, as a young child. You get to the late seventies, when cable TV came into his life, and if an adult in one's life was really into John Wayne (as you have suggested, Hondo) and was taking full advantage of having those movies in the comfort of one's own home - even if you weren't a fan right off, you'd grow into one without hardly tryin'.

      So c'mon, Ringo, give us a little more detail. :rolleyes: . . . please?

      Mrs. C. :angel1:
    • Well said Jay, my Texan friend,
      (actually you're the only person, I know in Texas)
      but good of you to bring this one up again,
      but please, just a little more personal info
      would really help us, to get to know each other!!
      And as a reassurance to any newbies,
      I am sure, my fellow members will agree,
      that the divulging of any personal thoughts, or information on this site,
      has never been a threat!!
      Thanks, in all ways, to the administration team.
      Be good!!
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Originally posted by ethanedwards@Jun 2 2005, 06:59 PM
      just a little more personal info
      would really help us, to get to know each other!!

      Hi Ethan -
      Well, I have been a life-long (62 years)fan of John Wayne's since I can remember and was thrilled when I discovered this board in November. I am currently editor of a community paper, the Southside Reporter (the good news paper) here in San Antonio, which is in its 71st year of publication. I am celebrating my 41st anniversary with the paper this Sunday. I am a life-long resident here, but since my father was in the Air Force, we made overseas trips to Japan and Germany in my formative years. We actually stayed in London for a few months in the spring of 1954 prior to our final location in Frankfurt A.M.. We were in a suburb of London called Teddington near Bushy Park.
      I've worked in all aspects of the newpaper here, but one of the things I am most proud of is turning my love of classical music into coverage of the local concerts, playing the part of critic (don't like that word) which I have been doing since 1979.
      I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that our admiration of John Wayne brings us all together on this board for wholesome dialogue and exchange of information and just plain fun - it's easy to get addicted here.
      Cheers - Jay :D :D :D
      Cheers - Jay:beer:
      "Not hardly!!!"
    • Jay,
      That's a wonderful bio!,
      in fact after, i'd been a member, for only a cuople of weeks,
      I added more personal things to my profile,
      I think we've mentioned before, that not everyone
      wants to add details, but, it would be really much better,
      if we even knew where folks lived!
      Jay, you may well be the only Texan, I get to know,
      but if they're all like you, Texas, must be a great place!!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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